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Chernenko: You Show Me Yours

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Thus continues the latest FIDE tragi-comedy, performed as a series of open letters and memoranda, of arranging the Kamsky-Topalov candidates match. The latest came yesterday from Gata Kamsky's manager, Oleksandr Chernenko, sent from a confidence-inspiring gmail account:

I was asked several times from several sides to give my point of view regarding the financing of the match Kamsky-Topalov from my side. It is especially topical after FIDE's letters of November 06 and November 07 blaming me that I lied about availability of funds for the match Kamsky-Topalov in city Lviv in Ukraine.

I don't want to blame anybody but I would like to explain why the announced amount of USD 935 thousand (including FIDE charges) was not transferred to the FIDE account. At first my sponsors and then I promised to do it, several times. I will explain now why it has not yet happened (the same situation will be with sponsors from the Bulgaria side). The money was and is available now.

The main reason is that FIDE did not present the necessary contracts beforehand: for the match Kamsky-Topalov and for match Anand-Kramnik. We asked about it dozen times. The position of FIDE, money first, is not acceptable for us. We don't know what kind of "tricks" can be contained in these contracts. As soon as the money will be on FIDE's account we could not change any issues, and FIDE will push on us to sign the proposed variant.

I see only one way out: conditional transfer. As soon as the contracts will be looked through, and as soon as the contract will be acceptable for everybody (Topalov, Kamsky, FIDE) and will be signed, only after that the money will be lodged to FIDE account.

I will be present at the FIDE Congress as the Manager of GM Gata Kamsky and as a sponsor also. I think we will find a solution to the main issue, and the match will definitely take place. I still hope that will happen in Ukraine (city Lviv). The time that is proposed by the Bulgarian Chess Federation is acceptable.

[Italics in the original.] Putting the money in escrow is totally normal and I don't see why this couldn't have been suggested and done many months ago if this weren't another delaying tactic. Who are these sponsors? What contracts is he talking about? Player contracts? Those should be for the players to deal with and treated as a separate issue. Or is Chernenko saying he won't follow through with the sponsorship until he sees what's in the player contracts? Obviously the sponsors should have their own contracts with FIDE about what the money is for and what their obligations are. That is, you don't wire FIDE nearly a million dollars if they can do whatever they want with it.

What happens if against all probability he does show up with all this money after missing all the deadlines? Ah the chess world, always entertaining and with more clowns than Ringling Brothers. Tune in next week when it turns out all the money was in a failed Ukrainian bank or Lehman Brothers stock.


in the next chapter we find that all the reserved money for FIDE from Chernenko was in an Icelandic back Account...

The fact that a clown like this Cherneko character can influence, with blatantly false promises, the process of selecting world championship challengers tells us how difficult, if not impossible, it is for chess to attract legitimate sponsorship money.

This is further proof that chess, in a twist of irony, is just lucky to have retardos like Kirsan throwing money around while perpetuating the illusion that chess players can realistically expect ot make hundreds of thousands of dollars from the game.

Everything would be much easier for everyone if players accepted far less money for their efforts, so that more people had a legitimate chance of making a living from the game. As it is, only a handful of players can make a legitimate claim to being real pro's. Most others are just wasting their lives working for nothing.

Best title for this Chechegate i have seen.
One big question here is why Kamsky is so devoted on delaying this?

Funny time to be introducing the subject of contracts. AFAIK, FIDE has always done it this way. Money (usually a deposit, not the whole budget) is in their own account, not in escrow. Or it is a bank guarantee for the whole amount, not cash money. So why did none of the previous communications from Chernenko mention the contractual issue? Or did we only see excerpts?

Kamsky is as shady as his "manager" (Chernenko).

In their stupidity they have been playing a gamble that, eventually, Moron Ilhuzimov will "match" the promised, never-materialized funds. It doesn't seem to work this time.

In fact, the Bulgarians should adopt a hard stance and give FIDE an ultimatum to take or leave the money within 48 hours.

Dainalov should just enlist a few of the major tournament organizers and break away from FIDE. Players will follow the money. They have no choice. Perhaps Moron Kirsan will "fight back" by injecting his own money into some last-minute tournaments. That's even better for players: a bigger money pool.

why does he mention 935 thousand when the amount publicized was 750 thousand? he says "including fide charges".. are fide charging him 185 thousand?! that's more than the other bid!

I couldn't actually bring myself to read the story on Chessbase because I knew that it was just going to contain inconsequential ridiculousness. Not knowing is more comforting than knowing the truth...WHY COULDN'T WE HAVE HAD BESSEL KOK?!


Democracy (i.e. stupidity of the masses) Kirsan won the FIDE election against Bessel Kok.

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. H. L. Mencken ."

So now it's even MORE confusing: does Chernenko's letter count as Kamsky's response within the Nov. 14th deadline set by Kirsan, or not? (since a) it's not from Kamsky himself - who seemed to nix the possibility with his "no more negotiations" letter - and b) it's conditional upon seeing the contracts first) If not, it would seem that Shirov comes up to bat against Topalov, for better or worse...!? Will Kirsan be making a definitive statement about what's going to happen, or do we all have to just stare stupidly waiting for the next ridiculous development in this charade? Tune in and find out...

Irv: "Dainalov should just enlist a few of the major tournament organizers and break away from FIDE."

YES, let's have some more breakaways! That's what the chess world needs!

This sleazeball Chernenko strikes me as a perfect opponent for Danailov. With father Rustam in the background as well, I'm really praying this match will take place. Toiletgate will have nothing on this !

Dummies Guide to Chess Match Bidding made Easy - by Chernekov.

Anyone can bid. You don't need money. You don't need negotiating skills. All you need is an email access. Out bid the highest bid by huge margin and send out an email asking for a contract!

You never know you might get some money (sponsorship) for doing just this!

I see lots of negative posts here about Kirsan. Stop lies you dogs.

Kirsan was elected president and has all power you have zero. All jealous because you do not have this power. Armchair presidents are worse then now puppet Bessel Kok.

You do not know great gambit the great Kirsan has laid out and when it succeeds, and it will, you all will be wow, we are sucky armchair presidents because we could not even comprehend how deep Mr. Ilyumzhinov can think.

Even if Bessel ever wins presidentship it will be because Kirsan allows it, after all little do you know but both have been friends since college days. Just as great Putin of Russia now has his president in charm Kirsan will become prime minister of chess under Bessel reign (if he ever allows it) and you all will be still writing angry posts on here because you could not think so deep and logical to take total control like supreme elected official Ilymzhinov.

Anyone know a good shrink?

Kirsanfan Post has shown Great TRruth. I hail mighty Kirsan and will accede to all commands. I now not dog. Stop all lies you others. Kirsan is the way and the light. Think deep and logical.

is anybody still able to follow what the hell is going on?

Brothers and Sisters calm down! Chernenko and his client were trying to swindle the Great Kirsan. Great Kirsan no fool though. In the end Great Kirsan saw the light, I mean aliens. Chess no game for masses. Niche market yes, long tail yes too, big money no. Peace and prosperity to masses and chessplayers. Hail the Great Kirsan.

Hail to the thief

One guess: Kirsan will wait until the Olympiad ends to make his pronouncement on the match/lack of match/change of match/postponement of match/postponement of decision re: anything/totally new plan that has nothing to do with anything. & then begin the lawsuits.

"Kirsan was elected president and has all power you have zero."

If only he had the power to proofread this post for literacy.

It's satire, Charles.

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