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Topalov Speaks in Spain

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An "Heraldo" Spanish newspaper interview with Veselin Topalov after he visited the 2008 Zaragoza Expo. He will make a special appearance at the II International Tournament of Alcubierre, a small town nearby. He'll appear at the closing, give out the prizes, and play a 25-board simul. It's great he's supporting a local event, since I doubt they could handle his regular fee. Wikipedia says Alcubierre has a population of 437!

This is the start of the interview, which Topalov handles with the grace and goodwill he was known for before the 2006 Elista scandal and aftermath nearly destroyed his reputation. I don't know how it would have gone had they asked him about Kramnik... The rest of the brief interview touches on his fame in Bulgaria, computer chess, Scarlett Johansson, and not much of interest to the chess crowd. The Anand-Kramnik match and Topalov's own upcoming match with Kamsky get only a passing mention. I'll send the rest of my translation over to my buds at Chessbase.com.

Q: Is Kasparov more afraid of Putin or of you?

A: I don't think Kasparov is afraid of anybody. Just the act of raising his voice the way he has shows his courage and the conviction of his beliefs. Veselin Topalov is just an opponent on the other side of a chessboard.

Q: But you were the last player to defeat the Ogre of Baku. After losing to you, Kasparov retired.

A: That was in Linares, 2005. It's one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. It was very strange. Before we sat down at the table, I didn't know it was going to be his last game, that when he got up his brilliant career would be over. Later, he announced his retirement as a professional. Perhaps that's why he was nervous during our game. I only took advantage of the moment and waited for his mistake.

Q: Whatever the case, that game has become one of the peaks of your career.

A: I was also world champion in 2005. But the truth is that all the journalists ask me that question, [about] the famous game against Kasparov, the last great champion.

Very kind, and nicely handled. I like the polite sarcasm of "I was also world champion in 2005." Zing! Doing interviews for general interest publications is always something of a chore. Of course most chessplayers don't really have to worry about a mob of mass media attention. Poor Anand used to give more interviews to papers in chess-happy India every month than most other players give in a lifetime. Mostly the same questions over and over, but it didn't seem to get to him.


Has Topalov confirmed he will play Kamsky? Is it confirmed? Danailov had brought some doubts about the match.

Sorry if I missed something... was out of town lately.

Does anyone know, what is a typical appearance fee for Topalov (or a comparable top-10 GM) to play in a tournament with "classical" time controls?

Any news on when the main message board going to get the upgrade with the Ignore feature that really works? We were promised that a year and a half ago.

Puzzled Pawn, I don't think there is any "typical" appearance fee. Each GM negotiates separately, and the amounts tend to be closely guarded as sensitive market information. At least this is what I have heard said by at least one organizer who regularly negotiates with chess professionals (albeit well below world top-10 level).

From: http://www.heraldo.es/index.php/mod.noticias/mem.detalle/idnoticia.21930/relcategoria.307

"P.- Además, usted se encuentra en un gran momento.

R.- Ahora se va a disputar el Campeonato del Mundo en Bonn entre Anand y Krámnik. Yo perdí la corona en 2006 contra Krámnik. Retaré al campeón del mundo el año que viene. Para lograr ese objetivo tengo que superar antes en la Final de Candidatos al estadounidense Gata Kamski."

My translation:

"Question(Heraldo).- You are in a great moment now.

Answer(Topalov).- The World Championship is going to happen in Bonn between Anand and Kramnik. I lost the crown in 2006 against Kramnik. I will challenge the champion the next year. In order to reach there, before I have to beat the North-American Kamsky in the candidates final."

So, we can infer that Topalov has the intention to play against Kamsky.

Thanks Ritch!

Morozevich is No.1 in live rating list.

Now you won't be able to deny the fact that Moro gets his points by defeating lower rated players...

Obviously, Skeptic. Playing that weak tournament in Moscow is right up his alley.

Just realised what you really meant! Sorry, very nice.

"Very kind, and nicely handled. I like the polite sarcasm of "I was also world champion in 2005." Zing!"

It would be even zingier if he really had been world champion.

And now Morozevich slides down to +1... His greatest achievement in chess.

Moro baiters- line up against that wall there. Close your eyes. I've a treat in store for you.
(fetches gun)

You must be the zingest one around.

"This is the start of the interview, which Topalov handles with the grace and goodwill he was known for before the 2006 Elista scandal and aftermath nearly destroyed his reputation."

That "nearly" is far too kind.

Topalov was World Champion? My ass! Zing! As I recall, Topalov played a match with the World Champion, was spanked like a stepchild, and cried like a hyena, which makes him a champion's punk, just like Bogolyobov and Korchnoi. Why do you give credence to his big mouth by repeating that manure? Raspberry!

far far far


Chessbase.com never did publish the rest of the interpretation. Can you please post it on your site, or provide us with an update?


SirLanceDuLake:"Bla, bla...".
O my God, save his soul! He is not gilty!

Topalov was real indisputable WC and he will be WC again!

The World Champion of the Water Closet?

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