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Кarlsen Back to Carlsen

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If the announcement, made just a few months ago, that Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov were working together was news, then I suppose the announcement that they aren't working together is worth mentioning. At least they felt it was worth a whole press release, which is really more of a time-honored way of keeping names in the news when there isn't really news. Other than tweaking the press release a tiny bit before it went out, I don't have any inside info on this. I'm certainly not privy to their financial arrangements.

From casual conversations and public information, including the release itself, I sum it up as follows. They had a one-year arrangement and now that year is up. With Carlsen already the #1, the goal they had set at the start, perhaps as a two-year plan, already achieved, it didn't make much sense to continue as before. So Carlsen is taking the next step, which is taking charge and building up all the muscles he needs to be a complete pro. He also saves the no-doubt-considerable expense of hiring the former world champ. Kasparov's role will be more of an occasional consultant, with Carlsen setting the agenda and asking for advice instead of following another's gameplan. They both keep some benefits from what turned out to be a great PR (and chess) move for both of them -- and great PR (and chess) means money. The announcement also keeps some of the GK shadow around when Carlsen plays, which can't hurt. Even if they don't work together much the threat can be stronger than the execution.

I'd say that the impact of their collaboration will be debated endlessly, but of course that's already happened. Carlsen has candidates matches coming up at some point, and I'm sure Kasparov's input there will be useful. And if Magnus makes it to a world championship match, their relationship could be a major factor. Especially if his opponent is Anand.


C'mon Mig we can't just accept this simple explanation! It's got to involve some kind of DRAMA between two bloated egos. Or perhaps CONFLICT between the forces that want to control little Magnus's life. We know there's some kind of real story behind all this and we know it's ugly. A real reporter like, say...one from the (National) Enquirer, would have found and exposed the real dirt. Daily Dirt indeed! For shame! This leads us to the inexorable conclusion that you are part of the conspiracy. Let us come to your front porch and leave a pile of hot steaming "opinion." Let the blow-hards begin...again...

I think the change of cooperation is rational and mutual.

Carlsen was “top 5” in 2008. After one year with Kasparov he became, let’s say, top 3 in 2009. Kasparov provided him a “quick fix” in areas of openings, psychology, strategy, training matters, etc.

Next (and final) level for Carlsen is to establish a + score against Anand and Kramnik. It will be dificult and it will take time. I guess there is no quick fix for it. Carlsen must mature as a person. He must increase his physical power and psychic strength. Dwell even deeper into end game studies. Also, he must ensure a constant supply of opening novelties for each new tournament and game.

Working with Kasparov in 2009 was very beneficiary for Carlsen. However, Kasparov is a very busy man and there is a high price tag on his services. With the old deal, the taximeter was running fast. Carlsen risks running out of sponsor money too soon.

Probably there are still material left to digest and absorb from working with Kasparov in 2009, while the limited budget can be spent on a Second. Someone like GM Peter Heine Nielsen, who can feed him opening preparations.

In 2010, the main event for Magnus, is to win the qualifier tournament. If he doesn’t succeed, the above cost scenario is even more relevant. However, if he in 2011 becomes the WC challenger, then the strategy must be reworked. Then Kasparov could be hired to coach him through the title match in 2012.

Probably Carlsen and Kasparov are still good friends, and that there is no conflict or drama. I think (hope!) the new strategy of 2010 is based on professional considerations.

Possible reasons (candidate moves):
1) Gary was too expensive
2) Gary was taking too much credit for Carlsen's victories and leaking too much info to chessbase
3) Carlsen had already made a copy of GK's secret novelties database
4) Carlsen was winning too many of their friendly blitz games
5) Gary didn't want Carlsen to play the French defence...

Actually, I think you did a great job of accurately and yet gracefully explaining the situation Mig. Well done!

You sure you didn't do a little bit more than "tiny tweaking" of the press release? I sense that you have unparalled skill as a deft and gifted editor. Certainly there's more to you than just a witty blogger my friend!

I like 5) stringTheory.

Why make this change of strategy dramatic if it isn't? Until I receive some facts, which will never happen I suppose, I stick to the announcement itself and Migs interpretation. We can speculate but I'v finished with that, for this issue at least.

I like 5), but a random joke about French defence leading to a premature capitulation is missing there IMO.

What i found interesting about this is how fast the current ¨shared credit¨ for Magnus´s succes can easely become something like ¨without me you are nothing¨ if things don´t go well for Carlsen after this split.
If that happens i have the feeling that Kasparov´s fee could increase to the partnership level.


From the announcement of their cooperation (07.09.2009):

"The goal is to make the Norwegian, who currently ranks as the fourth-best chess player in the world, the world's best during the course of the coming year. ... The collaboration, which until now has been kept secret, has been under way for six months, confirms Magnus Carlsen himself. He will not reveal what the training program costs, but confirms that it is expensive. ... Cooperation with Kasparov is initially intended to last throughout the coming year, with a possibility of extension."

Based on this I don't really see the need to look for other reasons.

Agreed. I'm a huge Carlsen fan, but I agree with Kramnik that any of the top 5 would beat him in a Candidate's match today simply due to age and experience.

"¨without me you are nothing¨ if things don´t go well for Carlsen after this split."

Agreed, Carlsen was nothing before he started working with Kasparov, just have a look at the April 2009 rating list: Carlsen, Magnus #3 ELO 2770. Need I mention that I am ironic?

Yes, Kasparov helped him to gain another 40 points become #1 (but didn't "make him #1"!?). Maybe Carlsen thinks: "Whatever extra Garry could teach me, he already did"!?


Please take K&C to a Mets game or buy them matching Ed Hardy hoodies or something so they can be BFFs again and we won't have to worry about Magnus's Elo.


"...but I agree with Kramnik that any of the top 5 would beat him in a Candidate's match today simply due to age and experience."

-Any of the top 5? I think that's too pessimistic. In my opinion Anand and Kramnik should be hard to beat right now, but Aronian is not more than Carlsen’s equal. With Topalov it’s hard to say. Seems Carlsen has a good grip on him. Topalov didn’t even dominate the match against Kamsky. At least not in quality of play, -Kamsky suffered from bad time management. After the match against Anand we will know the answer.

The interesting thing about the candidate matches is that there are relative few games, and that the winner doesn’t have to play against all the others. Carlsen will only meet 3 opponents. Carlsen is ranked as #2 and will meet #7, of the 8 players. His first opponent will probably be the organizers player since it seems Kamsky has the lowest rating of the lot. Also, round 2 have only 4 games. In case of tiebreak, it will be rapid chess with 25+10s, where Carlsen is even more competitive. So, I think it’s realistic that Carlsen can reach the final. If he can win the final (6 games), and the subsequent title match is another question.

Interesting assessment by Kortchnoi in New in Chess: He reckoned Aronian was a "Genius, capable of incredible things at the chess board", whereas Carlsen was a "Con artist" . Of course, Kortchnoi is a curmudgeonly old bagger, but one does sometimes see Aronian's true potential rise up above the day to day, and one wonders what he would be able to do with K's database and his own natural talent.
The question would ask of mig is "Why announce the split at all?" If Kasparov was on some kind of retainer long term, then his lurking shadow would be worth 30 Elo point alone. One is drawn to the conclusion that Carlsen wanted to take more credit for his chess as he took the final steps towards the crown. And, of course if he drops a few Elo points then he's going to have to face the naked truth that Carlsen ain't (quite) Karlsen....

"Topalov didn’t even dominate the match against Kamsky. At least not in quality of play, -Kamsky suffered from bad time management."

Bobby, you ought to play 1.e4 or 1.d4 against Topalov and then think about your next move for the next two hours or so. That way you could make the same claim for yourself that you're making for Kamsky.

Korthnold words are as meaningful as Abe
Simpson's. He is just an old fart trying to get his name in the press. What a pity...

Carlsen got tired of people giving credit to Kasparov whenever Carlsen won. Now that the split has been officially announced, Carlsen hopes (may be naively) that die hard Kasparov fans will no longer give Kasparov credit for Carlsen's exploits.

Kasparov is a great asset to have when you are playing a match, but I wouldn't say he is a great asset "especially" against Anand. Aronian... well may be.

It was rude and/or deliberately insulting on Carlsen's part to go public with the dismissal of Garry. He could have let this whole thing die out.

Yermo, did probably missed the part where Mig said he worked on the text of announcement, which means it was perfectly agreed between the sides.

Maybe Carlsen needs to strongly discourage a possible comeback on K's part. (Though I worry that a public dismissal, if that's what this is, might risk the opposite.)

Do we have taunting, in chess?

American Heritage Dictionary:

# To reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner. See ridicule.

# transitive verb: To drive or incite (a person) by taunting.

# noun: A scornful remark or tirade; a jeer.

He is a 19 year old kid, with pressures most of us will never have to deal with. Kasparov is a enormous figure and if Kaspy started coaching another player I would like to see if they could handle it at all. Carlsen has done a wonderful job imho. At that age I left for college and would never again let others tell me what to do, lets cut the genious a little slack, huh?

What is this nonsense about Kasparov coming back? He would be absolutely foolish to try something like that. Right now he is almost a mythical character. If he comes back, his "mythicality" will be unceremoniously taken away from him when he is slaughtered in broad daylight by little children "geniuses" who train with silicon chess gods.

But may be he is that foolish. He went up against Putin.

BTW "Karlsen back to Carlsen" is a great title!

"I agree with Kramnik that any of the top 5 would beat him in a Candidate's match"

Those matches are just four games long, very unpredictable. But Carlsen should be good enough to have at least equal chances with anyone in a tournament, knockout, match or whatever the format.

The press release is sound professional behavior and brings a large degree of certainty to the degree of involvement of Ksparov going forward. Where contracts exist and are honored and to some degree have a 'chess public' interest about them it is sensible to disclose changes, terminations, extensions etc.

Very sound.

I trust Kasparov doesn't feel used and dumped.
I'm sure Magnus still has the utmost respect for him in the morning after.

SHORT VERSION: It’s surprising how much nonsense some bloggers come up with. Even worse, they think that such web ga-ga has any influence on the Grand Masters involved. Ha!

LONG VERSION: Several bloggers have suggested that having to share credits with Kasparov must be annoying to Carlsen. I believe it’s rather opposite. Having Kasparov as coach must be a dream-come-through for an 18 year old. I guess every phone call and meeting is a joy for Carlsen. -Having Kasparov examine his games, discussing strategy and chess matters on the highest level. It’s probably Christmas Eve back at Carlsen’s house when he hears Kasparov beeping on the Skype connection. Think Jason Bonham drumming with Led Zeppelin at the O2 concert.

Carlsen himself has several times credited Kasparov for his tournament success in 2009. Because of Kasparov, Carlsen made headlines all over the world. We have seen articles and pictures from their training in Croatia, Norway and Morocco. How can anybody in their right mind suggest that all this PR and hoopla, hasn’t been to Carlsen’s joy and advantage?


I still believe they stepped down the cooperation for economical and practical reasons. Carlsen has no other money that what he makes from tournaments. Hiring Kasparov was only possible with help from sponsors. When the 1st sponsor was announced in 2009, Carlsen’s manger said they need 3 more to complete the master plan with Kasparov. Till now they only got 2 sponsors, a broker and a lawyer company (which names you can read on Carlsen’s shirt).

About practical reasons, it’s just my speculations of course, but Kasparov might have felt the strain too. Renewing his opening repertoire and dedicating much of his working hours to Magnus was probably very time consuming. I am quite sure some details and explanations will leak out in future interviews and comments, and that the causes involved will be reasonable.

"There are some things money can't buy; for everything else Boss card!" ;)

This is all a plot. They haven't really split. They want to stop making Carlsen's opponents prepare of Kasparov's openings.

Or else there was this discussion:

K: So what's next lad?
C: How about breaking the record 2851 rating?
K: Forget it. Bye.


Risky for Carlsen. If it's next performance is poor then people will assume it's because Kasparov is not there anymore.

Duncan Villa:"

K: So what's next lad?
C: How about breaking the record 2851 rating?
K: Forget it. Bye."

OUCH! Gotta love it!


If we're going to have conspiracy theories, why do things by half measures? Maybe the whole thing was a publicity stunt and they never worked together at all.

I was talking about this yesterday with someone who works with Kasparov on a regular basis. There's a very natural (and healthy!) Oedipal dynamic to the trainer-student relationship.

Just as young Kasparov's creative disagreements with Botvinnik did not imply disrespect for his teacher (you can find pieces of this thread in virtually all of Kasparov's books), so too for young Carlsen.

Finally, I'm told they're going to be working together in May. But for the time being, the days of Kasparov consulting Carlsen before and after every game (as a second would) are over. This is only natural.

It would be natural to reestablish such a relationship for a WC match....

Thank you for the "inside information"!

"What is this nonsense about Kasparov coming back?"

I don't know how many of you follow Formula One Grand Prix racing, but this weekend, 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher, perhaps the greatest driver of all time, after 3 years retirement, makes a comeback. Why? He needs no more glory, he's older, he's out of practice, his reputation would be shattered by the young geniuses, etc etc, in short, it was crazy to predict he would do such a comeback. Yet on Sunday afternoon, Michael Schumacher, 41 years old, will be out there racing.

A nice parallel would be a Kasparov comeback.

"It was rude and/or deliberately insulting on Carlsen's part to go public with the dismissal of Garry."

Yermo, is there any area where you check things (at all) before you make loud statements that are meaningless or have been refuted before you even say anything?

What does "joint press-release" mean to you?

I'm 98% sure that if Kasparov would've strongly wanted a public announcement NOT to be made, the Carlsens wouldn't have forced the matter. Alas, whoever initiated the changes to the cooperation, Kasparov doesn't consider anything about the joint announcement "rude" or "insulting" or even negative for himself. And if he should happen to be wrong about that, Carlsen isn't any more to blame than Kasparov himself.

I can not freakin' believe I'm about to say this (the entire universe must be about to split apart at the seams), but... I have to agree with frogbert. It was a joint press release.

OK, I think my neck just snapped... lol

Anyone got an approx idea as to when we will see Carlsen in action against Anand and Kramnik again?

Amber starts on Saturday. Kramnik and Carlsen both will be there. Anand? He's booked for the next couple of months.

Other events (but I don't know who'll be there or even if they are happening for sure this year): MTel in May (Kramnik assuredly will not be there, even if the event happens), Biel and Dortmund and Mainz are July. Nanjing in September. Tal in October. Candidates begin near the end of the year. London in December.

The Amber field is "The following twelve grandmasters will take part (between brackets their country and their rating in the March 1, 2010 world rankings): Magnus Carlsen (Norway, 2813), Vladimir Kramnik (Russia, 2790), Levon Aronian (Armenia, 2782), Alexander Grischuk (Russia, 2756), Boris Gelfand (Israel, 2750), Peter Svidler (Russia, 2750), Vasily Ivanchuk (Ukraine, 2748), Vugar Gashimov (Azerbaijan, 2740), Ruslan Ponomariov (Ukraine, 2737), Sergey Karjakin (Russia, 2725), Leinier Dominguez (Cuba, 2713) and Jan Smeets (The Netherlands, 2651)." I would have liked to see Nakamura replace Smeets. I think he's better at rapid.

In case you missed it or don't remember: Smeets _qualified_ for Amber at the NH tournament (Rising Stars vs. Experience), ahead of Nakamura and Caruana. Yep, Nakamura was sick at the time - but still there can be no arguing that Smeets earned, and thus deserves his Amber spot.

Even if he didn't, there would be nothing wrong with a Dutch player in an event sponsored by a Dutch millionaire ... .

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. I knew all that, my grandfather is from Holland, and I just want to see the best rapid players play each other ... if that's ok with you.

No, that's not OK, replacing someone who qualified with your favourite. Replace him with Gelfand who is usually an outsider at those events. And Amber without Morozevich is kind of...lame?

I think the major tournament organizers in Europe prepared their invitations prior to Nakamura's “breakthrough” in London and Corus this winter. I think (hope) we will see him playing more in Europe later on in 2010 and 2011.

Hmm, are the London and Corus organizers "minor" ones? And London (-1 score) wasn't really a breakthrough for Nakamura - based on that event it was rather David Howell who "qualified" for additional invitations (not that I think he would be ready for Corus A, Linares, ...). Nakamura's Corus result is another story.

As to Amber: It's a private event, not an official world championship. Hence organizer Joop van Oosterom can invite whomever he wants, after all it's his money. Nakamura had his chance to qualify ... . If British fan has the money or can raise it, he can organize his own event with his own favorite players ,:)

"As to Amber: It's a private event, not an official world championship. Hence organizer Joop van Oosterom can invite whomever he wants, after all it's his money."

Hmm, that is exactly what i said to you when you were whining about Kramnik not being invited (not qualifying actually) in the Grand Slam...

With the difference that the Grand Slam made claims such as
- being superior to the Grand Prix (which had a rather transparent qualifying system), and that
- winning Bilbao is worth the same or more as being world champion [at least when Topalov participates and wins].

Yes, "in principle" one has to qualify for Bilbao, potential candidates get anywhere between zero and four chances to do so - I guess I pointed out this simple fact, that's all.

What seems absent from this discussion of Carlsen/Kasparov is that, apart from this coaching arrangement, Carlsen seems to have FAR less of a supporting cast than any of the other top 5. In many respects, his last few years immediately preceding this past year were spent not as a full-time professional. The Kasparov collaberation can be seen as a novel aberration from Carlsen's go-it-alone approach.

My own speculation is that Carsen is more likely to reach his full potential with a loyal team both on the chess side and on the business/PR side. I'm not sure whether he is shunning that approach as a matter of personal preference or whether he feels that is not economically feasible. If the latter, one futher speculates whether that feeling is accurate. If it is not accurate, it reflects a lack of business acumen and missed opportunity. If it really is true that it is not feasible for Carlsen to build a suitable support system, it is a sad commentary on chess.

Vugar Gashimov recently gave an interesting interview at Crestbook: http://www.crestbook.com/?q=node/1147 He goes into detail on what happened at the end of the World Team Championship in Turkey, and also surprisingly claims to be on his own in chess. Reading between the lines I wonder if it's a case of favouritism towards Radjabov!? In any case here are some excerpts:

Gashimov: [Asked how far he was from players like Kramnik and Carlsen & co.] I can only speak for myself. All the players you mentioned have their team and support, while I'm on my own - without any support. With great regret I'd add that there are forces that are obstructing my further development, and that I've frequently brought this up with the management of the Azerbaijan Chess Federation and the Ministry of Sport. Alas, no response...
Kuzmich: Vugar, hi! A question that no doubt many want to ask you - why were you not selected for the last round of the World Team Championship?

Gashimov: To my great surprise my health simply didn't allow me to play in that match. It all started with the match against Egypt, when after two losses I asked to be left out as it was a good situation - we were playing a weak team and I wanted to recover and play all the matches at the end. I thank my teammates - Shakiyar, Gadir and Rauf who understood my situation and supported me, but we were all amazed by the captain's decision. He said that despite everything I had to (!) play. He explained it in various ways, and later gave the very odd response that it would have meant Teimur having to play black for a second game in a row - and as a result he put me down for that disastrous match, which was the root of all our problems. In the end I lost the third game in a row and was knocked out until the end of the tournament. Everyone no doubt saw how I played against Kotronias in the penultimate round. I really wanted to help my team to win a medal on this occasion, as I helped win the gold for my country at the European Championship, but I was totally out of sorts. What I felt at that moment, only God can know. By the way, for just the same reason Radjabov also didn't play in the last round against the Americans.
A-Kalinichev: Good day, Vugar! Why was the Azerbaijan team so peacefully inclined in the final round of the world championship against the USA? After all in the end you failed to even win bronze medals :( ?

Gashimov: The players weren't peacefully inclined against the USA and understood perfectly that a draw would give us nothing.
phisey: How do you get on with the trainer of the Azerbaijan chess team?

Gashimov: If by "trainer" you mean Zurab Azmaiparashvili, then I don't. I can definitely tell you that in Serbia and in Turkey I saw two different people.
Valchess: Is it true that the leading members of your team had a conflict with the captain Zurab Azmaiparashvili (connected to the much discussed events at the finale of the recent team world championship)? In general I heard the opinion that appointing a man who holds the post of FIDE Vice President as the team captain of another country doesn't look very natural (also in terms of a conflict of interests in a hypothetical dispute).

Or can only a figure of such status, possessing (they say) a strong and authoritarian character, cope with preventing the "egos" of the ambitious Azerbaijan GMs getting in the way of the common goal?

Gashimov: Yes, it's true. There are various opinions, it all depends on concrete situations. As I already mentioned in Serbia the team didn't experience any problems as there was unity. In Turkey we had the same unity until the match with Egypt. And then the Azerbaijan team was a shadow of itself.

The Azerbaijan team really does have ambitious GMs who are prepared to win every match and win tournaments. But to achieve that we need to get rid of pressure and interference from particular figures on the sidelines, which is a job for the Azerbaijan Chess Federation and the Ministry of Sport.

I stand corrected. I guess it's not that nonsensical after all.

Yes, yes, we know, but he was just expressing a preference. He did not say "Nakamura should be there and Smeets should not."

I'd like to return to the original issue on this thread.
Player-coach relationships are notoriously fragile in chess, and many a good friendship were destroyed by break-ups of such partnership.
In general, the end of cooperation statement coming from the player means that the coach wasn't good enough. Likely, not the case here.
Former greats who lend a hand to younger generation are fragile beings whose self-esteem need to be treated generously. Did Kasparov go public to announce that he wasn't working with Botvinnik anymore? In my understanding, to make the end of cooperation smooth, the coach needs to be the one citing certain circumstances (not necessarily mentioned) as an excuse for not continuing.
Garry Kasparov is a legend, Magnus Carlsen is not. Not yet. The best Magnus could offer here is to say that he would be happy to continue working for as long as Kasparov was willing to help. As simple as that. Issuing joint statements automatically elevates Carlsen as Kasparov's equal in chess. We all know it's not true. Not yet.

The stat-head here demands that I check "facts" before offering my opinion. What are the facts here? The wording of the press-release? Millions of people watch political commentary where the pundits simply speculate on interpretations of "facts" that are press releases, State of The Union addresses and such. Where did I go wrong?
The ability to read between the lines is a sign of critical thinking, and the lack of such is to be regretted. Fortunately, Frogbert goes on by offering his own opinion, the same thing that he vehemently denies me, to say that he's 98% sure of this and that. Does mentioning a number make his opinion based on facts?
My best guess is that the stat-head is having a personal issue with me from the Euro vs US Championships thread. He is simply trying to shout me down. Otherwise, what is the point of this?

Nothing lasts forever, even a mutually gainful relationship like that of K&C. But you guys are suckers for controversy. Got those powerful scandal detectors buzzing in full force. No wonder most of you adore Danailov…


Yermo, you may not be aware of the fact that frogbert knows Magnus and Henrik Carlsen personally, hence he may have been offended "on their behalf".

While trying to read between the lines is OK, it is wrong or rude to present one's own interpretations or speculations as clear facts. We simply don't know "who dismissed whom": Was the decision to discontinue or downscale their cooperation made by Kasparov, by Carlsen, or jointly by both? What were the reasons? Why was there a press release?

Many people speculated, I offered my own speculation based on the timing of the press release (one or two days after Karpov's bid for FIDE presidency was announced): Kasparov may play a role in Karpov's campaign (as Mig hinted, sort of) and doesn't want to be too closely associated with one potential WCh candidate.

Hey Magnus, you are now free, free as a free bird?!!! And you can help Anand for the world championship! Any help or just being in his side would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you. :)

Are you sure Magnus would be enough help for Vishy against Topa?
This is going to be Topa vs rest of the world indeed.

Just occurred to me the whole Kasparov/Carslen news on chessbase could be an April fool's joke!


Nah. Just the moral support from Carlsen will do. And Topalov can use the support of rest of the world, anyone. but remember, the help should be only for on-the-board chess!

Yermo: "The best Magnus could offer here is to say that he would be happy to continue working for as long as Kasparov was willing to help."

Not when Kasparov is being paid considerable amount of money for his input... It is no longer about whether Kasparov's input would be valuable, but whether it was worth its price.

"Yermo, you may not be aware of the fact that frogbert knows Magnus and Henrik Carlsen personally, hence he may have been offended "on their behalf"."

True, Thomas - such things tend to happen now and then. But Yermo also was right that the actual wording of my post was coloured by the other debate we have/had about ratings.

The fact that Yermo paid little or no respect to, was that the press release was made by Carlsen and Kasparov together. Obviously in agreement. Kasparov wouldn't be "rude" or "disrespectful" to himself. Furthermore, it's my GUESS that if Mig - who saw the press release before it was made - would've considered it to make Kasparov look bad in any way, he would've said so to his employer, as free advice. Evidently Mig didn't find the press release problematic for Kasparov.

"it is wrong or rude to present one's own interpretations or speculations as clear facts. We simply don't know "who dismissed whom""

Exactly, Thomas. That's where Yermo goes wrong, whether he understands it or not.

Cooperation with Kasparov is initially intended to last throughout the coming year, with a possibility of extension.
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Cooperation with Kasparov is initially intended to last throughout the coming year, with a possibility of extension.

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