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My Precious

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Just so you know, my new G1 (aka Google phone) arrived today. We'll be off spending some quality time together for a while. It's so shiny and cute, while my three-month old daughter is already old news around here. And does she have built-in GPS? I think not. The precious, the precious...

On the other hand, I get a lot more female attention in the street when I'm carrying the baby.


I guess it's a question of values: babies definitely get attention from women, in the park, on the subway, anywhere. Google phone, on the other hand, have GPS and get lots of attention from geeky guys.

Although I have to admit, that the Miglet is darn cute. Such tiny hands and feet!

The phone wins hands down! :)

I'm trying to decide between iPhone v. G1. Any advise? I've read all the comparison reports, but many of them seem biased. I'm hoping to get an unbiased (ok, may be slightly biased towards G1) opinion from you.

Mig no longer looks the bachelor, haha. The "lone wolf" attitude's been replaced by the house-broken, caring family man.

(Saw the same transformation in Bill Gates not too many years ago, from sallow uber-geek to smiling family man.)

Thanks, although I just noticed that in this small version of the photo it does kinda look like she's flipping us off.

I wanted an iPhone but the connectivity issues with the 3G put me off. Then I heard about this and since we're with T-Mobile anyway I decided to wait. Researched it for a while. iPhone has better music player, more storage, is significantly slimmer (no keyboard), and has much better connectivity across the US at 3G speeds thanks to AT&T's network. (If you ignore the hardware connectivity problems many people complain about, which worried me.) T-Mobile is still just rolling theirs out. BUT, you can unlock a G1 and use it on any service after 90 days and iPhone is AT&T for life.

The G1 has a real qwerty keyboard, voice dialing, and an open App Store (aka Market) for turning it into a real mobile computing platform, which is what interests me most of all. Apple has one, but it's not open. I expect there to be thousands of cool little applications for the G1 very quickly. There are already some very cool and useful ones. Plus, I heart Google and trust them to make and support cool things, and to fix the early complaints promptly. Better camera, too, if you care about that sort of thing. The G1 is a little cheaper and the service is as well, at least measured over the life of the contract.

I don't really text much, but email is important, and being able to edit the occasional doc without needing my laptop, and having a real keyboard makes that possible. The digital iPhone keyboard is very neato and probably okay for texting, but with my large hands (see photo) it would be incredibly frustrating to write anything longer than a martini recipe.

The usual suspects, David Pogue at the NY Times and Mossberg at the WSJ, have thorough hands-on reviews and comparisons with the iPhone that just came out last week or so.



Apple's not saying anything about the widely reported connectivity issues many people have (hardware specific, not network). They've released a few software updates without much effect from what I can tell.

I'm sure most people would be happy with either. It's about one's needs. Music is pretty much irrelevant to me, for example. (Deaf in one ear, but I do like some podcasts when I travel.)

I'll let you know my impressions in a week or so. I might be back to loving my daughter more by then.

Thanks for the comments Mig. I thought you might be interested in a recent survey that The Economist published in which 35% of Blackberry users preferred their smartphone over their spouse. When I saw that survey I shuddered to think what the percentage would be for iPhone or G1 users. I think I have my answer.

Here's the link - http://www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2008/09/35_percent_blackberry_choose_over_spouse.cfm

I think your daughter is cuter than the gadget. In fact, I think the gadget is not cute at all, while your daughter is cute exceedingly.

(And I am truly sad to hear about your hearing problem. I trust there is still hope?)

You can install a chip in your daughter to get GPS.
The keyboard might be taking it a bit far, but then you got best of both worlds.

Need I remind you, goodman Mig, that the Baby-as-Babe-Bait Gambit ought be played only by single fathers.


Isn't that what they call a "bundle of joy"? She is cute! It just reminds me of an incidence when my daughter was just 10 months old. I don't know what happened between her mom and her, she just clung to me for like 5 minutes and wouldn't want to let go off me when I was back from a 3-day chess tournament over a weekend. So, miglette is going to be daddy girl. She is going to miss her dad if he is going to be out of town. I know you will often hear "precious little thing", "she is adorable" etc cause she really is!

I'm sold on the product and I'll play board 2 for the G1 team, not least because of their choice of a Black Angels song for the commercial. Now the band can spring for new amps and maybe compile setlists on the real qwerty.

Just found your "Which is cuter?" poll. Here's my vote:
The person at the left in the photo is by far the cutest!
Pity, she ain't the prize. I'd rather have a "google girl" than a "google phone"...

The Miglet is way more precious!

My favorite review of this product is what Paul Wagenseil said for FoxNews (had me LOL):

"The G1, built by Taiwan's HTC and offered exclusively by T-Mobile in the U.S., isn't going to win any design awards. The phone looks as if it was manufactured by the Soviet military. It's a heavy, black brick, with a screen that swings away from the underlying keyboard with a sturdy thump."


What has it got in its pockets? My precious, my precious.

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