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Carlsen Alekseev Wins Biel

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And so does Dominguez, to be fair. Evgeny Alekseev beat Cuba's Lenier Dominguez in a rapid, then blitz, playoff for the Biel title. Dominguez was one move away from winning the final blitz game but instead of one of several winning choices he found a loser. There was some karma involved here since Dominguez led by a full point going into the final round only to lose to Bacrot, which allowed Alekseev to catch him up by beating Pelletier in an endgame that the Swiss probably should have drawn. Caissa, she does not treat chokers kindly. It was a remarkable late surge for Bacrot, who actually finished on a plus score after starting out with 0.5/4. Magnus Carlsen, the big rating favorite, cruised to +3 but his 7th-round loss to Alekseev upset the plan and he was unable to score a win in the final three rounds. Bacrot sucked all the good out of the second half, leaving none for Onischuk. Alex started well but lost all three of his whites in the second half. Weird. The less said about Pelletier's 2400, -7 performance the better.

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