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Corus 2010 Wrap: Carlsen Comeback

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Carlsen takes clear first after drawing in the final round. Kramnik and Shirov =2-3, Anand and Nakamura =4-5.
Kramnik beats Carlsen and then takes over the lead when Anand beats Shirov. Round 11: Shirov-Kramnik, Carlsen-Dominguez, Ivanchuk-Karjakin, Nakamura-Leko, Short-Caruana, Smeets-Anand, van Wely-Tiviakov.

Stupid Time Control Tricks

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Corus changes time control this year to have increment from move one thanks to stupidly written FIDE rules.
Kasparov article on computers, chess, and artificial intelligence in the New York Review of Books.

Corus 2010 R8: Here Comes Kramnik

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Kramnik beats Nakamura to move into equal second with Carlsen on +3. Shirov still leads after draw with Carlsen. Round 9 (Tuesday): Ivanchuk-Shirov, Carlsen-Kramnik, Nakamura-Karjakin, Tiviakov-Anand, Smeets-Caruana, van Wely-Leko, Short-Dominguez.

Corus 2010 R7: Shirov Unstoppable

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Nakamura beats Shirov and Carlsen beat Ivanchuk to tighten the crosstable at the top. Round 8: Kramnik-Nakamura, Shirov-Carlsen, Anand-Ivanchuk, Karjakin-Short, Dominguez-van Wely, Leko-Smeets, Caruana-Tiviakov.

Corus 2010 R5: Shirov Unstoppable

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Shirov wins AGAIN to move to 5/5. Kramnik gets first win. Great battle in Nakamura-Carlsen. Round 6: Anand-Carlsen, Shirov-Short, Ivanchuk-Nakamura, Kramnik-van Wely, Karjakin-Smeets, Dominguez-Tiviakov, Leko-Caruana.

Corus 2010 R4: Ready, Aim, Fire on Board

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Shirov wins again to move to 4/4. Ivanchuk wins to join Nakamura and Carlsen at +2. Rest day Wednesday. Round 5 (Thursday): Nakamura-Carlsen, Leko-Anand, Caruana-Dominguez, Tiviakov-Karjakin, Smeets-Kramnik, van Wely-Shirov, Short-Ivanchuk.

Corus 2010 R3: It's a Black Thing

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Shirov wins again to keep clear lead on 3/3. Nakamura and Carlsen win and are on 2.5. Round 4: Anand-Nakamura, Carlsen-Short, Ivanchuk-van Wely, Shirov-Smeets, Kramnik-Tiviakov, Karjakin-Caruana, Dominguez-Leko.

Corus 2010: Early Leaders

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Shirov wins again to take early lead. Wins for Nakamura and Carlsen. Round 3: Dominguez-Anand, Leko-Karjakin, Caruana-Kramnik, Tiviakov-Shirov, Smeets-Ivanchuk, van Wely-Carlsen, Short-Nakamura

Corus 2010: Past, Present, Future

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Corus begins Saturday at 1330 local, 7:30am ET. I'll be on ICC Chess.FM starting round 2. Anand, Carlsen, Kramnik, Ivanchuk, Leko, Shirov, Karjakin, Dominguez, Nakamura, Short, Caruana, Tiviakov, Smeets, van Wely.
Russian wins team gold. US silver, India bronze. Gold individual medals for Nakamura and Onischuk on boards one and two.

Advanced Chess In the Wild?

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Odd banner ad for insurance with two chessplayers also using laptops.
More on rounds 4 and 5 here later, but just had to get an item up to rave about Hikaru Nakamura's tactical fiesta against world #6 Boris Gelfand in today's fifth round of the World Team Championship in Turkey. The...
Six of the ten teams are tied for the lead with every team already tasting defeat. Azerbaijan-Russia in today's 4th round.
A look back at the top tournaments of 2009 and their winners. Will anyone dominate in 2010?

World Team Championship 2010

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Ten top teams tackle in Turkey. Nakamura, Morozevich, Aronian, Gashimov, Gelfand...

The End of the Aughties: Mighty Magnus

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Continuing the look back on 2009 with a look at Magnus Carlsen's ascent to the #1 spot.

The End of the Aughties: Russian Ch

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2009 highlights review, starting backwards with the Russian championship.

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