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Better Chess Through Moustaches

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Check out Lars Grahn's blog, which promises more of his collection of chess photos. If the rest are half as good as this one of Seirawan and Robert Byrne, and another of Korchnoi he showed me, it's going to be an amusing resource. Oh man, fear the 'stache. Google can help you with the Swedish if a picture isn't worth a thousand borks.




As a victim of libel threats yourself, what do you think og Polgar's alleged threat to Chessbase and a scared/arm-twisted Chessbase backing off?

More details at:


Susan Polgar has become very bad blight on US chess. Time to send her packing back to Hungary! She should take her husband Paul Truong back with her...

What plans do you have for Sam Sloan and the rest of them?

(Was that the real noyb, or the fake noyb?)

Not very bad translation. I like how the name "Sajtar" is translated into "websites", though. "Websites log not" should be "Sajtar didn't smile", for instance. And "(web)sites" in Swedish is rather "sajter", or just "siter", for the really curious :)

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