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Reenter the Dragon

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Gashimov, Wang Yue, and Grischuk lead Baku Grand Prix on +2 after eight rounds with five to go.

Beasts Loose in Baku

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Kamsky and Grischuk win in first round of Baku Grand Prix.

Grand Prix! Euro Ch!

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Carlsen heads the first Grand Prix field in Baku, Azerbaijan. Over 100 GMs in Euro Individual Ch in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Both open Sunday.

Winners and Losers

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Kaidanov wins Gausdal. Adams wins Merida. Caruana takes Ruy Lopez thematic. Recent rating movement.

Team Drinking

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Ural-Ekaterinburg wins with a round to spare. Did most of the Tomsk-400 team show up intoxicated in the fourth round? Certainly looks like it.

Dead Means Dead

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FIDE extends bidding deadline for Topalov-Kamsky match to April 23.
Onischuk shows his political side, Obama style.
Zhang Pengxiang leads the Magistral Ruy Lopez in Merida, Spain after two rounds.

Russian Team Spirit

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Many of the world's top players participating in the Russian Team Championship in Sochi.

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