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Corus 09 r12: Traffic Jam Crosstable

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Six players tied for first after Carlsen and Karjakin win to join the leaders. Final round 13: Kamsky-Movsesian, Adams-van Wely, Dominguez-Karjakin, Morozevich-Ivanchuk, Smeets-Aronian, Wang-Carlsen, Radjabov-Stellwagen.
Dominguez knocks Aronian down into a 4-way tie for first with two rounds to play. Round 12: Movsesian-Radjabov, Stellwagen-Wang Yue, Carlsen-Smeets, Aronian-Morozevich, Ivanchuk-Dominguez, Karjakin-Adams, van Wely-Kamsky

Corus 09 r10: Aronian Leads Alone

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Aronian and Carlsen win, controversial finish in Radjabov-Smeets. Round 11: van Wely-Movsesian, Kamsky-Karjakin, Adams-Ivanchuk, Dominguez-Aronian, Morozevich-Carlsen, Smeets-Stellwagen, Wang Yue-Radjabov.

Corus 09 r9: Everybody Leads, Again

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Karjakin beats Movsesian to share the lead with Dominguez and Aronian. Round 10: Movsesian-Wang Yue, Radjabov-Smeets, Stellwagen-Morozevich, Carlsen-Dominguez, Aronian-Adams, Ivanchuk-Kamsky, Karjakin-van Wely.
Ivanchuk beats Karjakin, leaving Movsesian in clear first on +2. Round 9: Karjakin-Movsesian, van Wely-Ivanchuk, Kamsky-Aronian, Adams-Carlsen, Dominguez-Stellwagen, Morozevich-Radjabov, Smeets-Wang Yue.
Movsesian joins the lead after beating Ivanchuk. Round 8: Movsesian-Smeets, Wang Yue-Morozevich, Radjabov-Dominguez, Stellwagen-Adams, Carlsen-Kamsky, Aronian-van Wely, Ivanchuk-Karjakin.

Corus 09 r5-6: Karjakin Leads

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Karjakin still has clear first on +2 after a narrow escape against Carlsen. Round 7: Ivanchuk-Movsesian, Karjakin-Aronian, van Wely-Carlsen, Kamsky-Stellwagen, Adams -Radjabov, Dominguez-Wang, Morozevich-Smeets.

FIDE Nixes Ivanchuk Drug Testing Penalty

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FIDE says no punishment necessary in Ivanchuk drug testing case from the Dresden Olympiad.

Corus 09 r3-4: Everybody Leads

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Five leaders after 7/7 draws in round four. Thursday's round five: Aronian-Movsesian, Ivanchuk-Carlsen, Karjakin-Stellwagen, van Wely-Radjabov, Kamsky-Wang Yue, Adams-Smeets, Dominguez-Morozevich.
Morozevich and Ivanchuk win to move back to even. Movsesian beats Adams for a share of the lead with Karjakin and Smeets. Round 3: Carlsen-Movsesian, Aronian-Stellwagen, Ivanchuk-Radjabov, Karjakin-Wang Yue, van Wely-Smeets, Kamsky-Morozevich, Adams-Dominguez

Corus 09 r1: Top Seeds Planted

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Ivanchuk flags against Smeets, Morozevich melts down against Karjakin. Round 2: Movsesian-Adams, Dominguez-Kamsky, Morozevich-van Wely, Smeets-Karjakin, Wang Yue-Ivanchuk, Radjabov-Aronian, Stellwagen-Carlsen.

Corus 2009: Who Are the Favorites?

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Begins Sat. the 17th at 7:30am. I'll be live on ICC Chess.FM with Peter Svidler for round 1. Pairings: Carlsen-Radjabov, Stellwagen-Movsesian, Aronian-Wang Yue, Ivanchuk-Smeets, Karjakin-Morozevich, van Wely-Dominguez, Kamsky-Adams.

A Good Chess Set in DC?

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Looking for good set and board in DC asap!
A chess shop on Flatbush Avenue; Shirov on Kramnik and the candidates proposals; chess instruction in Israel; Svidler with me on ICC Chess.FM for round 1 of Corus Jan. 17.

Adios 2008, Hello 2009: Part 2

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Poll topic: most notable chess event of 2008.
Kramnik interview on the world championship cycle, fatherhood, childbirth.
Ivanchuk beats Leko in a six-game match. Svidler beats Carlsen in the Aker rapid final. Nakamura third.
Rapid event with Carlsen, Svidler, Nakamura, and underdog Norwegian GM Lie. Starts today, live games.

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