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Meanwhile, in Mukachevo...

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Another match is taking place, this one between Nigel Short and Ukrainian GM Zahar Efimenko. It's six rounds of classical chess. The players have exchanged wins with black in the first two games. Short's comment after game two: "Did I really wait 44 years before including the Open Spanish in my repertoire? Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?" Not Efimenko, who is 24. Perhaps this match is being held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mr. Efimenko Sr. impregnating Mrs. Efimenko? Coverage here. And at ChessBase.com, where they have two stories on it with analysis and none on Kasparov-Karpov as yet! I assume something big is coming, unless the Spaniards stole Frederic's video camera again.


Lol. Your "Coverage here" link is most unfortunately located in your text. Well, misleading anyway. :)

Mig , the local Club seem to have raised the necessary green to make the local young (strong ) guy to play against a prestigiuos opponent , why you bother to wonder " Why ? ".
Start collecting money to make your man Nakamura , or any other USA Gm , to play anybody that caliber and then you can start making jokes..

Small club in Ukraine 1- Mig big mouth 0 ( soccer ).

"...and none on Kasparov-Karpov as yet!"

On the other hand, Mig's coverage of the event is sadly lacking in that there are NO photos of attractive young women.

The German Chessbase site (usually faster than the English version, first priority of the German-based company?) already has a pictorial report - though not much beyond pictures. The only woman shown is Garry's mother Klara Kasparova, anyone's pick if she is young and/or attractive ,:) .

Anyway, guess there's more to come from Chessbase once K&K actually start pushing some pieces ... .

Oh no, jokes! My poor little head is all aswimmin. Ima gonna swoon! Grow up, Nancy. And since when am I a chess club or an organizer? Next up: why hasn't Mig started his own international chess federation?

"why hasn't Mig started his own international chess federation?"
What a great idea!!
And you could use all our brilliant comments to create the most perfect organization ever to grace humanity. There's no human knowledge not contained in the threads somewhere.

Actually that's probably true, if only by inverse application. If you could somehow take the mirror image of the idiocy contained herein it would make Socrates sound like Glenn Beck. Anyway, as long as Ilyumzhinov's around the only way to break into the chess federation biz is to come with a big pile of money you aren't particularly attached to.

These days it's like the old joke about x venture: "Q: How do you make a small fortune in chess? A: Start with a large one."

pretty sure that was originally "How do you make a small fortune from Vegas? Come with a large one."

But still seems to fit.

My favorite similar sports joke is about sailing: "It's like standing in a cold shower and ripping up hundred dollar bills."

There is a story at Chessbase today about how White Gashimov beat Black #9 Gelfand's Petroff Defense in only 16 moves! So much for a drawish defense.

GM Neil McDonald describes "The Petroff is a boring, turgid opening line... (played) even at the cost of enjoying their chess." I love English chess books.

In Tseshkovsky vs Giertz Biel 2004 White also won in 16 moves. In Motylev vs Koneru 2006 Corus Wijk aan Zee White won in 25 moves.

Short drew again today so the match is still tied.

And Gelfand himself says "The Petroff has the reputation of being a dull opening, where Black is fighting only for a draw. However, as my experience has shown, it can be no less exciting than the Sicilian" in his "My Most Memorable Games", while Shirov and Kasimdzhanov both set out to challenge/refute the "boring" notion in their Chessbase DVD's.

Surely you guys understand that the Petroff can lead to less fighting chess than the Sicilian? Its degrees, and relative measures here. Of course the Petroff can lead to insane chess. But the Sicilian is more likely to. Simple as that.

Putting it that way is far better than the usual "Petroff.....zzz.....wake me up when the game is over", yes.

Seems like topics recur in pre-programmed intervals, with the same comments in slightly modified form. Someone with far more interest in this than me might one day calculate the intervals.

The kid got the Short end of the Sicilian Najdorf. Nigel leads 3-2 out of 6 games. Obviously, the kid needs win a win tomorrow to tie.

Nigel wins the match with a tie in the Scotch Gambit.

From the flood of posts lately in this thread, it's obvious there are few of us who are interested in this match. I was.


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