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Yet More Moro

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Just tossing up a quick Russian Superfinal item before tomorrow's last round before you guys get as depressed as I am. Morozevich was cruising to a win after an incredible six straight wins, the last coming against Svidler with black. But Dreev took out the leader in the 9th round and today Amonatov held Moro to a draw despite having the disadvantage of the white pieces. The cliche about Morozevich is that he's better with black than with white. His opponents, obliged to press with the first move, get drawn into his chaotic world and lose. With white he can over-press against a solid position and lose. Cliche or not, so far he has four wins with black, two with white, plus two losses with white. Grischuk is a half-point behind and 20-year-old Tomashevsky is a point back. The youngster has been playing plenty of fun and inconsistent chess to earn a 5-win, 3-loss box score.


Congratulation, Alexander (Moro), with the title and the way you did it!

Interestings stats about Moro's black and white games.

It will be interesting to make an objective study of how and why this happens.
Anyway, Moro won, and in style beating Inarkiev. His 2800 + performance is not bad, but he did spoil a 2900 + perf chance. Somehow it always happens this way. Performance rating choke ? Not to be harsh on Moro, I admire him the way he is ! No doubt about that.

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