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Carlsen-Leko Miskolc Rapid

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First two of eight game rapid match drawn in rather blah fashion.
Shirov writes open letter to push FIDE to decide the fate of the Kamsky-Topalov candidates match. Shirov is the first reserve and would replace Kamsky if he refuses to play in Sofia.

Moro Leads Bosna at the Half

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Morozevich has 4/5, Dominguez a point back.
Morozevich, Movsesian, Dominguez, ISokolov, Timofeev, Predojevic in the Bosna tournament starting today.
Shulman wins first US Championship title with quick draw against Friedel, who made his final GM norm at the same time.

Cuban Defector

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Dominguez wins Capablanca Memorial. Bruzon doesn't show up for the final round. Again. Nice game by Amonatov.

Ivanchuk Wins MTel 2008

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Ivanchuk wins again to take MTel with 8/10. A performance for the ages or not?
Chessbase is quoting Vasiliev in confirming a successful Kamsky-Topalov match bid from Ukraine for $750,000.
Navara-Kramnik eight-game rapid match starts today in Prague.
US Championship and US Women's Championship are underway in Tulsa. Shabalov and Krush defending titles.

Vassily Ivanchuk - 5/5 at MTel

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Photo of Vassily Ivanchuk in round 5 of the MTel Masters. He beat Aronian to move to an incredible 5/5 score.

Incredible Ivanchuk at MTel

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Ivanchuk on a remarkable 4/4 score. Topalov with 2.5.
Topalov, Cheparinov, and Ivanchuk start out with wins in the first round of the 2008 MTel Masters in Bulgaria.
Gashimov, Wang Yue, and Carlsen tie for first in the Baku Grand Prix with 8/13.
No chess in Paris for me. Baku Grand Prix r11 in progress.
Grischuk clear leader in Baku Grand Prix with three rounds to play.

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