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Behold the Miglet

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We'll return to our regularly scheduled chess blog after these awwwwwwwwwwwwws.

Yes, it's just another baby picture, but in this case it's special because it's a picture of THE CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD. Yes, the Miglet, or la Miglette, arrived last Thursday. Baby and the heroic Mrs. Mig are hale and happy. A bit peaked myself. I wanted to take a picture of her using Verhoeven and Skinner's "Alexander Alekhine's Chess Games, 1902-1946" as a changing table, but will have to blow the dust off it first. Thanks to the many who posted kind words here, on Facebook, and by email.


Congratulations and best wishes to both Mommy and Baby!

Susan Polgar

Awww she already has more hair than daddy!

Congratulations Mig! She is beautiful, and already looks a lot like her dad.

NO, damnit, She Looks Like Her Mom. GAWD!!!

Wonderful news - congratulations! When are you starting the chess training regime? :)

I am very happy for all three of you!

She is so cute! Congrats to mom and dad.

Congratz Mig.. Baby is soooo cute:)

Careful Mig - Sam you know who might report you for child porn!

What a cutie! Congrats to the lucky parents.

Congrats, Mig. Very cute baby. Now, everything changes forever.

Best wishes to Mom, baby, and Dad.

Congrats, Mig. Have you found the checkered baby pillow yet?

grats! she will be the one to dethrone carlsen after his 15 year reign

Congratulations! That’s the kind of check-mate that makes life meaningful.

We’re expecting too, again, not as young as once we were, but apparently still able to…


Congratulations and best wishes to all family!
There is some joke in my country in similar occasions. I have heard it recently again.
My friend got a son after three daughers. Another friend asked: "Who is suspected?"

Congrats Mig. I'm sure she is revelling in the fact that she has been born in time for Kramnik-Anand.

So sweet! Best wishes to all!


Mazel tov, Mig & family. Beautiful!

Felicidades !! Hermosa bebe !! Now you'll now what real love is, and also, you're gpnna sleep a lot less than before, but so what? Happiness is the payment for that little detail...Congratulations again to you and your wife, Mig...
One word of advise: Hug her and kiss her a lot EVERY day...they grow up so quickly !!!
-Paco Vela.

la Miglette is beautiful...take pictures every day so you won't miss a moment of her growing up. It happens all too fast.

Awe.... she looks exactly like Miguel Najdorf!

Miglette looks like a photocopy of Mig! She is going to be daddy's girl when she grows up.

Qn. How will Mig put Miglette to sleep?

Ans. Mig will go..
"This little Miggy went to market,
This little Miggy stayed home,
This litte Miggy went wee wee wee all the way home!"

Congratulations Mig, and Mrs Mig, and to La Miglette: welcome to this world!

And there was merrimaking all around...

Congratulations Mig and Miss Sterious!

May the child's life be blessed and long!

Congratulations, Mig. Cute little one you have there. Miglette looks just like pictures of you except there is more hair. lol

Congratulations Mig and Miss Sterious!

Belated but most sincere congratulations to toute la famille Mig !
Tous nos voeux de bonheur !


Congratulations Mig! Es una linda nina...

Beatriz Marinello

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