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A Good Chess Set in DC?

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Can anyone let me know asap where to buy a good wooden set and board in DC? Don't seem to be any chess shops and the few toy stores don't have much. Does the US Chess Center sell such? Bookstores or big chain toy stores happen to have any? Thanks much.


US Chess Center sells chess sets.

Real shops are soooo last century..I thought you were a technology geek Mig.

Mig, in the spirit of "How much? Yellow. What color? 10", the cheapest place for good sets I know is a German web site:
is the english URL.

I'm not sure how much postage to the US is, but generally postage is cheap from Germany in comparison to postage from Ireland.

I bought a very nice set from them last year. It cost about $200 (using today's exchange rates), but I would pay at least another $100 for a comparable set from anyone else in Ireland, UK or the US.


The guy is in such a hurry he cannot buy it ifrom Amazon, so he posts a blog entry asking for a shop. And you propose him to buy and ship it from Germany, because it's faster than buying and shipping from Ireland.

This forum is seriously a genuine place.

The House of Stauton is a very good alternative to by wonderfull wood chess sets. Another possibility is Barnes and Nobles. They have sets from HOS, very goog, Marshall type. These sets are plastic and heavyweight.

As in TODAY. Yeesh. I work with 3 different online chess stores. Next week would not be a problem! Garry wants a few for a friend's kid's chess club in DC. Signed, etc. So far one toy store has one folding wooden board... B&N no wooden sets?

I read somewhere that there is a great place to buy chess stuff in Brooklyn...probably some website I was visiting.

I can only think of the US Chess Center

1501 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 857 - 4922

I know a guy who likes to make his own pieces, you just inform him of which trees to cut down; he'll have a set ready for you in just one or two years. (allow extra time for shipping).

Quely, didn't you even listen to the man? Mig was clearly asking for a wooden chess set AND board. Sheesh.

Chess humor is awesome.

I already swapped email with a Chess Center guy. Nothing good. I guess there used to be a Game Keeper at one of the big mall outside DC but it's gone.

Maybe ask on Craigslist.

The US Chess Center never seems to be open at a convenient time. I stopped by with my son during the Eastern Open, in hopes of showing him the place so he would get enthusiastic about playing...and it was closed. Not the first time this has happened to me!
It's web site store seems to be permanently under construction.
Frankly, it's a pity that the place is closed so much...I know it's a matter of funding; but this is the nation's capital, for crying out loud, and the dearth of decent places to play on a regular basis is pathetic. The Arlington Chess Club used to play in some nice facilities, but now it is in (as I remember it -- may be going back soon!) a crowded community center that let's in the cold air whenever a door is opened.
If I needed a set asap, I would contact USCF TD Mike Atkins and ask him.

Do they have to be in absolute new condition, Mig? If not, you can email me and maybe we can work out a deal..I have a couple extra wooden boards and sets that I could perhaps be persuaded to part with...

Here's another thought (I live in Falls Church, so am quite familiar with the local scene, as it were, in case you're wondering why I am posting so much on this...
Check local Toys R Us stores -- I bought a Kasparov wooden folding set there a couple of years ago for my son.


You can have mine. I have a nice wooden set matched to brown and white vinyl board. Love it but it's yours if you need it. I work close to the Chess Center and can meet you there.

I would like to see a picture of that set , sounds beautifull.
Pls (either Bill or Mig )upload a picture of that.

Mig, the virginia scholastics has many sets that they use for schools and such. I would imagine they could help out here. It may be in DC, but for Kasparov i am sure they could help out. In SE Virginia, but i know people up north who could help as well

So, did you get any sets?? Don't leave us hangin here man!

You cannot beat the prices and quality of wooden sets sold by www.amchesseq.com. Quick shipping also.

Well, I looked at their site and, I'm sorry (I am kind of a snob about chess sets, I admit): but any company that has a club special featuring not just buff and black plastic pieces, but also blue, red and what was the other color? was it yellow? cannot be serious about providing decent chess equipment to club players.
Just an opinion; but IMHO we have enough of a problem with the chess etiquette of kids (and some adults) at tournments. We do NOT need garish sets to compound the problem!

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Did u even look @ the WOODEN chess sets? Until recently, they sold their sheesham chess sets for 19.95. i am playing w/ one purchased 3 years ago and it couldn't be happier.

Sure they provide colored sets for kids, but that does not mean they do not provide serious sets for tournament players.

Wal-Mart sells dreck, but they also sell food; does that prevent people from shopping there?

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