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Kasparov in Brooklyn

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Well, it took him long enough! Garry will be speaking at the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch, also my own beloved local library, Saturday at 2pm. I haven't hyped it here since the registration filled up in less than a day over a month ago and... his talk and the Q&A will be in Russian. Oh well. But I thought you'd like to know.


Hi Mig - Thanks for the info. What was the purpose of the speaking engagement?

From our standpoint just spreading the good word on what's really going on in Russia. He was contacted by the library by an event organizer there. It was a free gig, no admission fee or honorarium. I imagine they had had requests from their Russian (and Russian-speaking) patrons, of which there are many thousands.

He talked politics and did a lot of Q&A for a total of two hours. Went over great. He even answered a few chess questions about the current young generation of Russian chessplayers and who the next WCh will be; the usual sort of thing, really. I'll check the recording and put those bits up as verbatim as my lousy Russian allows.

Next step is to get him to Australia.. and preferably giving his talk in English! :)

Why the deafening silence on the chessbase Carlsen-Kasparov scoop?

What a nice picture of the two working toguether there.

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