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He Didn't Want to Miss the Match

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Sure, he skipped the opening ceremony and decided he could miss the first few Anand-Topalov games, despite being scheduled to arrive on the 24th. Maybe he thought Anand's volcano delay request would be granted.

He is in time for the second half and has been officially born into the Obama/Anand era. As he enters the world, Stieg Larsson tops the fiction lists, Rihanna the pop charts, and US unemployment is still over 9%. Hardly auspicious signs, but many of the greats were born into periods of crisis.

Or maybe he was a week late because HE'S FREAKIN' HUGE. Must be that giant brain that tipped him over ten pounds (10lb 2oz, or 4.6kg in the civilized world). Mother and child are healthy and doing fine. Big sister is delighted with her new toy, though we'll see how long that lasts when she realizes he can't be turned off and put in the toy box.


Congratulations to the Migs! What a handsome fellow, and what a day for grand entrance!

At 10lbs, 2 oz., I think he'll have to be called the Mogster!

Congratulations Mig!!!

Congratulations to you and your wife, Mig. And congratulations to the little one. He looks good.

Viswanathan Greengard. It was fated.

Well, I was 10lb 6oz, so I can't really say much on that score other than to apologize to my wife. It went smoothly though.

If not Mig Jr., how about "Garry Greengard"? Gotta love those alliterative names!

It's a Churchill! (All newborns are either Churchills or Eisenhowers. True fact).

Congrats to Mrs. Mig and hopefully he stayed out of the way:)

Congratulations Greengard family!

Keep that fellow away from the chessboard Mig so that he may actually do something usefull in his life ;)

Amazing and congratulations for the family!! Wonderful news.

Mazal Tov Mig!

Congratulation Mig, hope your whole family gets all the happiness.

Congratulations! I am very happy for you and your family.

Terrific - congratulations to you all - Cloud 9 time!

Mig, I am very happy for you. Best wishes to you and your family.

Congratulations Mig.

congratulations, mig, and blessings upon you and yours...when things settle down a little, take some time to relax with mrs. mig...ask uncle garry to babysit...


Awesome picture. Probably the very best baby picture I ever saw for a new born. He is big. My kiddo was only 5 lb 4 oz at birth and she lost 4 ounces. It took months to get to 6 pounds. Your boy is starting the New York Marathon a mile ahead of the field.

With luck he will be the youngest GM at age 10. Get him a chess set for his birthday at age 0. ICC should donate a lifetime membership for him. I can see it now. Daddy will give him all the traps for 1 0 games.

Congratulations! Among chessplayers, he looks most like Magnus Carlsen---and that's fitting, because Magnus after all means...big!

Congrats! Are you going to name him "Thomas Manu Clubfoot Greengard" ?

Congrats, Mig!

Many many congratulations Mig

maybe Catalanov?

well, congratulation.

¡Muchas Felicidades Mig!

Que tus hijos crezcan sanos y fuertes, y que tengan todas las oportunidades para ser felices.

¡Y que sean campeones de ajedrez!


Víctor Rodríguez.

Congratulations !! Mig.

E ku oriire. Olorun a je ko se okunrin dale o.


Dear Mig

Congrats to you and your family. Baby looks wonderful!

Awesome, Mig. A big congrats to all of you.

Wonderful baby! Congratulations!

All the best for him and his family

What about Magnus Kaspanand Kramchuky Greengard?


Whats his name?

Nice, Mig. A pawn awaiting promotion!

Congratulations on your baby boy, Mig.

Congrats to you both - esp the woman who delivered a 10 pounder! Are their medals for that?



Congrats and here is wishing many a blessing for your family


Congrats to Mig!

Mig wins. Congrats and cheers.

Congratulations to Mig and Mrs. Mig and best wishes to the hero of the day!

Congratulations Mig! Really beautiful!

Congratz to you and your family! You deserve the best... peace.

Congs to you Mig and your family..
PS: ignore the name suggestation cuz by the time he is grown up...there will be different stars:-)

Congratulations Mig!!

Congratulations Mig, for you and the family!!

Hi Mig,

Congrat to you. How about name your lovely son Veselin Anand or Vishy Topalov ? :)

Congrats man! Hope you get some sleep while the little champ is resting, 'cause you are not gonna get any when he wakes up. ;)


" A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for"


He looks like he is already trying to decide between 1. d4 or e4.

Congrats Mig.

Congrats, Mig! :) :) :)

Great boy!


Congratulations from Norway!

Congrats from me too!


Congrats from Brazil!
Bonitinho, o Miginho!!!

Many congratulations Mig.

I've always thought 'Haldeman' is an untapped cool new name for a boy.

Thanks everyone! He's doing great. We wish he would sleep more so we could sleep more, but we should be used to that.

My belated congrats as well Mig, you sure are lucky, you now have a daughter AND a son! I wish you and your family the best.

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