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Blitz on the Menu

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The World Blitz Championship in Almaty I mentioned a few days ago looks like the next event to distract us until the big schnitzel that is the Dresden Olympiad is served on Nov. 12. The first prize in the 16-player blitz event is a whopping $54,000. Pretty nice paycheck for two days of work. It runs Nov. 7-8. Anyone betting against Ivanchuk? I'd certainly take Chukky, Morozevich, and Grischuk against the rest of the field for first.

Should also give a shout for the Pan-American Continental Chess Championship underway somewhere in everyone's favorite swing state. Many of the top USers are in action, including Shabalov, Becerra, Stripunsky, and young hope Ray Robson.


I don't understand why Nakamura is not participating in this World Blitz Championship. Isn't he recognized as one of the very best blitz players? Was he not invited?

>I don't understand why Nakamura is not participating in this World Blitz Championship

The qualifications for participating in the event are stated here:


I assume Nakamura either didn't play or didn't qualify in two qualification events?

It's odd that there are only 5 of 16 spots available via qualification events. Seeding 10 players based on their rank in the previous years WC blitz tournament is a bit arbitrary. Why should someone that placed in the bottom half of a tournament get a guaranteed spot the following year? But, it's there tournament, so their rules I guess.

I get the impression Nakamura's blitz reputation comes more from his internet play, like on ICC, than OTB. That's not to say he's not deserving to be in the World Blitz Championship, especially after his showing in Cap d'Agde.

I wasn't aware there was a contintental blitz championship for the Americas. If there was, I'm sure Hikaru would have tried to make it given the stakes.

I guess Gata was the nominee.

>I guess Gata was the nominee

Sounds like a 'World Championship' in name only. The qualification process sounds retarded.

Oh my God Mig (well, not really...maybe my informanter of chess banter) I love the Tag cloud. I'm going to play with it for hours.

Glad you like it. Beware, it can be hypnotizing. It really comes into its own visually when it's about twice that size and with orange letters on a black background. No space for that here, though I've thought of widening the right column just to give it more room to spin. I'd probably end up with lawsuits for causing seizures.

I would normally bet on Morozevich, but he's been disappointing in the latest blitz results. If Ivanchuk stays in his Cape D'Agde form, I think he could win it, loss against Nakamura notwithstanding.

Anyone know what time the games start today?

Apparently the entire event will take place tomorrow with only the opening today. Not sure of the times either.

Doesn't the actual play start tomorrow?

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