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DC Wifi Humor

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In DC with Garry yesterday for meetings, I hooked my G1 into a wifi network at an office building near Dupont Circle. Among the various networks to appear was one with an amusing SSID. There are several consular offices in the building but I don't think that third one from the top is there anymore. Or is there something we don't know?! Nice to see an admin with a sense of humor. Either that or if you see a black helicopter circling my house, please give me a ring.

Meetings were very interesting, not always the case. In three weeks Obama is headed to Russia for the first time and both what he says and with whom he meets there will be watched very closely. And of course every faction and clique in the US political scene wants a "Russia message" now, so people who would barely return my calls a month ago are now beating down the doors. Good, but silly, since you know we'll be back on the caller ID screen list by August even if we help out.

While I'm off-topic, hello to the several people who came up and said hello to me at the Lincoln Center screening of "Holy Fire" the other day. (Mostly while waiting to get Garry's picture or autograph, but I'll take it.)


In Soviet Russia, network finds YOU!

Whoa. We'll make sure Coast To Coast AM with George Noory hears about this! Art Bell will definitely get a Cc on this one. Must be scary for Garry, though. He surely doesn't need a flashback like this with what he's up against.

Best to Mrs. Mig and The Miglet...

Rats, Russianbear pre-empted me.

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