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Don't Accuse These Guys of Cheating

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Your new desktop wallpaper awaits. One of a series of ads for Sky TV running the Alien vs Predator movie. The others are the two playing billiards and some kind of tetherball game with paddles. Brilliant. The very large full size version of the chess one is here.

ht Gizmodo

And if the board's not right, who would tell them? I imagine the original Predator movie was the only film with two future US state governors in it, but I might be wrong. Reagan was in so many films somebody else might have slipped in there. But as far as the sheer unlikelihood, Predator must deserve some sort of prize. I think I've only seen the first two Alien films. Classics.

I will go to bed before I give in to the urge to go back and retag all of the entries with Ilyumzhinov with the new "aliens" tag. If you know what I mean.


Indeed you are. Arnold and Jesse Ventura also appeared in Batman and Robin and The Running Man.

Brilliant! A pity that the board is wrongly set (h3 a black square? nah) and apparently black is playing the first move. But, yes, let aliens play chess rather than eat humans ...

Okay, okay. I didn't know Ventura made more movies. But Predator was at least first, right?

which should mean our next strategy to get rid of Kirsan is to set the governator loose...

Off-topic, but I found it surprising chess got no mention. The debates about rule changes kept reminding me again and again of the demands to change the scoring system in chess to discourage draws (or prevent them outright, such as defining stalemate as a win).
(You might need a paid subscription to access the full story)

From IMDB.com, re Ventura:

Woodshop (2009)
Borders (2008)
The Ringer (2005)
20/20 Vision (1999)
***Batman & Robin (1997)
Demolition Man (1993)
Living and Working in Space: The Countdown Has Begun (1993)
Ricochet (1991)
Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1991)
Tagteam (1991) TV
Thunderground (1989)
No Holds Barred (1989)
***The Running Man (1987)
***Predator (1987)

*** with da Governator ... and both were on Saturday Night's Main Event (a WWF {now WWE} TV show) on Oct 5, 1985


Board is wrong.
King & Queen have switched places.
Black makes the first move.
And corret me if I'm wrong, but is that a Bishop?

Nice picture though. :)

There is another political contender in predator. Sonny Landham played the indian scout Billy.

In 2002 he ran for governor of Kentucky. He withdrew after falling behind in money and the required paperwork.

In 2008 he ran as a libertarian for Senate against Mitch McConnell.

The proper caption?
"Yeah, Ilyumzhinov, of course, but who's that other guy?"

As far as the set-up of the board goes, I know that many times the reason it looks wrong is due to the processing somehow. Many times the colors get reversed, and that would make the original set-up correct. I think Chess Life has used this excuse before, as well as a few published books (sorry, no refs, just working from memory).

I don't know exactly HOW this happens, or if it even is applicable to this 'photo,' but it IS a real phenomenon.


"Yeah, Ilyumzhinov, of course, but who's that other guy?"


clearly they are quite weak..they don't even know the rules..its white to move first..;-)

So let's have a look...

a1 is White
Black is moving first
King and Queen changed places

After all, it's perfectly correct apart from White and Black (both the pieces and the squares) being switched. And looking at the contenders, this does not seem that strange anymore, does it? ;)

HAAAAAAHAHAHA LMAO with the Ilyumzhinov UFO experience part!!! How can I be surprised by anything coming from this guy anymore?

I drew with Predator. Alien is weak, but it bared its second set of teeth and I immediately agreed to a draw a rook up.

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