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Chessplayers with Big Balls

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It's a slow news time, the dreaded Spring Lull, shorter than usual this year because of the April Grand Slam event starting in a few weeks. Meanwhile, ChessBase has put up an entertaining photo gallery of top players at the 2007 candidates matches in Elista at the local bowling alley. Obligatory Obama reference included. Note the chessboard pattern on the walls. Maybe Ilyumzhinov will soon make this chess set mandatory.

I actually bowled in a friendly league with some college buddies one year. Not much on style, but I broke 200 a couple of times relying on the "big guy, heavy ball" approach. (My average was far below that.) I had to buy my own shoes because the one or two pairs of 13s they had were often out. My memory on the details is understandably hazy, but I'm pretty sure my roommate and I took our girlfriends bowling on New Year's Eve one year, probably 1990. My practically blind, if functional and with a driver's license, roommate Jimi performed the immortal feat of throwing his ball into the adjacent lane on two bounces only to get a strike in that lane. Of course we counted it. Hey, Pinole Valley Lanes is still there. If I've bowled in the last 15 years I don't recall it.


I can no longer respect the following chessplayers: Grischuk, Potkin, Aronian, Bareev, Tkachiev, and Jakovenko -- "geeks" who couldn't lift 15lbs without spinal contortion. Pathetic. (Probably the equivalent of 1100-rated players in bowling.)

In contrast Hensel and Leko have the musculature of normal men, and look respectable.

(Caoli releases the ball about four feet behind the line. No way the ball has any power on it, despite the visually appealing pose.)

Hehe, musculature and normal men apart, feels strange to see those FIDE men and women, who most of public perceives as blatantly incompetent, having fun as common people.

Eh? Don't incompetent people have fun too? Isn't it characteristic that maybe they have a bit too MUCH fun?

"Not much on style, but I broke 200 a couple of times relying on the "big guy, heavy ball" approach."
- Mig

Aka the F=MA approach. Max ball weight (mass), shotpit at center pin (max acceleration).

Btw, Kirsan's a well-meaning guy. He just doesn't know how to run a business and organization too well.

Their presumed incompetence, is away in the photos, there they seem, maybe, like you, an apparent normal guy. Their twisted bureaucratic maneuvers and suits are far away, in the office.

"Don't most people store their suits in their homes??" hehe!

Yes, Bowles, cos when they're in the office, their incompetence glares though in photos: staplers hanging out of their ears, exploding photocopiers, words hanging out of their mouths, "incompetence" rubber-stamped across their foreheads, etc.

On a related topic: Before the Amber tournament, Aronian said in an interview that the only thing he needed to improve (compared to last year) were his table football skills.
Any info if he managed ? ,:)

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