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Second String First in Poikovsky

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The 10th Karpov tournament in Poikovsky has been a proudly second-string event since its inception ten years ago. Only rarely has a member of the top ten appeared. They prefer to go with friends and comrades full of fight, with many of the same players returning year after year. However, it's worth pointing out that the Poikovsky event was the strongest round-robin in mighty Russia for a few years. And while it may not have the biggest names, it's usually a very entertaining event (though last year's was largely an exception).

Two of this year's participants were at the first Poikovsky event in 2000, an ad hoc affair dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Karpov's ascendancy to the throne. Oddly, that inaugural event seems to have vanished from the map, with no mention of it in the TWIC archives I can find and no games in the ChessBase MegaBase. Quite unusual for a category 14 with names like Bologan (the winner), Onischuk, Ehlvest, Bu Xiangzhi, and Sveshnikov. I only know the names because, remarkably, an ancient official site from the 2003 edition is still hanging on in cyberspace.

In early March the year 2000 the head of the Nefteyugansk region Administration Alexander Valentinovich Klepikov, stressed the importance of holding a tournament dedicated to Anatoly Yevgenievich Karpov in the area.

Quite naturally, the head of the local administration shared his idea with the twelfth World Champion, who not only endorsed the idea, but also gave his support. Also support to the tournament was privided my Major of Poikovsky and numerous sponsors, mostly representing the oil-producing sector of the economy.

And in August 2000 nine GMs and one IM from 7 countries - V.Bologan (MDA), A.Onischuk (UKR), E.Sveshnikov (RUS), G.Veskovi (BRA), U.Adianto (INA), A.Galkin (RUS), J.Ehlvest (EST), Bu (CHN), S.Dvoirys (RUS) and S.Pozin (RUS) came to Poikovsky. The tournament was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of attainment the World Champion title by Anatoly Karpov.

The first place with a perfect score 7/9 took GM Bologan from Moldova.

The dates given are 24/08 - 04/09. No games? No TWIC mention? Nothing in my KasparovChess archives? A mystery? Anyone? Maybe Sveshnikov was going through one of his "the scores belong to the players" moments and got everyone else to go along?

Back in 2009, where I'm older but no wiser, and back to Siberia. Former Poikovsky winners Bologan and Onischuk are watching from the middle depths of the crosstable. With two rounds to go, Gashimov and Motylev are leading with impressive +4, 5.5/7 scores. Both are undefeated and, best of all, they are yet to meet. Inarkiev is on +2 and Sutovsky on +1. It's been a violent event throughout, but the leaders' powerful play has been overshadowed by the dismal performance of the top seed.

Shirov just notched his fifth loss in seven rounds, this one to Onischuk. Shirov's piece sac today had the desperation of the damned. Onischuk calmly swapped down to two bishops vs a rook and later gave up a piece to run a pawn to victory. Only Shirov can say what can take you from +3 and clear first in a category 21 to -5 a few weeks later in a category 18. More likely, if he could say, he could prevent it.

But let's try to get back to the bright side. Don't miss the wonderful tactical sequence in Naiditsch-Motylev in round six. Onischuk's win over Efimenko in the same round was also full of sharp and witty play. The other good news is the Berlin Defense has come in from some whacking. The 15.e6! sac in Gashimov-Naiditsch worked as well as a similar sac by Kasparov when he finally beat (too late!) Kramnik's Berlin in Astana 2001. The Petroff has been unusually lively as well, though it has two wins to go with two losses and two draws. Sutovsky's 7.h3 8.gxf3 idea is unlikely to find many imitators. Isn't White just worse? In eight moves of a Petroff?! Bad day. By now everyone has seen Motylev's sweet combo against Shirov in the third. When you're as punch-drunk as Shirov you just keep walking into haymakers.


The current official site you link to has a crosstable of the first Poikovsky. No games, though, as far as I could tell.

Around the year 2000 many of us still relied on the good old Informants to get tournament and game information. Can't check from work, but I'm quite convinced that there was a crosstable from the Nefteyugansk event at the end of issue n. 79, and probably a few games or game fragments as well.

I even seem to remember reading somewhere that Ehlvest was no longer invited to subsequent editions after some impressive performances in the alcohol department.

"Only Shirov can say what can take you from +3 and clear first in a category 21 to -5 a few weeks later in a category 18."

Or maybe Ivanchuk.

Sutovsky's commentary during the US Championship is to be believed... Ehlvest is not invited to anything for many reasons.

Ehlvest is one of the biggest jerks on the US circuit. He is rude and obnoxious to people.

According to one of the players, the tournament bulletins for Poikovsky 2000 were very irregular and he doubts that there is a complete game record of the tournament.

For what it's worth, Shirov is now #15 on the live rating list - 27 points behind Kramnik (again #5) but 29 points ahead of Ivanchuk.

No mockery implied, just another example why the live rating list is useful, but should not be used to draw very rapid and premature conclusions - I think frogbert agrees with me on this!?

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