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World Cup 07 R3

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5/16 games decisive in first half of round 3. Cheparinov beats Mamedyarov, Kamsky beats Georgiev.

Kasparov Safe at Home

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Kasparov released from jail.
Radjabov out to Macieja. Aronian, Mamedyarov, Adams, Onischuk and Kamsky through. Shulman misses win against Shirov and loses.

World Youth Ch 07

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World Youth Ch finishes in Turkey. Many Russian medalists for the first time in a while. Naroditsky of USA takes gold in U-12.
Karpov tries to visit Kasparov in jail.

World Cup 07 R2

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Radjabov and Ponomariov lose in first game of the round. Kamsky and Onischuk win.

World Cup 07 Round 1 Recap

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Rapid and blitz tiebreaks today. All favorites go through. 5/8 USA players eliminated in first round.

World Cup 07 R1.2

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Trouble with live game page. KO day for many players.

World Cup 07 R1

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Most favorites win on first day. Ponomariov and Alekseev upset.

Kasparov Arrested, 5 Days in Jail

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Kasparov arrested in Moscow after opposition march. Sentenced to 5 days in prison. Not yet released or in contact as of Saturday night in Moscow.
First stage of world championship. 128-player KO event. First round Saturday.

Fischer Hospitalized in Reykjavik

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Bobby Fischer is in a Reykjavik hospital for unspecified condition.

Blitzing with the Stars

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Ivanchuk leads world blitz championship at the half.

Kramnik Masters Moscow

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Kramnik wins Tal Memorial with a round to spare with great +4 score. Final round tomorrow.

Kramnik Leads Tal Memorial

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Kramnik leads by a half point with four rounds to play.
Topalov wins Vitoria tournament, finishing strong as usual.

TWIC Lives

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The Week In Chess site main URL not working, but site still up via other URL.

Border Wars

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New Radjabov interview refers to Armenian team as the hated enemy.

Corus B 2008 Announced

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Bacrot, Krasenkow, Sargissian, Cheparinov, Movsesian, Harikrishna, Short, Stellwagen, Nepomniachtchi, Humpy, l'Ami, Smeets, Hou Yifan, Spoelman

The Late Tal

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Tal Memorial begins tomorrow. Ivanchuk, Kramnik, Mamedyarov, Leko, Shirov, Gelfand, Kamsky, Carlsen, Alekseev, and Jakovenko.
Ponomariov and Topalov share the lead in Vitoria-Gasteiz tournament in Spain with 2.5/3. Polgar, Karpov, Nisipeanu, and Kasimdzhanov also play.

6th North American FIDE Invitational

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13-year-old Ray Robson going for an IM norm.

Neither Borrower Nor...

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In new interview, Kramnik says he "lent Anand the title."

Russian Beatdown and ..Qxf2+ Redux

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Russia takes the clear lead in Euro Team Ch after crushing Azerbaijan. Narava queen sac.

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