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Caveat Lector - Construction Tonight

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I figured this would be a good time to upgrade this blog software and redo the templates from scratch to clean out the code. It's not as if there are any important events going on.

COMMENTS ARE OFF FOR A FEW HOURS. Should be done by 3-4am NY time, although things might still look a little funky as I get the templates back in shape with the new MT tags. After that if you see anything broken, let me know. This should also fix the "internal server" errors. If not I'll probably have to change to a host where the reaper bots aren't so touchy about Movable Type installations. Rebuilding a 45MB MySQL db every time someone leaves a comment is a bit silly though. 42520 comments, by the way, not counting the ~1,000 that had to be moved into the content field when my database got corrupted a year ago. 1369 entries, including this one.

Update: Man, what a looong night of template hacking. It's 8:30am, do you know where your archive mapping is? What a mess. Movable Type 4.01 is up and running at last. Some new features to fool with later, but now I need to sleep. I think I finally got the comment system working again, but there's still a bug to squash. After you submit your comment the page comes back up but doesn't show your new comment. It won't appear until you refresh the page. No error message (so far) but please don't repost your comments. It's just an F5 away. (I think this is fixed now. Post below if you get errors. Seems a lot faster now than before.)


Argh, it's still doing it. Tarnation. Use this thread to report any other bugs you run into today. Probably lots. Thanks.

And no, Greg, before you say it, that picture of Kasparov on the left isn't a bug.

Okay, now I may have fixed it. Yay. But the "remember personal info" thingy is still broken. That's not top priority but I'll get to it.

Mig, I'm moved by how much you have to do to keep the website up and running. I just made a small donation to dirt. Thanks.


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Kramnik has bugs too.

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