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From Russia with Holy Fire

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It's not exactly the Hollywood red carpet, but it's not bad. The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival gets underway tomorrow at famous Lincoln Center in New York. One of the opening night attractions is "In The Holy Fire of the Revolution," a documentary by Masha Novikova that follows the travails of Garry Kasparov and other Russian opposition leaders as they travel through the country while being sabotaged at every step by the powers that be. There will be a Q&A with Garry after the film screens. It begins at 6:30pm.


Mig - Have you ever asked Kasparov what his specific goal or goals are in his latest endeavor? At what point will he be satisfied? Thanks - Mark

OT(ish) ... and when will those Iranian students be satisfied?

http://entesabat88.persianblog.ir/post/2/# (pass if you're squeamish)

More than just dimpled chads.

What I would love to know Kasparov's opinion on is how does he feel about the entire communist existence being created by New York Bankers solely for the purposes of profit thru political and social division: conflict creates wealth. And what does he think of these same individuals creating totalitarianism in the west, under the illusion of a two party system? Obama is another Putin, just dressed differently by the shaping of our expectations through the media. Marshall McLuhan said it well, "The media is the message" and in the west the media is the propaganda, never the truth.

Hi brian - Not sure I agree with communisism being created by New York Bankers, or with it being manipulated by them, but I totally agree with the rest, props. At some point we'll wake up and realize we're being had. In the words of TJ, "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

(Hmmm...Wonder whether Qs in the Q&A be pre-screened...)

Wonder whether flying you-know-whats be pre-screened....

Nice one that, noyb.

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