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Ivanchuk and Shirov in Benidorm

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With the confusing URL ajedrezbali.com, the VII Benidorm chess festival is underway in Spain. (Bali is the name of the hosting hotel.) The "stars" event is about to begin and the program lists Alexei Shirov and Vassily Ivanchuk as participants. Maybe they can discuss the ongoing Ivanchuk drug test affair and Shirov's open letter on the topic. The site hasn't been updated in a while so hard to say what's really going on. Anyone with info?


ermm, how do we see the games?

In Boletin 4, it listed 5 Lahno wins from a simul (among other things, like an Anand-Kamsky game from 1995 that Ubilava commented on, and a slew of sub-2300 games). I think these 6 stars are in some sort of simul league.

Also see: http://ajedrezbali.com/bali08_simulivanchuk.html

It seems that they might actually play each other starting on the 5th/6th/8th (Gran Torneo): http://ajedrezbali.com/bali08_estrellas.html

I don't know how reliable those game scores are: the first game lists Lahno as white, shows her opponent sitting behind the black pieces, and gives the result as 1-0. However in the final position Black has a winning edge and White has just blundered a piece. I haven't checked the other 4 games and I can't read Spanish to see if there are any other clues that all is not as it appears...

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