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American Discovers France

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Nakamura wins the mighty Corsica Masters rapid tournament, beating Kasimjanov in the final.

Chess in Film

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Several chess mentions in 1946 David Niven movie, including appearance and discussion of Alekhine book.

The Chuckster Prevails

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Ivanchuk beats Leko in blitz playoff after their rapid match in Ukraine finished 2-2.

BosMIA at Euro Teams

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Bosnia-Herzegovina forfeits to Ukraine at Euro Team Ch. Favorites roll in first round.

American Discovers Spain

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Nakamura wins Casino de Barcelona tournament with 7/9, a full point ahead of Dominguez.

Euro Team Spirit

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Euro Team Ch starts on 28th. Many elite players in action.

Nak 'n' Roll in Barcelona

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Nakamura increases lead to 1.5 points with three points to go.
In New Orleans for Kasparov speaking engagement. Book selling well. Current chess event round-up.

It's Not TV, It's Kasparov on HBO

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Kasparov on Bill Maher Show on HBO tonight with repeats during the week.

The Pharaoh Has Risen

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Adly wins World Junior; Mamedyarov leads in Essent; blindfold event with Topalov, Carlsen, et al in Bilbao.

Kasparov vs Colbert

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Garry Kasparov appears on The Colbert Report.

Boston Churchgoing

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Notes from Kasparov book signing in Boston to sold-out hall.

Read Like a Grandmaster - Anand Swamped

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Kasparov's recommended books; Anand overwhelmed on arrival in India; Lautier retires for Russian business.

On the Road Again

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I'm headed on the book tour with Kasparov to Boston (15th) and DC (16th).

Fast Start at Essent 07

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Mamedyarov and Ponomariov start out the Crown Group with wins.

Phallen Pharaoh

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Grigoryan, Russia's Popov, and top seed Wang Hao lead World Junior Ch in Armenia with three rounds to play. Cute finish in game by former leader Adly of Egypt.

Friday Already?

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Kasparov appearances in NYC; Linex Magic wins Euro Club Cup; Tal Memorial field completed; Essent Crown Group begins on Oct 14 with Mamedyarov, Ponomariov, van Wely, and Andriasian.

Corus of Talent in 08

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Field for Corus 2008 announced. Begins January 11 with usual format -- 14-player round-robin. Most of the top ten plays.

Euro Clubbing 07

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A majority of the world's top players battle in the Euro Club Cup in Turkey. Three teams tied for first after five of seven rounds.

Slime Spillover

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Lawsuit from a former USCF board member about allegations of defamatory Usenet postings.

Kasparov Blitz

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Kasparov signings and media appearances in East Coast, USA Oct 15-19

WCh Flashbacks

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Various interview clips and coverage links to Vishy Anand's world championship win.

Grischuk Blitzed

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FIDE planning another world blitz championship. Defending champ Grischuk told he'll have to qualify.

┬┐Donde Esta Kirsan?

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FIDE president a no-show in Mexico. Anand leads new rating list with Ivanchuk second.

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