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Chinese Disappearing Act

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Hours after I posted the item on Nanjing Pearl Spring, Anand and Topalov disappeared from the event website and were replaced with "to be determined"! [The sharp-eyed Torrelio in the comments notes that if you click the first blank square you still get Topalov's picture. Hasty cover-up!] Maybe the organizers' announcements got a little ahead of their contracts? Inquiries as yet unanswered.


and if you click on the first one you still get Topalov's photo...

They know a thing or two about disappearing acts and false information in China...don't they?

Also an interesting headline: Topalov Surly ...

(yeah, i know, but it's interesting anyway)


Look at



Clearly Topalov and Anand are still very much present on the website.

Anand is playing in the Tal Memorial in November so maybe the dates were too close.

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