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Some Assembly Required

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The entire thing is probably an April Fools' joke, but if it's not, IKEA has an ideal spokesperson from the chess world for its new car. You may now begin the "how many draws to the gallon?" jokes. Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Please stop now.


Well Nissan Navara has been around for a long time and nobody from the chess world seems to notice.

Yeah this car was around since 1986 - what was Navara's rating at the time?? He was born in 1985 ,:)

Way to go on wasting everyone's time and bandwidth by sending a worthless link, Mig.

While they're hardly a infallible source, the New York Times report that an Ikea spokeswoman has admitted that Leko is a car-pooling service, rather than a car as such. Let's hope that enthusiasm doesn't peter out.

Looks like the Chessbase April fool's joke is up, a couple of days early.

Or not. The Ethiopian chess story actually seems legit.

Very off topic question:
I was reading an interview with GM Khalifman in the spanish version of chessbase , and there he mentions a trainer who was suffocating his pupil but he refuses to give names , anyone knows who is he talking about ??

The interview is here(in spanish):

This may not be an easy one ,but someone ought to know.
Thx in advance and pardon the intrusion.

Manu, I believe it was ur mom kthnxbai

Thx Sally , never hear that one.

Hi Manu, excellent interview, thanks. In suffocating, he doesn't mean he was actually trying to kill him with a pillow (although i think some trainers wanted to do so with Carlsen after he lost a famous drawn rook endgame against Aronian, i think) Just to avoid people searching the nechrological pages of the best Russian newspapers :D

Khalifman once rejected the idea of Carlsen ever becoming #1 due to his lack of proper chess training. He might still be right, since Carlsen is still not #1, but I assume that the chance of Carlsen being on top is a lot higher now than when Khalifman made the statement (I think it was in conjunction with Aeroflot a few years ago).

Whatever that has to do with anything.

Wasn't Carlsen #1 for a few days? Where's frogbert when you need him?

Yes he was unofficially, in September last year, however little it matters.


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