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Ivanchuk wins the Capablanca Memorial again. Carlsen leads Kings tournament by a point with two games to play.

Digging Up Bobby Fischer

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Fischer's body to be exhumed to get a DNA sample to prove paternity of daughter in Philippines.

Gareev Takes Vegas

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Timur Gareev wins Vegas festival open with beautiful win over Akobian in final round.


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Funny cartoon on Karpov vs Ilyumzhinov.

Black Day in Poikovsky

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A wild king chase in Karjakin game.

Draw Odds in the WCh

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How about a single armageddon tiebreak game in world championship matches? Champion gets black and keeps the title with a draw.

Curse of Poikovsky

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Nobody wants to win in Poikovsky, but Jakovenko and Riazantsev lead after 6. Ivanchuk, Alekseev, Dominguez, Short, Bruzon, and Nepomniachtchi in the Capablanca Memorial starting tomorrow.

They Give Interviews: Anand

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Best Anand interview I've seen in a long time, maybe ever.
Video of Kasparov getting hero's welcome in Nicaragua to campaign for Karpov.
Karjakin and Jakovenko lose in Poikovsky; 5 players with 3/5. Chess PR and Judit Polgar; Wang Hao and Bu Xiangzhi in China; Gelfand beats Aronian in Leon final.
Karpov tournament in Poikovsky with Jakovenko and Karjakin leading after four rounds of 11.

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