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Let the Chess Recycling Revelry Begin!

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Not as catchy as "Let the wild rumpus start," but it'll have to do. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, so to help turn the mess of boxes below into a functioning extra room. Those boxes, and plenty of more like them, are full of chess books, software, and memorabilia and just about all of it has to go! Many interested parties representing clubs and classes around the US have already contacted me and with your help I'm hoping to hear from many more.

I also expect you to participate both by shipping out your own untouched-for-many years chess junk and by, well, getting more chess junk by bidding on my auctions. I'm selling signed books, posters, and anything else I can dig up that might have some value. How about a Braingames baseball cap? A bottle of Accoona hot-sauce signed by Irina Krush and Zhu Chen? (Really.) All proceeds will go toward shipping costs for me and anyone else who will send their old chess stuff to a good home. Just send me an email with what you've got to send and I'll send you the address of a place to send it! After it's received I'll send you the money for your shipping costs by PayPal or check. Send things as cheaply as possible, obviously. You might be able to get media rates if you ask. (Do not just send your stuff somewhere and then ask me to reimburse you.)

The first auctions are up now and end in just three days. (Real chess recyclers don't have time for five-day auctions.) Both are Garry Kasparov books hand-signed by the famous chess coach.

One is the rare "Kasparov Against the World" book about his Microsoft-sponsored internet game against the hive mind that, led by Irina Krush, came to include a remarkable number of GMs and computers, resulting in an incredibly high-quality contest. The other signed book auction is for the first volume in the "My Great Predecessors" series, on Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, and Alekhine. Signed by Garry with date and place. Both have very low starting bids. Posters and more to come.

And you're helping a worthy cause! My first shipment of books and software will be staying right here in Brooklyn, headed to IS 318, where the inimitable Elizabeth Vicary teaches a group that doesn't seem to need much more help. Boxes will also be headed to Texas, Long Island, and Florida, last I checked. If you know teachers with classes of kids in need of books and/or software, put us in touch asap! If you want to donate chess stuff, send me your list. (And you can simply donate cash, of course. Button on the left.) You'll join the Revel Hall of Fame here on the Dirt as well as changing the lives of some young chessplayers. Extra space in your pad + some warm fuzzies inside = good deal. Just spreading the world would be great, too.


Good luck, Mig!
I fear, however, that I am still very angry about the Kasparov (and a bit of the world, in case nobody noticed) versus The World game. We wuz robbed.

Ok, keep posting items to eBay, I'm sure I'll find something interesting. But the lack of space is going to force myself to move soon, and then I will regret.

To begin with, I am the higher bidder on "MGP" Vol.1; someone borrowed that one from me and never gave it back, so...

Awesome, thanks so much! A poster takes up very little space up on the wall...

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