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Nakamura and Bu Xiangzhi in rapid playoff for first place at the 2008 Gibraltar Masters.

Kasparov on Fischer in Time

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Kasparov article on Bobby Fischer in Time Magazine.

Aronian and Carlsen Win Corus 2008

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Carlsen and Aronian share first after both draw. Leko and Gelfand win. Kramnik holds off Anand.

Corus 08 r12: Snakes and Ladders

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Round 11: van Wely-Anand, Kramnik-Carlsen, Radjabov-Leko, Aronian-Ivanchuk, Mamedyarov-Gelfand, Eljanov-Topalov, Adams-Polgar.

Corus 08 r11: Sink or Swim

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Carlsen-Anand, Aronian-van Wely, Ivanchuk-Adams, Polgar-Eljanov, Topalov-Mamedyarov, Gelfand-Radjabov, Leko-Kramnik
Carlsen wins to move back into clear first with three rounds to play.

Indian Idol

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Anand wins 2007 award in India. Matches vs tournaments WCh blather too.

Corus 08 r9: Home Stretch

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Round 8: Ivanchuk-Mamedyarov, Polgar-Radjabov, Topalov-Kramnik, Gelfand-Anand, Leko-Carlsen, Adams-van Wely, Aronian-Eljanov.

Bobby Fischer RIP

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Bobby Fischer's funeral was held this morning in Iceland.

Corus 08 r8: Anand Rising

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Anand beats Topalov to move to +1. Carlsen still leads with Kramnik and Aronian chasing. Off day Monday.

Taking Shorthand

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Cheparinov forfeited against Short for not shaking hands before their round 8 game in the Corus B Group.
Aronian beats Radjabov to move back to +2. Carlsen holds off Topalov to stay in clear first place. Honorary Group begins with Korchnoi, Timman, Ljubojevic, Portisch.

Corus 08 r6: Mighty Magnus

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Kramnik, Topalov, and Carlsen win. Carlsen in clear first with tremendous 4.5/6 score.

Bobby Fischer 1943-2008

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Bobby Fischer died today in Iceland.

Corus r5: Arriba Azerbaijan

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Radjabov, Topalov, Mamedyarov all win. Aronian, Carlsen, Radjabov share lead at +2. Gelfand and Eljanov in last at -3.

Corus 08 r4: Hits and Misses

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Polgar, Kramnik, and van Wely win. Aronian and Carlsen draw and are still tied for first, now with 3/4.

Corus 08 r3: Drawfest Monday

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All seven games drawn. Carlsen and Aronian lead with 2.5/3. Hou Yifan wipes out Nigel Short in the B Group in 23 moves.

Corus 08 r2: Favorites with 1st Move

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Round 2: Anand-Mamedyarov, Kramnik-Radjabov, Topalov-Ivanchuk, Leko-Adams, Gelfand-Aronian, Carlsen-Eljanov, van Wely-Polgar.

Kasparov on Dutch TV

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Long show and interview with Kasparov, with link. Mostly politics, but some interesting personal stuff.
Radjabov beats Anand, Aronian beats Topalov. Carlsen wins. Other games drawn.
Corus Wijk aan Zee begins Saturday. Anand, Kramnik, Topalov, Mamedyarov, Leko, Carlsen, Gelfand, Ivanchuk, Aronian, Radjabov, van Wely, Eljanov, Adams, JPolgar in the A Group. Games start at 13:30 local, 7:30EST.

2nd ACP Rapid Cup

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16-player KO in Odessa. Svidler, Ivanchuk, Polgar, Karpov, Gelfand, Karjakin, etc.

Fightless Birds

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Yet another discussion of the draw problem. Yawn.

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