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Curse of Poikovsky

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Okay, this is getting to be a bit much. For the second day in a row, the only winners of the previous round were the only losers. That's just trivia, but it's statistically wacky trivia. If they pull this off for the third day in a row (watch out, Riazantsev and Jakovenko) we'll assume that first prize at Poikovsky is a Celine Dion CD and a kick in the nuts. The 7th round is already live here.

Also, get ready for the Capablanca Memorial, with hot favorite Ivanchuk joined by Alekseev, Dominguez, Short, Bruzon, and Nepomniachtchi. Some nice material on the official site from Nigel Short about realizing his dream of finally visiting Cuba. But of the, um, 23 votes in their "pick the winner" poll I'm afraid Nigel is at zero. Help a brother out! Round one of the double round-robin is tomorrow.


My patzerbrain says that Riazantsev is in trouble but Jakovenko should hold.

Of all the evil we have seen in the world of chess, Fide, Kirsan etc. there have really not been anything so evil as to implicate Celine Dion. Oh the shame!

Uh, Mig, are you assuming we are all fluent in Spanish, or am I missing the English button on the Capa website...

Finally we see Bruzon in a major tournament again. After playing Corus & the European circuit he has disappeared for ages.

Cool, Sutovsky is testing us again. Today he resigned while threatening mate in one!

Sorry Dondo, I try to be language agnostic if it's Russian, Spanish, or English, but usually link to the English version if such exists. It doesn't here, so just going with the official site. I could link to a Google translation to English, I suppose, but I figure people can do that themselves, especially since they might prefer it in something other than English. If there's time I'll try to put up brief translations if interesting things pop up.

Initially the live transmission showed 36.Rg2 in Naiditsch-Sutovsky - maybe Naiditsch played that move while Sutovsky was stretching out his hand for resignation?

" poll I'm afraid Nigel is at zero. Help a brother out! Round one of the double round-robin is tomorrow

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