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Everyone Wins Euro Ind Ch 2009

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The massive 11-round European Individual Championship in Budva, Montenegro turned into the usual pile-up at the top. 11 players scored 8/11 and no fewer than 23 were a half-point back. Qualification to the next FIDE World Cup is the real goal in this event, so caution tends to be the name of the game. None of the top boards were decisive in today's final round with draws being good enough to guarantee everyone safe passage. This is in stark contrast to the bloodbath on boards 13-23, where it was all or nothing for the players with 6.5 points. Malakhov, Jobava, and Navara had seven and won today to guarantee themselves Cup spots and a shot at the title.

According to the regulations there will be a massive set of tiebreak games tomorrow to decide who makes the cut of 22 players going to the World Cup. Wild. They also have tiebreaks to decide the champion and the other medal winners, so it's going to be a hectic day of rapid chess tomorrow in Budva. They regulations aren't specific about what format they will use in the tiebreaks, listing it as TBA.

Since they appear to require tiebreak games for just about everything, I guess the system tiebreaks are just to decide the cash awarded to the lower places? Notable failures to make the qualifier tiebreak cut include top seeds Akopian and Vallejo Pons, as well as well-known players like Volokitin, Cheparinov, van Wely, Caruana, and defending champion Tiviakov. Veterans Timman and Beliavsky also missed the cut. Tough event! Come back and play for Brooklyn, Fabiano!


mig, i am sorry but you don't have a clue about world cup 09 qualif.!a bunch of players are allready qualified from 08 plovdiv euro ch.some of them(bologan,papaionau)decline to play tiebreaks cause they were already qualified.so how came tiviakov,the euro champ 08 is not qualified????make your homework before posting such nonesense!

While I certainly haven't been keeping close track of who is already qualified, my point was how many strong players didn't make the cut at 7 points, showing what a tough event it was. Obviously Tiviakov (and many others from Plovdiv, as you mention) is already in the World Cup since he won the Euro Ch last year. Others will still have chances as well.

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