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Corus 2010 R8: Here Comes Kramnik

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Unfortunately, he came all over Nakamura today at Corus. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Well, whatever, but former world champion Vladimir Kramnik won a critical game today against the US champ to swap places with him in the standings. Carlsen improved on his MTel loss to Shirov last year in the Sveshnikov and played an aggressive game with black. Shirov found a series of only moves before deciding to allow a repetition draw. Sharp stuff. Anand still can't get his motor running and gave up another easy draw with white, this one to Ivanchuk.

24 hours after taking out tourney leader Shirov, Nakamura was back at the board with one of the toughest pairings in chess, black against Kramnik. He went with the Dutch he used successfully against Anand and, as Kramnik explained later in the press conference, the Russian had guessed correctly and prepared this exact line. Black did eventually get the few dynamic chances Dutch players must have to balance the positional catastrophe they inhabit, but it just wasn't Nakamura's day and his best chances (..fxg3 before and instead of the big mistake ..Be6) were missed. Kramnik was the one who found the tactical shot to force an endgame up two pawns and he converted it easily.

I chatted with Nakamura on the ICC after the game and he made no excuses, saying things didn't feel right from the start. That much was clear from the clock times as he sank into deep thinks early on, having forgotten his preparation against Kramnik's Rb1, which Vlad described as a very strong and long-term pressure move in the press conference we broadcast live on Chess.FM. Nakamura said he'd made two blunders and that after two straight months of chess it was inevitable he was going to play a lemon of a game here at some point. He added it was probably best to have played it against a Kramnik or Anand instead of a 2600. That sounds about right to me since those guys can beat you even when you're at your best; so it doesn't hurt as much compared to coughing up a hairball against one of the tournament tailenders. Still very much in the hunt at +2 in fourth place behind Shirov (+4), Carlsen and Kramnik (+3), Nakamura sounded positive heading into tomorrow's rest day. He comes back on Tuesday with white against Karjakin, who scored his first win today.

Okay, back with the update; sorry for all the typos in the first bit I tossed up. Kramnik gave extensive comments in the press room at Corus, first on the game and then taking some questions about his opponent and the new generation he represents. We're almost used to this new Kramnik making jokes and making sarcastic cracks about his opponents, as when he said that sure, Nakamura would be a world championship contender, "after the rest of us here have retired in five years!" Zing! But he went on to say it was now clear Nakamura was talented enough to be in the top ten, a sentiment that is hard to deny after the American put up two ~2850 performances in 2009 and is sitting at +2 with five rounds to play at Corus. Even the most talented don't always have the consistency, durability, work ethic, and defensive toughness (what Kasparov called "resistance") necessary to be in the top ten for more than a brief spike. Of course the chess world would be pretty boring if everyone had all those characteristics because it would cost us our beloved loose cannons like Shirov and Morozevich. Guys who can lose five in a row like Shirov did at Corus 2007 and also win five in a row like Shirov did last week.

In the press conference Kramnik spoke about the game as if Black hadn't had a chance pretty much from the start. Black did have his chances, if fleeting ones, and the game would have continued a more interesting and natural course had Nakamura not blundered with 23..Be6 after Kramnik's somewhat extravagant rook lift to the center. Both 22..fxg3 and 23..fxg3 would have allowed the game to continue as a battle between White's lead in development and Black trying to make something happen on the kingside while the white bishop is still stuck. 23..fxg3 24.Nc5 looks strong for White, but Black isn't being blown away. 24.hxg3 Be6 works now because there's no pawn to lose on f4, although 25.Nf4 gxf4 26.R5xf4 fxg3 27.Qe4 looks a little scary. A shame not so much for the loss as for the loss of an interesting fight.

Shirov sounded impressed by Carlsen's novelty in the Sveshnikov, which improved on their last-round game from last year's MTel tournament. In that game Carlsen went in leading the event but Shirov beat him in just 30 moves to take first place. Shirov said he was prepared to revisit this line, but Carlsen's new move 22..Bc3 beat him to the punch. This is a wonderful line to begin with, white with three (!) extra pawns and black with a mobile pawn center, a bishop pair, and open lines. As Shirov put it, he was okay, but when White has to make a bunch of only moves in a row just to survive, clearly you're doing it wrong. Carlsen was looking for more and avoided one early drawing line: 23..Bxe1 24.Rxe1 Qc5 and it looks like White has to play 25.Qh6 and force a repetition. Another big matchup after the rest day as Carlsen takes white against Kramnik. As pointed out in the comments, Carlsen is psyching himself up and showing his sense of humor by setting his Facebook status to "Magnus Carlsen is going to crush Kramnik like a bug." Love it. A few might ruffle at jokes and cheek displayed by these young guys, and even by Kramnik this week, but to me it's nothing less than fantastic. Some open jabs and entertaining trash talk are much better than the petty sniping and self-important stuffiness that is the norm in the chess world.

Two players scored their first wins in the A Group. Sergei Karjakin broke his string of seven draws with a wild win against Nigel Short. The Englishman continues to be entirely unrewarded for his creative play. In this one he gave up his queen for a rook, then two, and attacking chances. Black could have virtually forced a draw on move 35 with ..R1e2 36.Bxe2 fxe2 37.Nf6+! and White forces a perpetual check. Once the white bishop got to f3 the white king was safe and the horribly uncoordinated black pieces were no match for the white queen in the long run. Karjakin, the defending Corus champ, steadily reeled in the full point. Caruana got a win, beating Tiviakov in a slightly superior endgame that it looked like Tiviakov might have held. Nice technique from the teen, who was crestfallen after missing a clear win over Dominguez in the 5th. Leko moved to a plus score for the first time by beating Smeets and the Dutchman's habitual time trouble in a game with an amusing, or tragic, final position. I suppose getting mated with your king on e3 is better than getting ground down for another 30 moves until the a-pawn wins.

Round 9 (Tuesday): Ivanchuk-Shirov, Carlsen-Kramnik, Nakamura-Karjakin, Tiviakov-Anand, Smeets-Caruana, van Wely-Leko, Short-Dominguez.


"Unfortunately, he came all over Nakamura today at Corus."

Gosh, Mig, I hate to say this -- but there's pretty much no way to make that funny enough to justify the taste lapse. I must be getting old...

"... Shirov (+4), Shirov and Kramnik (+3),..."

Having two Shirov-es is definitely interesting.

I like Nakamura's attitude. Chin up! He's got one of the smoother rides the rest of the way, plenty of time to make up the one point difference in the lead right now. I didn't like his choice of the Dutch vs. Kramnik, especially after he already just tried it against Anand, but I'm sure the "hind-sight" boo-birds will call me out on that observation.

A lot of the lower scoring players have easier finishes and and a lot of the higher scoring players have tougher pairings to finish. I think there's going to be some juggling/jockeying of positions before this is over. And probably a surprise or maybe two.

I'll say Shirov fades and either Carlsen or Kramnik scoot past Alexi for the win (dark-horse chances to Hikaru).

I liked the comment! (Age: 56)

"he made no excuses,"

Mig wrote, and followed up with:

1) things didn't feel right from the start

2) forgotten his preparation against Kramnik's Rb1

3) after two straight months of chess it was inevitable he was going to play a lemon of a game here at some point

I guess we need to interpret those 3 points as _explanations_ and not excuses then. Sometimes it's helpful to get the interpretation key directly from Mig. :o)

Otherwise I'd been tempted to think that Kramnik was better prepared and gradually outplayed Nakamura in a position the former understood better... and that those 3 things mentioned by Mig sound like an effort to cover that up. A bit like an excuse.

Losing to Kramnik is no shame, though - for anyone. Hence, a simple "he played better than me" should usually suffice. :o)

Whatever cover Mig is trying to give Nakamura is nothing compared to the mountains of bs u unload every time someone says the tinniest thing about Carlsen's hair .
Another difference would be that he writes it down on his own blog instead of polluting yours.

Look at this status-comment in Magnus Carlsen's facebook page:

"Magnus Øen Carlsen Is going to crush Kramnik like a bug"

NB: This is his real account, not some imposter.

Macauley should ask Carlsen what that is about. My own guess is: Kasparov got his hands on Carlsen's Facebook account.

Probably so.

K (Kasparov) seems to have settled his differences with the older K (Karpov). However, this might not be the case with the younger K (Kramnik).

Anyway, can't wait for Tuesday's match.

I know who you are , you are Tony Clifton !, i should have noticed earlier , my apologies.

Wow. In my world, an excuse is a reason for losing/not winning apart from the opponent's good play or one's poor play, e.g.,

I would have won but for the flashbulbs
,,,,,, the lighting
,,,,,,, the crowd noise.

He simply is saying he played a bad game. How is that an excuse?

Dondo beat me to it. I forgot my homework isn't the same as the dog ate my homework. If you are really reaching, mentioned how much he's been playing lately might have half a foot in the excuse department, but that's about it. But it's not like he blamed any external factors for playing badly.

The blunder was a real shame in what started as a real Kramnik-style positional beat-down. But it seems Vlad slipped a bit with that extravagant rook lift to b5 and that Black could have really confused the issue with ..fxg3 on either move 22 or 23. 23..fxg3 and 24.Nxf4 doesn't work because the black queen will go to h4, winning. So White probably goes with 24.Nc5 and a big lead in development, or can take on g3 and then ..Be6 works since Nf4 doesn't win a pawn anymore. That looks balanced with the open black king and the cruddy bishop on g2. But 24.Nc5 looks like += even with the Bg2. Would have been a more 'logical' continuation of the fight instead of it ending abruptly after 23..Be6??

As for the intro joke, yah, pretty bad. But I have to live down to my reputation on occasion or people might think I'm going respectable with all these serious round reports.

I really appreciate your reports Mig. Please know that!

@Chess auditor was the personal insults towards Hans necessary? Btw Hikaru did not crush Carlsen.

@Hans why all the Nakamura hate?

I like Kramnik's latest avatar. Here are a couple of comments he made after the game.

"Nakamura will have a legitimate chance to win the World Championship .... if all of us quit."

"As for the tournament, I'm playing genius after genius now, so anything is possible."

Keep them coming...

You are right that Nakamura's explanations for his bad game are different from possible excuses, like "The breakfast food was terrible," "My alarm clock didn't go off so I had to rush to the game," "Secret messages were sent via yogurt flavors."

Instead, he basically said, "I played a bad game. I could tell from the beginning that it was going to be a rough day. It's bound to happen at some point."

No biggie.

P.S. Any idea why the "Daily Dirt" household jerks have such a particularly virulent animus toward you? Truly obnoxious.

Will this be the first time Karjakin played Nakamura since he got KRUSHED (or should I say H-BOMBED)in their match? If so I think it will be quite interesting. My database says that it is the first time they have played since 2004 in that very match.

Interesting if Kramnik said that. I noticed he waited until he beat Nakamura to say it. Should be interesting to see how tournament ends.

If you actually listened to Kramnik's words, it is totally obvious that the "when the rest of us quit" thing was just a joke - a good and appreciated joke typical of his humour - and that he in fact heaped praise upon Nakamura, confirming without any doubt that he will have a reasonable chance to become World Champion within a few years, and that he will be a top-10 player within one year for starters. Not even all of Nakamura's own fans say that.

I'm relatively new to this blog (the best chess blog I have found, thanks to Mig). Most posters are probably better players and know more about chess than me and I consistently learn a lot from you guys.

But I'm still trying to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys are on this board. So far Manu and Frogbert stick out the most. And I find myself alternating between "go Frogbert!" and "go Manu!"

I know it's stupid. I should rather be saying, "Go Magnus!" and "Go Kramnik." But sometimes these posts are as fun as the games themselves.

Nakamura dominates the comment even (or also) when he loses ... . Sorry for interrupting, but this is what Carlsen said on his game against Shirov:
“22. …Bc3 was an idea I borrowed from some obscure correspondence game”

That obscure game was probably Ruppel(2144)-Zwickel(2186) - found and pointed out by Dennis Monokroussos after MTel and I passed it on here:

So I have a delayed answer to the question I posed in May 2009: "Which database did Shirov and Carlsen use to prepare for the game? And do they take correspondence games by 2100-2200 players seriously?"

Coincidence or not, frogbert had suggested 22.-Bc3 earlier in the same thread (I was replying to him). Another, not altogether implausible statement by Magnus Carlsen could have been: "This was an idea of my friend Hans-Arild Runde" ,:)

Are the press conference videos available anywher? I am not finding them on either chessvibes or youtube...

The opening line of the report made me laugh out loud. Keep them coming so to speak........

"Unfortunately, he came all over Nakamura today at Corus".

-Why all this dirty language, from Mig?
Last week I updated my Favorite links in Internet Explorer. I typed (from memory) www.dailydirt.com and learned the connection. (Don’t try this at home, kids).

I can live with Mig's intro sentence - he was obviously rooting for Nakamura, and he doesn't have to be neutral as it is his blog and his opinion. Yet Mig saw things coming in the previous report: "He [Nakamura] still has black against Kramnik coming tomorrow -- never a day at the beach unless you mean Normandy --"
I cannot resist continuing in the same style: It probably wasn't Nakamura's Waterloo, but his Leningrad turned into a Stalingrad!?

I find it more odd that the round8 report on the tournament homepage - which should be neutral, only some rooting for the Dutch participants might be acceptable - uses similar language:
"Vladimir Kramnik climbed one spot in the standings to share second place with Carlsen on the strength of a 44-move victory with white from a Dutch Defence against Hikaru Nakamura. It was the American, however, who did most of the attacking, opting for an aggressive line of the Leningrad. “Courageous,” one expert said, “and, mind you, hardly anyone at this level risks playing the Dutch to begin with.” Unfortunately [sic], Nakamura fumbled, allowing white to win two pawns with a simple combination at his 24th. Kramnik had no trouble converting the advantage into a win."
Hmm, I think this doesn't quite do justice to Kramnik's play - leaving the impression that he only won because Nakamura blundered. Even if that's true, the combination didn't come out of the blue, but was a logical consequence of the preceding play. Whether it was that simple is a matter of taste - after all, it was missed by a potential top10 player and future WCh candidate!

If you read the comments on Chessvibes, they are working on putting the press conference videos up - apparently there were some technical problems. Today is a rest day for the GMs, but not for journalists covering the event ....

Corus is the best tournament of the year. That post-game analysis sessions are priceless.

Hey Thomas dont understand:
"I cannot resist continuing in the same style: It probably wasn't Nakamura's Waterloo, but his Leningrad turned into a Stalingrad!?"
In WWII Leningrad and Stalingrad were comparable sieges. Both were ultimately victories for the Red Army.
Naka's Dutch Dykes Dynamited or
Naka the Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman already copyrighted by Timman

Since when is Naka a WCh candidate?

From Kramniks notebook:

Chess axiom 1

Leverage yours positional plans: wait till the tactical player make a tactical mistake.

Chess axiom 2

A lion´s mouth even without teeth is still a lion´s mouth. Make use of it!

Yep, all historical analogies are questionable. I was aware of the fact that Leningrad was also under siege, but for some reason Stalingrad is more widely known - movies were produced on Stalingrad (and Normandy) but, to my knowledge, not Leningrad. And while the Red Army eventually prevailed, there were many casualties on the way.

If we scrutinize Mig's Normandy quote (not that we really should) it also gets tricky: Nakamura is American of Japanese ancestry or origin, Kramnik is Russian living in Paris with his French wife - but he also has a German connection: Dortmund is his favorite tournament, and he used to have a German manager.

Actually I like your dyke analogy, because it nicely reflects what happened in the game: Naka's centre collapsed, and then he was helpless against the ongoing storm. Should we compare it to massive flooding in the southern part of the Netherlands almost 57 years ago (31 January-1 February 1953)? But not everyone on this blog may know what I am talking about.
Now I got it: Nakamura was killed by hurricane Vladimir, before he got a chance to detonate his H-bomb. ,:)

Thomas was referring to a joking remark by Kramnik that Naka is a WC candidate "...if the rest of us stop playing" and also aiming at the marathon tit-for-tats in the thread (perhaps).

What's Carlsen going to open with tomorrow 1. e4 methinks! Don't think we'll see a Pirc anyway :-)

Maybe I should have written "potential top10 player and potential future WCh candidate", but considered it redundant - it's clear enough that Nakamura has potential ... .

Another bit-and-piece or tit-for-tat on what exactly happened at yesterday's press conference comes from a Dutch newspaper report today: "An American journalist [Macauley?] wanted to know after the game whether Kramnik considers Nakamura a future world champion. He got a well-thought answer" - which was mostly quoted before, including "I consider it a challenge to fight with the new generation". But the last sentence may be another piece of Kramnik's humor: "By now I am very familiar with the faces of Topalov, Anand and Shirov."

As in a previous case (Gashimov's ambitions to become #1) it is worth mentioning that Kramnik's statement wasn't unsolicited, but a reaction to a keyword provided to him?

What a great tournament! And Mig, this was one of your best blogs...you have not lost your touch.Don't you be going all respectable on us!

"Dutch Dykes Dynamited" - that sounds like a headline one would run after a terrorist act targeting the lesbian community.

And Leningrad and Stalingrad were very different. Leningrad was a siege, and Stalingrad was urban combat that reduced the city to ruin.

Anyway I predict 1.d4 for Carlsen tomorrow.

And speaking of urban combat, hopefully a kind soul will notify Kramnik about the "crush Kramnik like a bug" thing.

Hopefully someone will remind Vishy he's the champ and he will kick someone's ass sharpish!! The Champ is meant to be headline news, this performance might get two lines on page 10!

“It was an impressive achievement, of course, and a human achievement by the members of the IBM team, but Deep Blue was only intelligent the way your programmable alarm clock is intelligent. Not that losing to a $10 million alarm clock made me feel any better.” This quote comes from an article by Garry Kasparov

Nice quote. Computers don't play chess. They make calculations. If you disagree, show me all the opening variations they have created. A mere four years ago the inactive Garry was still listed as #1. Those were the days.

As far as I am concerned (and maybe I can speak on behalf on Vishy? ,:) ) what matters most is getting the headlines in a few months by winning his match against Topalov. It could even be some sort of secret plan: the more Anand drops on the (live) rating list, the more Topa might underestimate him? Currently he is behind Kramnik, and just 0.6 points ahead of Aronian.

BTW, the Kramnik press conference video (as well as earlier ones by Nakamura and Giri) is now up at Chessvibes. As it turned out, Kramnik's remark on not getting a book on the Dutch was "an invited joke".

We'll get him for this.

It might be interesting to see what most people on this site predict as the opening for tomorrow's Carlsen-Kramnik clash: e4, d4, or c4 (as in their last encounter, won handily by Carlsen). I'd think the last would be least likely, as Kramnik is sure to be well-prepared for it now. And as to Kramnik's defense, will he opt for a fight (e.g., Sicilian instead of Petroff/NimzoIndian instead of Slav)or play more conservatively? I think he'll be in a fighting mood, especially considering Magnus/Gary's blog entry. One thing we can be pretty sure of: he won't play the Dutch...!

Robson's first place 2578 performance is misleading. He's playing only 8 points over his rating, only played the under 2500 players so far, and lost to one of them.

First Garry Kimovich is attacked with a flying penis and now Mig's unfortunate ejaculation. What next?

I'm not taking sides between posters on this blog, but when it comes to style, nothing beats personal insults. There is also no better way to prove that your argument is right than to personally insult whoever does not agree with you, such logic is simply irrefutable.

As a leading expert, and life-long practitioner in blundering I think blunders are more likely when things aren't going your way. Nakamura must have realized that the game wasn't heading in the direction of wild complications, but was going to be decided by positional subtleties, and Kramnik was getting a small but annoying advantage with the e-pawn becoming mobile after fxg3, and the white rooks commanding the d file. Exactly the type of position where Kramnik excels. One needs a special kind of resistance to calculate accurately when the best you can get is not what you want at all.

To be fair to Vishy, he's still got Van Wely, Smeets and Tiviakov to come (not in the Mig sense, I hope!), so he might still pick up the easy wins that his rivals have been getting. If he beats Shirov and/or Kramnik even winning the tournament wouldn't be out of the question. Though of course he just wants to warm up now and, going by the Kramnik match, he might be completely avoiding the openings that he wants to play in Sofia.

"And do they take correspondence games by 2100-2200 players seriously?"

Well, as all such players use Fritz and Rybka, they could come up with good moves sometimes.

How much is the rating of the strongest corr. players?

Well, for Ulf Andersson was into corr chess at some stage (and even topped the world ranking). Even though his otb elo is not that high anymore, he is an ex top five player!

Kasparov interview at Chessbase, confirming how relatively litle he has assisted Carlsen (The best is yet to come!):


I met him in Oslo in 2005. We spent a few hours together. After I stopped playing chess, Magnus actually came to Moscow with his father, and we spent a day maybe and that’s it. For the next four years, we didn’t communicate except that I sent him my book. We re-established our contact last Christmas [Dec 08]… because he has always had a problem of not having a real coach, someone who could organize things in the most efficient way...During Wijk ann Zee 2009, we spoke a couple of times on the telephone. It was just the beginning. And before Linares 2009 we had just one short session. Technically, in Linares, I had already offered him some advice, but it was not yet the full scale work because I also needed time to prepare for it. When summer [09] came, we had quite a good training session in Croatia. And, then we had another training session in Oslo.

Ooops. Posted in wrong thread.

playjunior | January 25, 2010 3:37 PM | Reply
How much is the rating of the strongest corr. players?

United States - http://www.iccfus.com/ranks.htm

World - http://www.iccf.com/content/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=23&Itemid=43#

Nakamura hate? I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

If you're looking for "hate", then have a look at Manu's posts and the comical CA figure.

I found Mig's paragraph funny. If I was on to anyone in that post, then it was a gentle kick on the leg to Mig, who's doing a great job with this blog. Unlike a couple of his regular, apeish contributors in the comments section, who think all kinds of personal insults and abuse is "funny" or "appropriate".

Hey, Mig. Is there any kind of limit to what kind of defamational crap your posters are allowed to throw around here, towards named, real persons, or would it be ok if I started to routinely refer to you as the bold, fat Mig Greengard that nobody likes and who will never get laid or have a girlfriend ever?

I can put that up as the link text to the Dirt from my site, if you like.

Number 6 on that (world) list is my former clubmate Joachim Neumann (currently 2695) - one of his games was also given in Dennis Monokroussos' post I referred to [unfortunately, these old files are now longer available since his blog moved to a different server].

As far as I remember, Neumann's FIDE rating is "only" something like 2200 or 2300. It was great fun, and very instructive to spend some club evenings analysing his correspondence games.

"urban combat, hopefully a kind soul will notify Kramnik about the "crush Kramnik like a bug" thing."

I'm not sure how many are aware of it, but after Nakamura's comment after one of the early rounds that "now I can beat everyone", I made a comment in Naka's player page over at cg.com, saying - tongue in cheek - that I was disappointed that Nakamura didn't say:

"... I can crush Anand like a bug, and swat Kramnik like a fly ..."

That is - if he really wanted to take the high road. Maybe, just maybe, this somehow reached someone's ears... ;o)

So, now it's not only about who's the best player, but about who's got the biggest mouth... :o)

And by all means: it's a joke, guys!

I'd love it if after all that trash-talking Carlsen got turned into a bug himself by Kramnik tomorrow. How Kafkaesque would that be?

The opening gag brings to mind the English comedian Rob Newman's perverted character Jarvis who was also fond of the same double entendre. Talking about helping the homeless: "I don't want to come all over Mother Theresa..."

I hope this bug business has nothing to do with that USB cable that hangs out of Vlad's butt, I don't want him to malfunction

"If you are really reaching, mentioned how much he's been playing lately might have half a foot in the excuse department"

I think so, but it's no big deal. He'd played as much minus one game in the previous round, too. And so on. Combining the World Team Championship with Corus A was his own choice, after all - but in terms of results and rating gains, it appears to have been a good choice, since he's been on a great streak - and the more games you play when you're hot, the more you gain in the rating department, too.

It was really your writing, not what Naka said or not, that caught my eye. If you hadn't written anything about NOT making excuses, I probably wouldn't have lifted an eye-brow. Cheers!

"If you're looking for "hate", then have a look at Manu's posts and the comical CA figure."

Enlighten me , so i can improve , What is that i hate ?

frogbert wrote:

"Hey, Mig. Is there any kind of limit to what kind of defamational crap your posters are allowed to throw around here, towards named, real persons, or would it be ok if I started to routinely refer to you as the bold, fat Mig Greengard that nobody likes and who will never get laid or have a girlfriend ever?"

Something tells me that not all yours screws are securely fastened.

Later he says:

“I think it makes sense to enforce some minimal amount of civility here. But Mig might think that mobster strategies are welcome additions to the interaction here for all I know...”

Someone always is quick to call for censorship. But we are nowhere near the need for this. Sometimes it even good to see somebody expose their bigotry.

I enjoyed this quote from Conan O'Brien on the last night of his hosting the Tonight Show:

"I hate cynicism. It's my least favorite quality and it doesn't lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen."

Did he get professionally screwed even though he worked really hard? Yes, but amazingly he got paid millions of dollars in the process. And I'm betting he'll come out of this experience with a show of his own that is better than Leno's Tonight Show too...

He's going to Fox.

Manu: "Enlighten me , so i can improve , What is that i hate ?"

It may not be the correct descriptive word, but some may interpret your feelings towards Thomas and Kramnik that way.

Not that I do ...


Clearly Mig thought he was reporting on this chess festival:


The Wikipedia page for the town (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condom,_Gers) even mentions the chess festival:

Several claims to fame

Given the more widespread social use, in the English language, of the word condom, it is interesting to note that the town is located on the river Baïse; baise, without the diaeresis, is a French vulgarism for a sex act. Condom is ...known for the production of Armagnac, an international music festival of "bandas", an international chess tournament and an international chess marathon. It is also known for its tourism with farm campings and boating on waterways.

It's high time for Penistone, UK to organize its own festival, perhaps with help from Fr. Joy: http://www.penistonecofe.co.uk/matthew_joy.html

There is a long way from "don't like - don't trust " , to actually hate someone , and i don't think frogbert was referring to that .
Maybe the fact that we are just reading words without seeing the person that writes them down can be misleading to some people .
I think that we are almost abstractions for each other , i don't feel my self hated when someone attacks me on the threads , in the worst scenario i believe that this person hates the character i made or just got resentful from some argument , but that 's all .
I find that calling "hate" or "envy" upon someone who dislikes you or your writing is just letting your self-esteem issues (we all have those , but specially frogbert , just kidding ) take control of the situation.

Good idea, Regan. The main sponsor, however, should be the Siemens (UK) corporation. Their headquarters are in Staines...

Kramnik's whole press conference is online now: http://www.chessvibes.com/reports/corus-press-conferences-rounds-6-8/

So now one can see and hear for oneself what exactly he said, how he said it, how people reacted... I listened to the thing live at chess.fm and was pretty surprised later on how it was sometimes reported.

It's all great stuff, but the Q&A on Nakamura - and the whole new generation - starts at about 21:05.

Post of the year.

Seconded - trolling on forums is a harmless nuisance but CA's posts tend to be genuinely malicious. His comments on female chess players were particularly vile.



Is the madness in Shriov Ivanchuk theory by any chance?

it is the same variation as in Leko-Caruana (round 6). Ivanchuk deviated with Qd5. He was probably not sure about Rxf2, Rxc6 (instead of Qxg5)

Kramnik's in real trouble against Carlsen again. Kudos for him going for a sharp setup (a bit like the Gelfand-Kramnik game from Moscow) and then gxf6, though the commentator on Chesspro was amazed Kramnik played the "computer" move (instead of the solid Bxf6), even though it seriously weakened his king (without the d5 pawn sac idea maybe there didn't seem to be a clear attack).

Kramnik's hopes now are probably based on Carlsen not being quite as good in this type of position as Kasparov - a slip while attacking might let the black queenside pawns still have their say.

Just after writing that Carlsen played Bh3, which rules out the devastating Be4-Qf5 plan for now. Still good compensation for the pawn.

I think of my rook to d1 but some how Carlsen play 18.Bh3 that do nto look so good as my move one of my rooks I do nto know which one but Carlsen make his 18.Bh3 move that look bad to me but mabey he see some thing I do nto see becuase I would always play my rook to d1 I think perhaps my rook on f to d1 so we shall see if Carlsen is more smarter than me but some how I think I must be smarter here than Carlsen becuase his move is nto so good to look at.

Many thanks.

Someone on chesspro posted a computer evaluation on the actual line = (0.01)

Well many peoples can see now that Carlsen made nto such good move by 18.Bh3 even thuogh some peoples ask for god Mr. Carlsen bumder by nto play 18.Rfd1 or even mabey 18.Rad1 like perhaps the god will play and win.

I now hope for 26.Qxe5+ becuase if nto then Carlsen is all wash up and nto ever good for me and say for good by and stand up strait. All he do is 26.Qxe5+ like I do and if nto than he bumder again and one more again until we all sick of him.

Clubfoot... you are sorely needed here...

I go awy now becuase Mr. tal must nto like what I say of chess so I nto want to angery him so away I go. Mabey Mr. tal go away also but I will go fistr so I will nto kown if he go away but he can stay just becuase.

29...Qd6 (now suggested by Rybka) looks like a great idea if Kramnik could find it. As the commentator says on Chesspro, it's not so much an exchange sac as defending the pawn on c5. Then the knight on a4 is in serious trouble (b3 runs into ...c4).

Though given the time situation and complications I wouldn't be surprised if a draw was offered and accepted sometime soon.

29...c4 as played obviously can't be too bad as Rybka feels the need for white to bail out with a tricky perpetual check. Great game so far!

Does anyone no of any site with text type summaries i.e. without the board! In work you see and just surviving on mishanp's occasional nuggets :-)

Oh my. I've just seen this Carlsen-Kramnik game. This is complete madness.

http://chesspro.ru/chessonline/onlines/comment_3005.html seems just to give the comments but not the board for Chesspro - though the Russian might take some explaining! Time scramble in a complex position now - Kramnik's Ke7 instead of Kg8 might actually have been a serious mistake after Qd2 - but Carlsen missed it. Carlsen's got 1 minute + increments for 6 moves now.

I was just going to complain about Kramnik playing too quickly in Carlsen's time trouble, but it worked! Rxe4 was better than Bxe4, but it wouldn't have let Carlsen fall for playing something like Nb6??

OK, Carlsen blundered a piece with Nb6. 0-1, Kramnik gets his revenge...

Heh-heh, somebody just got crushed like a bug :)

Vladimir Borisovich Kramnik has just crushed Carlsen like a bug.

Thanks. Go Vlad! - looking forward to viewing the game.

Lovely, lovely game from Kramnik, superb demonstration of the active defense. Good comment by GM Har-Zvi, that their times were equal until Carlsen got into difficulties, then he took more time AND played very poorly.

Lovely, lovely game from Kramnik, superb demonstration of the active defense. Good comment by GM Har-Zvi, that their times were equal until Carlsen got into difficulties, then he took more time AND played very poorly.

Kramnik spanks the new generation.

Wonderboy wonderlbundered and wonderlost. An important wonderlesson on wondertrashtalking.

Ah well. There's life in the old dog yet.

Carlsen yawned in Russian when he played Nb6, but he already had a difficult position, especially in time trouble. Kudos to Kramnik for his daring play! It was a very entertaining game.

Just had to come here to see what Russianbear is saying about this :)

Kramnik's 29 ...c4 sacrificing the exchange was very daring. If the 2009 Bonn match were to be replayed now, I think Anand would be in trouble.
I still like Anand better, but Kramnik certainly has been very entertaining and dynamic.

I, for one, would like to see a KramnikvCarlsen match.

In the mean time, what's happening to Nakamura?
Maybe several continuous months of high-level dynamic chess is starting to wear him down? Hope he picks it up for the rest of the tournament.
This is his chance to show the world what he is capable of.

"what's happening to Nakamura?"
He got beaten by two very strong players. It happens. No explanation required.

I don't get it: What should Carlsen have done instead of Nb6? Why do you call it a (wonder)blunder? Was there a way to save the game? The black pawns look very convincing to me.

Yesterday Kramnik "done him like a kipper" apparently cos as Mig explained he was tired and forget his prep so he found himself dead lost after 24 moves. Black against Kramnik no shame in losing Mig explained.

White against slightly lower rated and younger Karjakin errr well he understandably bottled out of playing against Karajkin's Najdorf (which he unfailingly plays) because he only had a rest day to prepare and what with bullet and blitz to play on ICC I mean it seemed better to surprise him and play d4 ........

Carlsen?? Crush him like a bug?? Bad joke? 19 year old hubris? It wont me guv it were kasparov wot posted it? Any way all very funny cant wait for the press conference vids of Kramnik and Karjakin. Big Vlad is turning into quite the wit and I am sure there will be some laughs.

What will Migs leaden humour and groan worthy heavy prose heft out this time " Magnus had it cumming" Any other suggestions??

frogbert wrote:

"Did you miss that?"

No I didn’t, I’m just puzzled by your reactions to C.A.s post.

What is there to be puzzled about? Straightforward enough, isn't it?

"Carlsen?? Crush him like a bug?? Bad joke? 19 year old hubris?"

Pretty nice joke actually, I for one thought it was funny. Of course very few people are likely to understand the reference as described by frogbert above: http://www.chessninja.com/dailydirt/2010/01/corus-2010-r8-here-comes-kramnik.htm#comment-213109

..but even for those who don't, it should be fairly clear that it's merely an innocent joke.

Vishy starts the Dutch championship with a draw.

Does anyone know whether Kramnik was asked about the "crush him like a bug" thing at the post-game press conference?

Anyway, if it was a joke (I have to say, I don't really find it funny at all even after frogbert's explanation), it crossed the line into the bad taste territory. It is one thing to joke about stuff (kinda like Kramnik joked about Nakamura's WC chances) and it is another thing to trashtalk to the point where you brag and pretty much guarantee a win and compare your opponent to an insect. The only thing that turned this a joke and that made it funny was the fact that after all that, Carlsen lost :) NOW, THAT is funny :)

From all the persons insulted from time to time (that would be all of us) in this threads , it is the first time i see someone redirecting the insults to the host in a claim for censorship , is that your idea of taking a stand?
And what is your fixation with the word "straightforward"? , you seem to use it all the time but with the wrong timing.

I'm glad i commented the "crush Kramnik like a bug" FB status here , i knew it would jinx him.

Kramnik is not only playing very well dynamincally. He is also becoming funnier and more quotable:

"Magnus took two minutes for his first move. He had his eyes closed. I thought maybe I should wake him up. He probably had a big discussion with Gary who wanted him to play 1.e4!"

"This game feels like the best I have ever played!"

If Kramnik said, "This game feels like the best I have ever played!" then Magnus has nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm sure he will think twice before announcing crushes in advance for some time.

I think it was cool that Magnus (if the FB account was real) announced that beforehand. Attitude!

As "cool" as "attitude" is, it would have been even cooler if he didn't get crushed like a bug himself :)

He learnt one thing today: bugs can deliver painful bites if you do not manage to crush them.

"bugs can deliver painful bites if you do not manage to crush them."

Indeed. But Kramnik did manage to crush one today, so it lost its sting.

You're taking this bug business a tad seriously, Bear, eh?

On the contrary , he seems to be having fun @ Magnus , like most of us.
Its a gamble , you know , but look at the bright side , Carlsen should be full of fighting energy tomorrow .

chesshire cat:
"Straightforward enough, isn't it?"

Are you kidding me! Bizarre is the word! I’m thinking of frogbert’s reactions to C.A.s post in various threads.

I fail to see which objectives he aiming for or which images he thinks he creates in the readers mind. Certainly not the image of a mature man with a beard and full-grown intellect.

Please don't mention hair in any of its forms , we are very susceptible about that.

"Magnus took two minutes for his first move. He had his eyes closed. I thought maybe I should wake him up. He probably had a big discussion with Gary who wanted him to play 1.e4!"

LOL!, I love this revamped Kramnik.

As for Magnus "Bug" Carlsen, well so sorry, I guess he'll have to prepare better with Kasparov.

Some interesting facts from the current tournament table:
- against the lower half of the field (current standings, not ELO - but with one exception it comes down to the same), Shirov scored 5.5/6 vs. 4/6 for Kramnik. Both still have to play "the exception", a certain Vishy Anand.
- against the upper half Kramnik has 2.5/3, Shirov has 1/3. Obviously this means both still have to play (Kramnik's words) "a few more geniuses". Karjakin suddenly has chances to defend his title, without having to rely on others: he is one point behind, but will play both leaders in the remaining rounds.

Interesting games again tomorrow:

Anand-Shirov (but I wouldn't expect too much, unless Shirov takes big risks with black)

Kramnik-Ivanchuk (among other things, Chucky's "non-win" in the last round of the Tal Memorial started a chain of events that made him - briefly - think about quitting chess)

Karjakin-Carlsen (Are the players aware of discussions on this blog? I doubt it ...)

Dominguez-Nakamura (the battle for best American _in this tournament_ is suddenly open, Naka's lead according to Bilbao rules [+3=4-2 vs. +1=8] is irrelevant)

I see. When your real person is subjected to open insult by an anonymous poisonmonger who appears almost solely to insult, I suppose you are the epitome of calm, dignity and reason? In fact I see frogbert's replies as quite restrained.
Your thinking on this is so far removed from mine I doubt we will agree, but I fail to see why you side with the attacker rather than the attacked.

chesshirecat> " In fact I see frogbert's replies as quite restrained."

frogbert> "Btw, I forgot to say that the bald, fat Mig Greengard is a LOSER, also."

That's your idea of a restrained reply? Attacking the host until he provides the censorship you demand?

"Magnus took two minutes for his first move. He had his eyes closed. I thought maybe I should wake him up."

Maybe Kramnik was alluding to this:

"Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect."

They are all afraid of Kasparov, so Magnus (a genius btw) takes advantage from this; but Kramnik has no fear of Kaspy, so he may be Carlsen's main rival in the near future, maybe with Aronian, who has no fear either, but just because he is crazy and strong...
Go Shirov anyway, the only true Chess Samourai!!

All right, blame the messenger. But this irrational behavior by frogbert every time C.A. throw insult at him, will only prompt more insults, and hence pollute the blog more.

That was actually the message, with which you disagree.

R8. Here Comes Kramnik
R9. Here He Comes Again
R10. ?
Lots more fun for Kramnik in the next 4 rounds

Yury Vasiliev of chesspro.ru got to interview Kramnik after his win over Nakamura. A lot of it has been covered in the English language websites, so I'll just mention a couple of things. He said he had "no doubts" Nakamura will contend for the title in the future. When asked which young players impressed him the most he said:

"This guy, Giri - one can tell he is an amazing talent. He is not inferior to Carlsen talent-wise. And, while in the past I had been certain about Carlsen beating everyone eventually, now that I have seen Giri, So, I see that it won't be easy for him. Now he has to overcome us, old guys, but if he does - these young folks will come around. I watched them and I realized that in about 3 years, these guys will play at 2750 level - it is obvious to me. "

As Frogbert was mentioning a Ukrainian GM earlier I assume this is him being mentioned by Ivanchuk:

- Magnus wrote in his blog that all five games you played in 2009 ended in draws...

- That's if you don't count rapid and blitz, - Ivanchuk perked up. - A friend of mine looked up the statistics and told me than before this game we'd played more than 40 games, and the score was even. Judging by those statistics I'm now at "minus one". I'll need to take my revenge.

I like Kramnik on what he and Nakamura wore. Kramnik had been planning to wear a suit and tie but didn't as he was worried that Nakamura would come in his "work" clothes.

- We should have phoned each other, - Kramnik laughed. - But in general its nice that a young man respects us "dinosaurs", Anand, me... (Nakamura also wore a suit against Anand).

It must have been a bugger to lose to lose to your ex-bugbear who was bugged by your bug remark.

Kramnik is at 2797,2 on live rating list. Hope he will cross the 2800 by the end of this tournament.

Quite nice from Kramnik. Not only acknowledging Giri's potentials, but also used Carlsen as reference for talent.

"So, the rational thing is to ignore CA completely."

Yes , that would be the best practical choice for you.
If what CA says about you is untrue and those who laugh about it are just worms, Why do you care so much?
Because another good option would be for you to start your own blog with all the censorship that you demand to have in this one , and finally learn that moderating an open forum could be a very exhausting task .
I believe that in that way you would understand that you are actually asking Mig to work for you, and in the rudest way if i may say.
I also remind you that you also had your share of insults ( like most of us) and that nobody asked Mig to delete them ...
Grow up frogbert , the chess world needs you :)

It's really nice to see Russianbear acting like a "fanboy". After puting that mark on others recently, it seems he has turned into a fanboy himself after yesterdays russian victories. Welcome to the club, Russianbear!

You are actually asking for censorship, which I’m against. But I’m sure that we can rest assured that MIG won’t allow his blog to deteriorate, as did most usenet groups.

I do not understand why you allow a poster as CA to get under your skin and then showing it by behaving erratically. You also seem to interpret mails in the most negative way and to be quick to berate / insult others.

What more is there to say? If your action doesn’t give the result you expect, then maybe it’s time to reflect a little.

Also I reacted very strongly to the trolling of CA a few weeks ago. I send a complaint mail to Mig, but didnt get any response.

CA is the only poster I have found to be on "the wrong side of the law" here at the forum since 2 years reading. So the problem can't be THAT hard for Mig to handle.

Give CA a warning. If he doesn't behave, then his IP adress can be blocked.

Precisely. Nobody's asking Mig to police every little troller, so people can quite their yelling about "censorship". CA is also the only one I have seen at such a level.

Precisely. Nobody's asking Mig to police every little troller, so people can quite their yelling about "censorship". CA is also the only one I have seen at such a level.

Precisely. Nobody's asking Mig to police every little troller, so people can quite their yelling about "censorship". CA is also the only one I have seen at such a level.

Stop with your stupid little fights. Any one knows a place that has the corus moves ? it's currently down.

The only place would apparently be the venue in Wijk aan Zee - unless they have a power breakdown, lights went out and all the games are indeed interrupted.
I am not there today - and if I was I wouldn't have Internet connection. Peter Doggers on Chessvibes just posted (typing from his mobile phone) that there is no Internet connection either in the Corus pressroom.

chessbomb.com has the moves now. Carlsen and Smeets won. Kramnik - Ivanchuk drawn.

That's just silly. As a Carlsen fanboy, it would serve you well to understand the concept of fanboyism in general. Just cause I was happy to see Carlsen lose after he made the bug comment - that doesn't make me a fanboy. And has little to do with Kramnik being Russian. I don't usually come here to gloat whenever a Russian wins - and i don't particularly support any Russian players - but this time Carlsen had it coming and he lost, so can't blame me for feeling justice was done. Had Carlsen declared he would crush Smeets - and lost - I would have been just as happy with the result. Fanboyism is most often about the irrational feelings of support/love towards someone; my reaction were just perfectly understandable: given Carlsen's comment, he had it coming - so it is not fanboyish to have a little laugh about that :)

As usual I don't get it. What's wrong with being a fanboy? Isn't that what it is all about? If I didn't root for any of the players, it would be pretty damn boring to watch the games.

Yes, the transmission was up again for a while and seems to be down again now. Maybe somehow related to the weather in the Netherlands: rain with temperatures close to freezing - no problems here about 50km north of Wijk aan Zee, but maybe locally?

Tiviakov won against Smeets and five decisive games in the C group, Robson lost again today against Dutch talent Van Kampen.

Yes, sorry about that but you are feeding the troll, which never works. In addition your trying to bully Mig into seeing things your way which is not much good either. (just send an email, and acept the outcome, it's not your blog after all).

I find this the most difficult aspect of internet debating, to actually walk away from the more moronic content. And freely admit I have not really got the hang of it yet, but every time you get lured in, you loose.

There is nothing especially wrong with being a fanboy - other than an occasional irrational comment on chess blogs :) But then again, there is nothing wrong with not being a fanboy, either - either because you were someone's fan once, but that person has retired, or whatever. Not being a fan boy just allows one to just root for good chess, and, on rare occasions someone makes an ass out of themselves (be it Topalov in Elista, or Carlsen's Facebook status), you can root for karma to catch up with them :) It is very handy, actually: your guy never loses if you are not a fanboy (or a fan) of anyone :)

Anand - Shirov 1 - 0 according to Susan Polgars blog.

Lucky save by Kramnik - that attack looked like it was going nowhere. Vishy looked like toast after Shirov whipped up a sudden onslaught - just as it looked it was going to get into FOB3 with the Ng3 shot, Shirov blundered and went down in flames. Karjakin got nothing out of the opening and Carlsen won in a way that will warm all French players hearts.

Rybka never thought the attack was strong enough to win if Ivanchuk found the best defence, but it was always good enough for a perpetual or at worst a slight edge for black. So that game was a very long way from a "lucky save" (especially given Ivanchuk's time handling). Even the "lucky saves" have hardly been pure luck - Kramnik played near perfect chess after getting into trouble against Tiviakov and Short.

When Kramnik sacrificed the Bishop, İvanchuck had 9 min + incr for 20 moves...

In the past, Mig has thrown in a few political jabs on the front page, and then when the discussion gets hijacked by political discussion, he brings out the censor's hammer--especially against the political views that he disagrees with. Now a seriously pathetic hijacking was launched with vile slanders...Hans is not at all out of line asking Mig to wield the scissors.

I for one would like to see Mig write more, than to spend his time moderating stupid people.

Another exciting game by Kramnik, what is he smoking. Carlsen comes right back with a win with black against the tough Karjakin, very impressive. Just watched the MTV lives profile of Akobia titled "I am a genius" good stuff. But he is last in Corus B with performance of 2430. Robson lost again and it looks like Americans are taking a dive from what started out well. And Giri lost to a pretty girl.

I thought the point of Ivanchuk taking all that time was to find the correct d-fens (which he did). Anyway, at one point it looked overwhelming for Kramnik and then after the smoke cleared black seemed okay. I'm sure at that level they are a lot more coldblooded in defense.

Yep, it turned out that Ivanchuk used his time well - the Chesspro commentator at one point mentioned a move as something only a computer would play (Rad8, I think)... and then Ivanchuk played it. Of course on another day Ivanchuk might have used all that time to play strong defensive moves only for Kramnik to find some surprise to keep things complex (like ...c4 yesterday), and then the time use would have seemed a mistake. It's a game of thin margins!

My point was that Kramnik never objectively had an overwhelming attack (not that I'd want to have been in Ivanchuk's place!), didn't misplay it (though perhaps he was close to pushing too hard), and certainly didn't have a lucky escape today.

Poor Carlsen, he has to weear that ugly Artic Securities patch.

At least when Anand was doing it was nice and discrete embroidered in the shirt, not a huge square that doesn't match the jacket.

Well, I have to admit that I would probably wear it without a second thought if I were getting the same money.

Interesting take/sarcasm, Andy. Going by your reasoning, we should see a report from Mig today as Carlsen won and Naka didn't lose :)


I did not say he was out of line in asking for it, but in how he was doing it. Dont feed the Trolls, send an email, and accept the outcome.

Mig is giving us this for free, and should be allowed to decide the moderation levels himself. Trying to bully him because you disagree is somewhat disrespectful to your host...

"Hey, Mig. Is there any kind of limit to what kind of defamational crap your posters are allowed to throw around here, towards named, real persons, or would it be ok if I started to routinely refer to you as the bold, fat Mig Greengard that nobody likes and who will never get laid or have a girlfriend ever?"


It seems to me that frogbert was saying that if somebody wrote the same stuff about Mig, he/she would be removed. The same standards should be applied to everybody.

He might have said it better, but what's wrong with the reasoning .

Neither does it sound like 'censorship'. You can find people saying STFU to posters here. Are they enforcing a censorship being kings of their inner worlds?

¨He might have said it better, but what's wrong with the reasoning .¨

Well thats easy , not even CA demanded anything to Mig by insulting him so actually frogbert is being even more rude , self-centered and childish than his attacker .

An interesting postscript to round 10 - Ivanchuk and Kramnik actually did play out their position! Kramnik went for the ending with Qxg6 and the Nf4 fork and eventually on move 40 it ended in a repetition:

Ivanchuk said he "ran into" the repetition in a position with real chances of winning. Kramnik said he'd probably have made a draw but Ivanchuk could have made him suffer. Taken from "doka" on the Chesspro forum.

Kramnik's 29. Rc7 - with the rook almost getting trapped, and 32. Rd4 - letting black onto the back rank look very dubious. Maybe Ivanchuk's time trouble eventually told at the end? jaideepblue, with the full moves I'm willing to consider this a lucky escape for Kramnik :)

Doesn't work.

He expected everybody to 'get' what he means - maybe presumptuous. Yet, his reasoning was not flawed - he was not self-centered/illogical.

Ah..I had seen this, it was on ChessBomb, which got the moves the fastest amongst the lot (indeed even TWIC is still showing the truncated version).

Yes, in the given case Kramnik may have been lucky because the game ended _just_ after the time control: he had plenty of time to think about his 41st move before deciding that he would play 41.Kh2 and then (only then) it's a threefold repetition - the actual end may have been Kramnik calling the arbiter. Chucky had no time to think about whether, and how he could avoid a draw.

Against Tiviakov and Ivanchuk, maybe also against Short (where he wasn't obliged to sacrifice a pawn he never saw back) Kramnik took risks and ended up worse. Both Anand (against Shirov yesterday) and Shirov (against Smeets) even got a full point from a position that was "more losing" at some stage - so I find it a bit odd why Kramnik is "singled out".

I have to say that Kramnik's instructions at the press conference are hugely interesting. Amazing stuff - and given away for free! Many, many thanks.

I did think about the "drawn" position after move 25 that Kramnik probably was relieved to get away with a draw there... Now with the full score, if correct, it seems like he should be even more so: 36..Bb4 seems to win a pawn or the exchange (37.Rd4 Re2, 37.Rc2 Bd6+ 38.Kh3 Bd7+, etc), so Black should just be winning. Another at least slightly lucky escape, if this is right; his +4 is certainly a bit flattering.

So, apparently, one can gauge a level of respect Nakamura has for opposition by the way he dresses. Suits for the World champions, casual stuff for the mere elite GM folk. I am trying to think of clothes that would be bad enough for Nakamura to wear if he were to play me. Perhaps that would have to be a psychedelic speedo or something.

I think he'll have to turn up naked, so please don't ever play him.

Nope Corus radio silence from the Man - just huffing and puffing about increments from move 1. I came in late to the round 10 chess FM to hear Miggy Wiggy blowing a minor gasket over someone spoiling one of the excruciating Chess trivia sessions. The relentless bonhomie and laugh a minute persona slipped for a while and the teddy bear showed his teeth - snappy and sarcastic

"I am trying to think of clothes that would be bad enough for Nakamura to wear if he were to play me."

Hehehe. Funny one, bear :o)

Fascinating , not a single apologize for insulting the host or calling other posters ¨worms¨ , not a single trace of understanding about the reasons that makes people congratulate his attacker , and yet he is on a quest for justice and cleaner threads .
But lets try your theory , i´m also using my real name here (follow the regular Manu´s link) and happen to think that you are a complete moron , should i contact my lawyer?

Frogbert: you are one of the very few posters here who has contributed something significant to the world of chess. Thank you!

There will always be mediocre people whose craving for attention drives them to attack others, preferably others with high profile, i.e. you. They're desperate to be noticed. I know it's easy for me to say, but all you can do is ignore them. Eventually they will lose interest.

Your liverating project is a positive influence on the entire world of top-level chess - much larger than the readership of this blog.

[ Claro que si , pero si lo seguis insultando le estas haciendo el favor que tanto necesita.Hagamosle un favor a Mig y cortemosla , no vale la pena. ]

No one on this site , besides Mig, puts in more time, thought, and useful information than frogbert imho. Thanks, brother.

Frogbert: you are one of the very few posters here who has contributed something significant to the world of chess. Thank you!

Jaja ,ok , abrazo.

"not a single apologize for insulting the host"

Manu, I haven't insulted Mig. A few posters tried to explain that to you, in a gentle way. One poster suggested that I might expect too much from my readers to see that clearly, and I guess he was right, in your case. It doesn't really surprise me.

It's an "apology", btw.

Yeah , you really made your point.
BTW my lawyer had a look at your picture and said that i should go for it , but i´d rather keep enjoing my holidays , cheers handsome .

Get lost, you useless piece of poison.

Hey frogbert,

You write a lot of good stuff, but your statement on Mig takes a while to sink in.

So I prefixed 'maybe' to presumptuous because I am not perfect either.
("He expected everybody to 'get' what he means - maybe presumptuous.")

Anyway the apology part is between you, Mig and Manu.

¨useless piece of poison¨, come on you can do better than that , i have much more in common with Mars Volta.

Mr. Frog he good but other peoples are nto so good.

I would never say so, lest it be libel, but the following picture appears to be that of a fat and bald loser:


By the way, is there something wrong with the live rating site? I'm just getting some gay porn and gambling links. Anyone know what might be going on?

Perhaps the site has a function to evaluate those accessing it and provide appropriate links.

Is picture of Mr. Fog is that corect. Some peoples are very bad and say very bad thing. They nto say any chess talk for some reason who can tell why.

I see Kasparov also say what I say that 18.Rfd1 much best move insted of bad move blumder 18.Bh3 that some one say give white compensation for pawn. Of corse that nto true is it no compnsation ever. My move much best.

Seems like picture of a guy one would like to be friends with, and hopefully beat at chess.

Pls don't keep letting these brave and anonymous internet warriors get under your skin. The best policy is to ignore their puerile attacks.

Well done frogbert, nice pictures! But to really convince our "brave anonymous Internet warrior" you also need to show your house and car, and demonstrate that you have an interesting and (sufficiently) well-paid job, maybe you can scan your paycheck? Of course my second sentence is all irony - I agree with Hardy Berger and others that CA is best simply ignored, while realizing it might be hard for the person directly concerned (you).

Anyway, there are more important issues in chess, such as - currently discussed for the 225th time in another thread - whether there should have been a rematch between Kramnik and Kasparov. [this is also ironic]

¨Hence, the act of NOT removing other extremely revolting content implies a higher level of silent approval than what one might initially think.¨

No it don´t , if you werent so self centered you´d be able to understand it .
People had been attacked here before ,you know ,its just that no one else had been such a disgusting guest to redirect the insults to the host.
This is the daily dirt , not your personal facebook , using pictures of your own family as bait for anonimous attackers is a lousy way to show your self eesteem issues , one might think that you just want the attacks to continue so you can throw another tantrum and continue to demand the censorship that this place never needed.
You should know by now that there are other forums with just the right amount of moderation that a person like you might need (chessvibes) , or you can start your own blog and show us how things should be done.
Like another poster said :
¨Something tells me that not all yours screws are securely fastened. ¨

@Manu from the beach: Something tells me that you might have a sunstroke, please (in your own best interest) go to see a doctor for treatment.

"using pictures of your own family as bait for anonimous attackers is a lousy way ..."

seriously, something is wrong with you. if you have sane friends (most likely, ones who disagree with you most of the time), please have them read your posts and have a honest discussion -- for your own good.

Mig, is it really flattering for you to have such "defenders" on your side - speaking out for you? Apart from your own interesting roundups, this blog has some of the most interesting (and well-informed) bloggers posting on a regular basis. Do you have no concerns with such a good quality blog getting degraded due to 1 or 2 posters who won't respect basic courtesy and go to unacceptable extremes in ugliness?

frogbert, your well thought out, well informed comments (almost always expressed patiently and with decorum) are most appreciated - though my opinion is that you could've avoided using the example of Mig being described in those terms that you were yourself being described - in that 1 instance - to make Mig see your point.

Mr. Manu will come from his beach and call you bad name I kown he will becuase he all ways do and nto just to you he mad at all peoples. You will see how corect I am.

Sounds more like the whimpering of a rabid dog-on-the-beach.
Seriously though, that man giving lectures on blog etiquette is, shall we say, a teensy little bit insane. I mean up is still up and down is down, yes?

¨Mig, is it really flattering for you to have such "defenders" on your side - speaking out for you?¨

I´m just expressing my own opinion,having some fun and sharing some thoughts with the distinguished crowd.

¨though my opinion is that you could've avoided using the example of Mig being described in those terms that you were yourself being described - in that 1 instance - to make Mig see your point.¨

It was used twice as anyone can read , but now i see that it was for our own good so i guess it was a pretty heroic thing to do.

chesshire cat | March 28, 2009 1:45 PM |
" I am an English lit grad, and I gotta say, that really was quite pretty. Did you make it up yourself, or is it a translation from the Spanish? If you can insult ME at that language level please start the attacks.¨

After all this time , you keep asking for something i cannot give you , i´m sorry that you are not interesting enough for me but that´s how it goes .
On the other hand i see a couple of very good candidates @here , love is in the air.

You already used that one.

Start using your English lit grad for something more than chasing married guys then , look at rajeshv post and see if you can guess who the real writter is .

All can now see how corect I was of Mr. Manu and him extrem vileness sick. Mean while many nice games to see with out listning to garbage.

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