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Well, just a tiny bit. The Daily Herald, "Suburban Chicago's Information Source," has a snippet on Yuri Shulman's role in bringing home the US bronze medal. They might have mentioned he's the US champion instead of "won a U.S. chess title earlier this year," which is rather ambiguous. Google journalism, I assume. The USCF did a decent job of coverage, and their stories are in the usual news searches, but I don't think they pay for press releases to go out on the wires. The AP covered it, which is rare and likely only because Rob Huntington is pushy/hungry (in a good way) and bugs them into sending him. Because so many countries participate, the Olympiad is usually relatively well represented in the mainstream press around the world. Lots of "Chess Team Sets Off for Dresden" items and such. Did you see any in your country? Regular coverage? Mention of the team's final result? Links if you got'em.

And before we start complaining about the lack of coverage, ask not what chess coverage can do for you. You have to do your part to create the demand. Did you send in a note to your local paper about the event? They aren't going to look it up. Have you ever written to your local news sources requesting more chess coverage or a regular chess column? If not you, who? Even an online only version? It's easy to do this in this age of online forms and copy-paste, but they appreciate snail-mail, too.


ok Mig, I ask you for more chess coverage!
Why you don't write about the Ivanchuk case, Shirov's open letter and the FIDE destroying the world of chess, and (of course) Hungary (not the USA! and so not Shulman) most probably winning Bronze medal, due to the Ivanchuk doping test?
(chessbase.com has all the storys if you don't know what I am talking about)

Look on the main page.

The only way for chess to get quality coverage is for chess journalists to step up and set the trend. We had a chess journalists meeting at the Olympiad and there were many things suggested. A few items were... to establish a network to share ideas, trade information and secrets, deal with ethical issues of dealing with tournament organizers and lobby for better conditions to cover events.

The press room at the Olympiad was packed so coverage was not lacking. In the mainstream press, it would be a mountain to cover. Olympiad is not an easy tournament to cover. Unlike regular tournaments, you have a wide range of countries, personalities and stories to cover. A regular journalist without a chess background is going to be totally lost. Trust me.

I saw most of the main chess journalists and many bloggers. I certainly put in my hours as well. So chess is in capable hands, but there are not enough of us... AND the diversity of coverage isn't there. Granted the World Championship had a variety of sites offering different angles, but there are a lot of stories missed.

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