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Moro wins Russian Ch with 8/11. Anand and Kramnik top Jan 08 rating list. Yet another article on "brain drugs."

Yet More Moro

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Morozevich leads by a half point going into the final round. Grischuk and Tomashevksy trail.

The Trouble with Time

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The trouble with time is that it only goes forward. The second you needed to read that first sentence is gone forever. You cannot have it back. There go a few more. Tragedy and joy pass with equal swiftness. No...

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

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A call for your fantasy Christmas list and thoughts on 2007 and 2008 in chess.

Ivanchuk Conquers America, Again

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Ivanchuk beats Harikrishna in the final match of the 2007 Carlos Torre Memorial in Mexico.

Another Match on His Mind

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Anand says he'd love to play Garry Kasparov again if he had a chance.
12 games, Oct 11-Oct 28 in Bonn, Germany. No draw odds for Anand.

The Russians Are Coming

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Russian championship superfinal, round 1 on Dec 18. Players: Alekseev, Amonatov, Vitjugov, Grischuk, Dreev, Inarkiev, Morozevich, Rychagov, Svidler, Timofeev, Tomashevsky, Jakovenko.

Gata Kamsky Wins World Cup 2007

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Kamsky-Shirov game four draw. Kamsky wins final 2.5-1.5 to take the title.

Fischer Book For Real?

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Fischer book "My 61 Memorable Games" appears on Ebay Canada. Fact or fiction?

Kamsky! 1.5-0.5 at the Half

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Kamsky wins game two against Shirov in the World Cup final match. Two more games to play.

Kasparov Signing in NYC

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Kasparov "How Life Imitates Chess" book signing in NYC on Tuesday, December 18 at 10am. Borders Bookstore, 100 Broadway.

World Cup Final Match

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Shirov joins Kamsky in the final four-game match, beginning Thursday, Dec. 13.

World Cup 07 Semifinals

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Semifinals: Kamsky-Carlsen and Shirov-Karjakin.
Round 5 pairings: Kamsky-Ponomariov, Karjakin-Alekseev, Jakovenko-Shirov, Carlsen-Cheparinov.

Kamsky Into Final 8

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Kamsky eliminates Svidler to move into quarterfinals of World Cup 07. Jakovenko takes out Aronian.

Sweet 16 in Khanty-Mansiysk

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Ivanchuk eliminated by Nisipeanu. Round 4 begins Monday.

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