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Different Order, Same Result

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Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian will face off in the Sunday final match of the Grenke Leasing rapid world championship in Mainz. After finishing a half-point ahead of Aronian in the prelim section, 4 to 3.5, Vishy is the favorite to avenge his Chess960 match loss to the Armenian two days ago, but it should be a good one. It's a pity they will only play four games, with possible blitz tiebreaks. Kasimjanov and Bacrot will play for 3-4th just as they did in the Chess960 event. Kasimjanov beat Bacrot and had excellent chances against both Anand and Aronian, but couldn't put either of the favorites away.

Meanwhile, the massive Ordix Open began Saturday and the first five rounds are already in the books. That's nothing; they play six more today in this battle of endurance. After the first day, six players had perfect 5/5 scores, including favorites Ivanchuk and Mamedyarov. David Navara is also perfect and has been playing interesting chess in both regular and shuffle. Standings are here.


After three draws, Anand won the fourth game to take the title 2.5-1.5. Anand was up on time in every game, and in at least once instance, he appeared (to me) to give Aronian a draw instead of playing out a slightly better position and winning on time.

the win was very nice. At the end, a nice temporary exchange sac to cleanse the board and win with the extra pawn.

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