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Saturday Swinging

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Chess, schmess. Doesn't this look like more fun?

Poor girl has no idea it's possible to be outside without a thick coat. I'm beginning to doubt it myself. I hope it's warmer in Tennessee in a few weeks. Do I need to bring my passport? Shotgun and overalls?


Good genes, dad.

Of course she is thinking of chess. The glint in her eye tells us that she is pondering a Marshall novelty.

So cute!

Coats are things our kids wear to protect us from the idea of having a cold.
Congrats , extremely cute girl.

Great photo!

I read in today's NY Times Magazine an article about the controversy over the Bush library/institute at Southern Methodist University. In the article, Kasparov was briefly mentioned as a political activist--no chess in sight.

I know that's what you and Garry want, so I thought I'd pass it on.

Unspeakably cute. She's going to break a lot of hearts when she's older, whether she wants to or not.

Congratulations to Mig and Mrs. Mig.

She's a darling!

Btw, Mig, what's her current rating? What's her training regime? How many times out of ten does she beat Daddy?

More importantly, what does she think about the WCC cycle? And does she approve of the miglet epithet?
Reminds me of a t-shirt caption: 'if you think I'm cute, wait until you see my mom'.

She'd probably choke on the dust from chewing on the king if I unburied my chess set, I'm afraid. But surely crawling around a thousand chess books and being tickled by Garry must provide some osmosis Elo, no?!

As for Mom, she is still waiting for Miglette's hair to turn red and curly. In vain, most likely. The hair was not a battle we wanted my genes to win, as you can imagine. Or see:


She'll be a long-match traditionalist, of course. Let's just pray she never has to learn who Ilyumzhinov is. Hope for the next generation!

Reading between the lines, "chewing on the king" is the recommended Mig/Kasparov training method, and very likely the real secret of Kaparov's success. Plastic is protruding from my mouth as I post, and will continue to do so for years to come.

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