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Svidler Rocking Moscow

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No time right now, but wanted to put up some actual content after hacking templates all night. More changes to come before I bother to rebuild the entire site, so there are inconsistencies on the individual entry pages.

Peter Svidler is off to a torrid start on the second leg of his chess marathon. He has won his first three games at the Russian Championship superfinal and is looking good for collecting his fifth Russian title. In the second round he beat last year's champ and this year's top seed, Alexander Morozevich. Perhaps Svidler is taking his drop on the new rating list personally. Lastin is in second with 2.5 in this strong 11-round event. Grischuk apparently dropped out with an illness.


Yet another new template comment test. How 'bout this global financial meltdown? Will chess increase in popularity now that people won't be able to afford X-Boxes anymore?

Actually, Migster, Chess will thrive. Why? Entertainment Value. Even amidst the Depression Shirley Temple was a huge box office star. Of course, "booze and broads" as they said back in the day always rule, but games have always been great amusement. When the world around us is completely illogical and in disorder, what could be better than a friendly game of chess? (Unless, it's against WOPR in "War Games", obviously.)

Best to the Beautiful Baby and your Bride. And the Great photos of Garry with the kids, too. Those are pics worth way more than a thousand words. Is it just me, or is that GK actually amused? Nostalgia already? God forbid...

Anand vs Kramnik - WCC Match - Prediction Contest

What will be the score after the FIRST FOUR GAMES?

Post your guessing in the Ninja Board:

Heck, if 499 of 500 stocks in the S&P can drop and the only one that goes up is Cambell's Soup, you know things are bad. Why not soup and old-fashioned and cheap entertainment? Probably not easy to track since so many households already have (dusty) chess sets. But game sales go up during tough economic times (as percentage of discretionary expenditure), as do movie rentals. And the number of people in the national (and city) park systems.

Thanks for the kind thoughts. Will be many more pics at ChessBase soon.

Hmm, this "reply to" threaded commenting system is pretty lame since the default is still to display all comments in chronological order. Displaying them hierarchically will require some serious template changes. Sigh.

Actually a mixed day for soup: Progresso was down 2.38% today.


I had Progresso wedding soup (yum) a couple hours ago and waiting for me in the office kitchen is a Campbell's Southwestern Corn packaged in something like a juice box.

It'll probably get worse from here, but in comparison to asteroids, the Yellowstone caldera, or the heat death of the universe, not a big deal.

Good luck to all!

Oops, forgot proton decay.

As Snoopy would so eloquently put it as he reclines upon his doghouse: "Heavy Sigh." Indeed, Mig. When you open the door, 'tis open. Anything or anybody can walk right in. Be that as it may, your work in The Daily Dirt is most appreciated by all of us. Do no forget that. Knowing you, you'd do this just for your passion for the Art of Chess regardless of f*ck dummies that might respond. Therefore, relish that there are any thinkers left on this little blue marble. My thought? I pray relentlessly for the Little Ones like your Miglet. What world are we leaving them? I'm sick of the likes of Rootin' Tootin' Putin. The 64 Squares provide more Recreation than ever. And I believe that The Truer The Fewer are amoungst the Practioners of Chess Art. It is the Chess Community that the rest of the cupcakes need to join. Even without any icing or candles. Ah, substance in an age of misty restlessness.

The context was "template comment test."



I'm not sure which is more dust ridden, the Campbell's soup in my cupboard or the chess board sitting in my bookcase.

Good job updating the site Mig, things are looking pretty good.

The next generation Microsoft console is not due for a few years yet, so the pennyless masses will still be clinging to their video games .... until they can't afford the xbox live $5 per month subscription fee that is.

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