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I've only been looking at the Spanish version of the official Bilbao site until putting some links together. The purple prose in Spanish is hilariously over the top, as if their web writer does bodice-ripping romance novels by day. Still, at least it's interesting. Curious about the translations into English I found this gem in Shirov's bio:

His turbulent love life is a reflection of his unceasing exalted mind, which probably helps to understand his irregular performance.

That's got to be a pretty unusual depth for a capsule bio on an official site. And hey, I hear on TV commercials that irregular performance affects two out of three men.


Viva Viagra!

They also comment on Grischuk's love life: First some sentences about his other passion poker, then
"Perhaps to make up for that chess deprivation he has married to the Ukrainian Grandmaster Natalia Zh├║kova." Huh?

Nothing similarly personal about Karjakin and Aronian - maybe the biographies were written some months ago, i.e. before Karjakin's marriage (which, I think, was surprising news even for "the experts").

Nice one Mig. A laugh out loud moment first thing on a Monday morning.............

Charles Gibson is retiring after a long and storied career in the ABC News organization. Charles Gibson joined ABC News in 1975, and worked on World News Tonight, especially during Peter Jennings' tenure. He worked on other programs like Nightline and 20/20, and after Jennings' death, was thought to replace him, but the job went to Bob Woodruff and Elizabeth Vargas. Soon afterwards, Woodruff was severely injured covering the Iraq War and Vargas stepped aside due to pregnancy, and Gibson stepped to the helm, the program being renamed World News with Charles Gibson.

Who the hell is Charles Gibson? And who the hell is Peter Jennings? And what the hell is ABC News? And why should i care?

You don't have to care. Take it easy.

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