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Magnus Carlsen, Fashion Plate

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I've known the general tilt of this for a while and still can't come up with anything to say about it. But I've always believed that if you're hanging out with Liv Tyler you're doing something right. And this is certainly a more pleasant way to see a top chessplayer making the mainstream than, say, anti-Semitism or cheating accusations involving lavatories. Those who couldn't make it to Berlin might try to make it to Fashion Week in New York come Fall, but no promises.


Will be interesting to see if Magnus turns up dressed in G-Star for his next tournament. Might work even better than the red dress he was wearing in Nanjing..

Forget Nakamaura, he is fatty. Carlsen may play a (true) exhibition match with WGM Pogonina to promote (summer/spring) fashion



He's a rock star =)

“I've known the general tilt of this for a while and still can't come up with anything to say about it.”
-Who are you kidding? Liv Tyler in photo session with Carlsen, and Mig couldn’t come up with a trademark headline? I bet you were sucking on BEAUTY & THE BEAST or REVENGE OF THE NERDS, but chickened out after considering Carlsen’s elephant memory and that you two probably will meet often in the future.

On a more serious side; I can’t wait for September 10th! Carlsen at Cooper Square Hotel in New York City, seated in a big conference room full of press and spectators. Opposing the expert panel of Nakamura, Judit Polgár and Vachier-Lagrave. Thousands of internet kibitzers voting for “next move”. Maurice Ashley providing witty live commentary.

This will be the chess SHOW of the year, organized by media professionals and reaching out to mainstream America with an impact not seen since Bobby Fischer’s heydays.

Actually it is just what Garry Kasparov has said for some time now. Chess needs to get out of Siberia and into the main cities, to attract sponsors and mainstream media and people. Then kids will drop their Gameboy and start shuffling wood. Revenge of the nerds, it will be!

PS: Carlsen better win that game and the servers better not break down…

Awesome! I would do her in a heartbeat! Lucky bastard. :(

I suppose he could drop the frown momentarily. Any chance they would play strip-chess (televised)?

Is bad that Carlsen damaged his skull bones by face making lessons with Kasprov. His frontal bone is falling down and squisjing nasal bone into maxilla. Young poeples should be careful to not practice such face making while there bones are still forming.

Welcome back, International Master Mr. Stoopid!You need not stoop to conquer ...

Why don't you post your picture so we can nit-pick your appearance I M Stoopid?

@Any chance they would play strip-chess (televised)?

That would be a new form of chess besides blitz, rapid, and classical (and "chess-boxing", Kramnik and Kirsan did a bit of that).
"strip-chess" would make chess mainstream ..if you drop something (pawn, knight, etc. all according to the value of the pieces) you would have to drop something accordingly.

A "strip-chess" match Carlsen-Pogonina would send chess popularity through the roof.

Well his scowl is far from successful at making him look tough.

Maybe more like a baby neanderthal in a zoo, making faces cos you don't give him a banana.

I asked my daughter and she knew all about RAW wear. Old guy like me never heard of it. Guess I'm not their target market.

But, I think Magnus was a little too frown faced. He was at an 11 should have been at a 7.

Just the same I think this is great. Great for Magnus, great for chess.

"reaching out to mainstream America with an impact not seen since Bobby Fischer’s heydays" [sic] Yawn - you reckon? Not a cat in hells chance that the impact will be even 1% - but I guess you were being ironic :=)

The photos and the specific pose were set up by the client who took loads pics and selected a few - more irony I guess....

Magoose now has 2 jobs 1 more and he will be up their with Migloid :)

Chessbase calls Maurice Ashley renowned? Although he's not active enough in FIDE to be in their US Top 100, if he was he would be #69 in the US with a 2465 rating. Not exactly renowned, especially to Chessbase's international audience.

There are zoos where you can feed bananas to baby Neanderthals who look like Magnus Carlsen?

Forget the TV news - the internet is where you learn stuff.

ALL baby Neanderthals look like Magnus, Norseman. Even the little girl ones.

Chess would be more popular if it was a clear way to make real money even for amateurs AND at the same time possible to broadcast on tv ( youhave to make it short , so only blitz games ) in order to reach the masses .

Basically , that would involve organizing tournaments differently

At the momet , most tournaments are won by the guy got the most points and played better , ok good .

Now if you allow players to bring their bankroll at the tournament , and bet/raise money before everygame and once during the game , the winner would be the one who won the most money , like in Poker

That way , the games will have MUCH MORE pressure and intensity , and that is what TV and medias are looking for : action , dramas , stakes , guys who get broke live and others who get suddenly rich after a good game

Now concerning the amateurs , that also could mean that even if you're not best player and below 2400 , but compensate by being a gambler well prepared in your favoruite openings , you can still make more money in a few games than what a 2500 GM currently does over a year .

I'd call this game : Hold'em No limit Chess lmao . Sponsors would be popping all over the place seriously

Ok i'm joking , i just love Poker and Chess equally , and i'm appalled at the state of chess currently , there may be more and more players playing chess , but it still hasn't penetrated the mainstream medias and general public interests and doesn't look like it will ever do , it's a niche currently because it has the aura of a game played professionally only by nerds and that generates little profits .

I don't see this changing before a MAJOR change happens , and i'm not talking about shuffling starting position , but giving the medias and sponsors what they want .... Classical chess will still exist , but you need a version of chess that attract real cash if you want the game to step up

"High stakes Chess" would be a better name lol

Example :

Anand-Carlsen : Blind is 1000$ for White

White to bet : Anand bets 2000$
Black to bet : Carlsen calls (or can fold or raise ) 2000$

game start : 1.d4-d5 2.c4-c6 etc...

*game continues until Carlsen gets a small advantage*

Black to play : Carlsen bets 2500$ , play Bf5 , Rybka gives -1.50

White to play : Anand calls 2500$ being almost sure he can draw this in order to share the pot

*game continues until Carlsen gets a winning position*

Then Anand resigns . Carlsen won 10.000$ .

Anand is still leader because he won 3 times but only 1500$ whereas Carlsen only won one game , but since he made a lot of money in this game , he leads the tournament table with 10.000$

"he leads the tournament table with the 10.000$ pot he just won " sorry , accidentally pushed the return key too soon

Magnus is entering the Fashion World. Snore.

"I've known the general tilt of this for a while..."

Call me Nostradaus. On May 18, 2010 on this blog I wrote
"Clothes are a minor point, but I shouldn't think it out of the question for Magnus to get an agreement with a big-name designer of mens clothes: free clothes plus cash in return for wearing that brand at all public appearances. (And I'm not talking about some brand with logos plastered all over it.) This kid has image potential that is unbelievable."

Exactly , this news shows one thing : Even top GM are desperate to find extra incomes outside of chess .

these last 20 years , about 5 guys made BIG money out of chess , Kasparov , Kramnik , Anand , maybe Karpov and Topalov , and ??!!

Here is the problem ... do you want more exposition , more sponsors , more properly funded tournaments , a credible Federation with less corruption and not run by crooks ?

Well , change the game , make it a 21th century game professional game ... not only interesting for GM's , but also for people who did not play or studied chess since they are kids , it has to be interesting FINANCIALLY to amateurs as well if you want it to be really popular and well funded and run .

You WILL Keep classical chess , but we must develop and advertise other ways of playing chess , ways that generate A LOT MORE money and interest from the the widest audience as possible , to make it more popular , more marketable and more interesting for amateurs to pick up the game ... that's my opinion and i respect people who would hate this , sorry for multi post

An astute remark, Carpog. I think, however, that Carlsen is is a cross between a homo erectus and an English bulldog: http://www.321dogs.com/pictures/english_bulldog_wallpaper.jpg . Anyway, looks like his father is trying to milk him for all he's worth.

>Exactly , this news shows one thing : Even top GM are desperate to find extra incomes outside of chess .

Oh my god... really?.. you could add to that "finally"

Any sport doesn't become interesting because of change in the game, but for incredible personalities which have incredible talent inside the sport.

MC looks pretty cool in the videos!

You're probably right Raindeer ;)

However how do you explain Poker is much more popular than Chess ? because it is more interesting and as incredible personalities ?

I'd agree if you say Doyle Brunson , but in my opinion , Chess lacks the marketability of today's reality , a game like Chess cannot afford to stay out of the mainstream media spectrum (say TVs , casinos , schools , olympics etc )

The emphasis of classical chess is great for people who have a genuine interest on the "beauty of the game , search of the truth on the chessboard" , but for the huge majority of people , you need more than that to get them to have an interest in chess and start to play it seriously , especially with video games and all that , heck even sudoku is about to overtake chess lol

@However how do you explain Poker is much more popular than Chess ? because it is more interesting and as incredible personalities ?

It's much easier to learn and to understand thus it has a larger audience.
Chess will never become "popular". It takes too much time and effort before you begin to understand and enjoy the game. It will always appeal only to certain type of personality, the more cerebral type. Cerebral doesn't mean necessarily intelligent, only that he can enjoy thinking, like in playing chess or solving puzzles.

Thanks for the interestng answer Ovidiu :)

I think you are correct , and i respect your opinion , however sometmes in my wild dreams , i hope that another form of chess (blitz) could be moulded into a 21st century cash game, with all the drama , risk-taking , action and intensity that it implies .

As i suspect a lot of classical chess GM would take part in order to earn enough money for sustaining their classical chess career better , instead of being obliged to make side jobs etc , they could really live thanks to chess .

Spectators may benefit too , since in a cash game , playing a boring petroff will not promise much , risk takers will be rewarded etc..

anyway , maybe this idea is silly , sorry if so and goodnight , i have to work tomorrow

Like it or not, Americans are not encouraged to think. Businesses want us fat, dumb and uninformed; it's much easier to extract wealth that way. So don't hold your breath for something as intellectually demanding as chess to take hold of the populist zeitgeist. Think more like... bubble gum.

One might observe that it is the government, not business, which operates this way...

CO :)

Nice call, Calvin!

Seriously chess observer? Who do you think is running government? As far back as Pres. Eisenhower, it's been called the "Military-Industrial Complex." Look it up...

@Like it or not, Americans are not encouraged to think.

It is an well-known feature of the American "culture" (or civilization, if you prefer).


I think Americans think good. Aslo dog picter from auditor was very good. So mabe face making lessons with Kasprov will help Carlsen make lot of money wearing raggy clothes and looking angry. Lot of other peoples on street look angry too and wear raggy clothes. But his face may fall down more and squish his nose like dog picter. I wonder if Carlsen must walk funny on stage with cameras and raggy cloths. Asol some one ask how tall is he. I do not know but there are picters of him standing next to other players who are nto very tall only 160 cm so Carlsen must not be tall him self. I think he is happy to do what he want so good for him and mabe other players will do it too.

Should be called the Military-Pharmaceutical Complex...

Quit ragging on Carlsen's looks. It is what it is. The point is he is doing something other than stare at the 64-sq. Can't really say that about the other players.

Maybe the plan should be to takeover the world, one city at a time. You need simple stuff to compliment the high profile fashion shows etc. Simuls would be a good way to go. It can either be a stand-alone event or tagged along with another mega event such as NASCAR or F1...

Nice to have Stoopid, Chess Auditor and Andy back here on the blog. Carlsen’s success on and of the board is actually a win-win situation in this regard. -While most people are amazed, his haters get an opportunity to unleash their wraith. The young man is really an inspiration to all of us.

I sense that you have a man-crush there BF...

Thank you Bobby. I inspired to play better chess like Carlsen but not inspired to wear raggy clothes and make angry face. He will be fine unless they ask him to talk becuase he do not talk good. Mabe he only there to make angryface and walk around with raggy clothes for some one to make lot of money and give some to Carlsen. I wonder if he walk around will he have bag to carry. I think Carlsen face not so good as Kasprov face but he not so old and wrinkld that all. Thank you Boby for nice words.

Well , change the game , make it a 21th century game professional game ... not only interesting for GM's , but also for people who did not play or studied chess since they are kids , it has to be interesting FINANCIALLY to amateurs as well if you want it to be really popular and well funded and run .
Great idea? Let's change the rules of football/soccer so that the World Cup will have more appeal in the US. Ha! Ha!

Why the childish griping? Magnus is taking further steps in raising his public profile, which is exactly what he should be doing. That the best chess player in the world is a young, athletic, Matt Damon look-alike from Scandinavia is a boon for the game. Have you seen the videospot on the clothes website? For better or worse, chess-is-cool portrayals such as this in popular media (including advertising) have far more potential to bring people to the game than after-school programs. Moreover, deals like this premised on Magnus's personal star potential can help promote corporate sponsorship of chess generally.

And comments like "his father is trying to milk him for all he's worth" (from Chess Auditor) are totally baseless and asinine. Magnus's dad is universal known as a prince of a guy without an ounce of capacity, let alone intention, for exploitation.

-Chess Author has Magnus Carlsen on top of his list. He is only warming up. That was one of his LEAST malicious comments about Carlsen.

"Great idea? Let's change the rules of football/soccer so that the World Cup will have more appeal in the US. Ha! Ha!"

Ok Fair enough , i admitted it was perhaps a silly a idea , i'd like to hear better ideas to bring money into chess and make it more popular though :)

I don't like the arguments about nationalities much , i think we live in a global culture today , i read someone mentionned Americans do not like chess , well i'm French , we're supposed to like "intellectuals" , yet chess is not very popular here , we've never had a Morphy , Marshall or a Fischer , from what i've seen during my life , Americans love strategy games

i understand bringing cash into the game would mean for some people to "americanize" it , but in my eyes , it would "internationalize" it and "open it to the masses" which is even better .

I did not advocate the death of classical chess , i just thought that maybe some other forms of chess should be developped as they may become more succesful globally . Or not . But the only reason the Soviets were dominating it for so long is because they taught it to kids at school , they opened it to the masses . That was the golden age of chess

And i 'm under the impression we are in the dark age of chess now , since even some 2700's can't really make a living out of chess only , the federation is taken hostage by crooks who are the only one with enough cash and holding ransom the whole community , rules change every 2 years , no transparency in the fundings , computers are sucking the life out of chess everyday more and more , they can't even find a proper place to hold the World championship match (that says something ..) , sponsors are a rarity etc..

only light in the tunnel being Carlsen and the few quality tournaments like wijk and zee and a few others , but that's far too meagre in my eyes , i'd like Chess to be run more professionally with more transparency , more democratic and modern structures , better wages for players , and to my eyes , the only way to achieve that is to promote another way of playing chess and make it appealing to mass medias but i respect your opinion .

I also wanted to say that it is not well known , but in the 1920's before the Great Depression , i read once football (well soccer hehe ) was quite popular in America and was the number 2 sport behind Base-Ball . Things changed afterwards though. oops too long post sry :)

@Ianis (Fr)
I think action chess sexed up blitz tournaments is one of the ways chess could go to create more revenues. It's worth a try.
But when you look at poker it was Texas Hold'em, the most complicated, most chess-like poker variety that made it big on TV. Big poker tournaments are long-winded, boring, multi-day affairs. It takes a lot of expertise to appreciate what's going on. It's the way they edit it and present it that gives poker such broad appeal.

... i'd like to hear better ideas to bring money into chess and make it more popular though.

Why is making chess more popular a priority for anyone other than the top players who make a living from the game? I couldn't care less about the game's popularity. The love I have for the game won't change a bit whether or not there are millions more who know the moves.

noyb: Seriously chess observer? Who do you think is running government? As far back as Pres. Eisenhower, it's been called the "Military-Industrial Complex." Look it up...

My observations generally do not imply partiality. I will not engage in non-chess political debate here. I only point out that the current administration, while advocating 'change,' might have an agenda that is not consistent with its rhetoric. This does not imply my belief (or disbelief) in that theory, only that such a theory exists.

My point was that you could interchange the word 'Businesses' from your original post with the word 'Government,' and many people would agree with that as well.

And I ended my post with a smiley!!


Thank you for some new and fresh ideas!

But, are you sure poker is bigger than chess? I read somewhere that chess has more players worldwide than tennis. (Poker is perhaps more "hot" right now among young men?) Does anybody know more about this?

I like the idea of blitz chess with close up cameras, a Rybka analyzes running and (maybe) a spoken commentary. That could be quite fun to watch, also for those with less chess understanding. Everybody can relate to the +/- score of Rybka.

The next question is TV or Internet broadcast?

"But when you look at poker it was Texas Hold'em, the most complicated, most chess-like poker variety that made it big on TV."

Hold'em is hardly the most complex poker variant. For the casually interested spectator pot-limit Omaha is much harder to follow, even if the game isn't objectively harder for a player who's put in the work. There's also a general consensus in the poker world (to the extent there can be) that PLO is perhaps the most complex game. It also probably has the highest variance, and unlike HE, redraws are incredibly important even if you're sitting with the nuts on the flop.

Bobby Fiske:
Blitz chess is eminently marketable to a wider audience. You just have to present it well. I have a non-playing friend who finds it fascinating and exciting, even though he has no idea what's going on on the board (which is probably true for many poker fans watching poker coverage as well).

You need a few things:
1) Footage of the players as well as a board diagram. Just the board won't do. People need the visual, human element. In fact, just watching the players' faces during an intense blitz finish can be thrilling, never mind what they're doing with the pieces.

2) Real-time, simplified computer analysis. You need a numerical eval, and a natural language interpretation (e.g. +3,2 Decisive Advantage White). Only show the best move if there's a clear best move, but clearly show blunders, and keep a blunder tally for each player.

3) Engaging expert commentary. They don't have to dress it up as though it were a boxing bout. Just convey the excitement (which blitz does not lack) and have blunders and simple plans and tactics explained.

I know several non-players who've confessed they'd watch something like that. It's the human spectacle that draws a crowd.

@It's the human spectacle that draws a crowd.

Yes, it is not the intellectual content, the battle of the ideas. That part the crowd can not understand thus it can not enjoy.
In the end, if nothing works, throw them to the lions when the game ends. The masses will have no problem understanding the spectacle, and watch it in rapture.

I take it you have a hard time just saying "You're right"... ; )

Thousand of poker players quit playing poker and becom chess plaers. Many do all day long and almost no chess player want to go to be poker player. Poker is all dead and washed up. All pokers now want to play chess. I think this is so. All chess chess chess no poker. I saw movie of chess.

Talking of Magnus Carlsen, have a look at this fansite: http://www.magnuscarlsenchess.com/

Carlsen wisper secret move to old guy who wins I think and other guy is not hapy and movie does nto sho him chase Carlsen and beat him up until police elecrokuke him. Carlsen must be more careful because tough guy picters do not fraid every one.

As you yourself, it would seem.

CO :)

> However how do you explain Poker is much more popular than Chess ? because it is more interesting and as incredible personalities ?

Ok, a fair point. I guess it has to do with poker being a game of luck in the short run, of which I mean that anyone with knowledge of basic rules and so on can get a good hand right out of the opening and win a hand just like that.

But still I think it's more or less a brand issue: poker is one of the ultimate gambling games by reputation. And gambling is huge. Chess is one of the ultimate intellectual games by reputation. Being clever is cool, but not as desirable to many as being rich.

Some thing wrong. Poker sites not talk all time about chess. Only talk about poker. Go look for self. Mean wile all peoples here talk talk talk about how good poker is and bad chess is. Some thing upside down. Go play poker like me. I win almost all time. Chess not so much but poker.

His father is not exploiting him? I trust you think most kids study chess six hours a day when they are seven, eight, or ten?

Is father Carlen agent. Agent is boss like Danilov. Carlsen must do what agent say or else big truoble. I just win lot of money with full house.

Haven't got much better have you CA

It's apparent that you know jack about the Carlsen family and Magnus' story, but don't let that stop you from spouting nonsense.

[Readers will note Norseman's ad hominem tactics and that he has done nothing to disprove my above statement, which was that children of seven, eight, or ten, do not work six hours a day at chess on their own volition. Nice try, Norse.]

Im glad that Magnus´s new career was about modeling and not killing baby seals or any other Norwegian sport .
I hope this new career prevent him from spending more time with Putin´s crew.

They do, though, CA, among lots of other things kids become engrossed in e.g. here's Kramnik from an old interview (before the Kasparov match):

"My dad taught me to play when I was 5. He taught me without any intent. It was simply that chess was extremely popular in the Soviet Union back then, it was the time of the Karpov and Korchnoi battles, and it was considered the done thing to teach your child the game. Except that I was at once terribly fascinated by it. I asked my dad to buy me chess books. An edition of Karpov's selected games appeared in a Tuapse shop. I returned from school (I started going at 6), quickly did my homework and then immersed myself in the wonderful world of chess. I analysed the games on my own. Then my dad bought me the books of Alekhine and Capablanca... At 7 I was already a first category player. There were some people who helped me to grasp chess, but that love for working on my own has stayed with me my whole life. The most interesting thing is that then, at 7, I was totally sure that I'd become a chess player. Some of my peers dreamt of becoming cosmonauts, some firemen, while I dreamt of being a chess player."

I simply pointed out that you don't know what you are talking about. That's the charitable interpretation, anyway. And no, it's not an argumentum ad hominem; you can look it up.

You see, the thing is that Magnus had, by prodigy standards, a perfectly normal childhood. He was never pressured into anything to do with chess and did not even train seriously with a coach until the age of 12. In fact, he wasn't interested in chess before the age of eight, and after that was largely self-taught and self-motivated - in between school, playing with friends, memorizing geographical trivia, and doing sports like skiing and soccer. Even now he calls himself "chaotic and lazy," training when the mood strikes (except when prepping for tournaments).

Magnus has stated the above in so many interviews that it may be considered as common knowledge. (I can't give links here, lest my post be held in moderation.) So, either you don't know what you are talking about, or you simply enjoy a good smear. I don't much care which one it is.

Just for the record, killing baby seals is illegal in Norway. :-)

To fabricate such elaborate lies just to protect his abusive partents from criticism is further proof of what a great guy V.K. is. ;-)

Sorry, off topic, but nice coverage of US Junior and Women's Championships at http://www.livestream.com/chessfm

Hikaru is doing live analysis.

Not very good. Not much to say. Borink. That what I think. Mean no inslut to any one so no yeller.

Random link: how the rest of the world perceives chess players:

@His father is not exploiting him?

"exploiting" is too strong, his father supported him to succeed.
But of course Magnus has to outgrow this and become his own man in thge following 2-3 years (or we are about to see see another odd couple on the chess-secene as Kasparov/Klara, Kamsky/Rustam, Topalov/Danailov)

"Blindfold speed chess" is nothing - Kirsan Ilyumzhinov won a bet against Chuck Norris... and lived to tell the tale :) http://www.chessintranslation.com/2010/07/ilyumzhinov-chuck-norris-owes-me-a-bottle-of-whisky/

Popularity of Poker vs. Chess.

Poker is such a simple game to play that you have to hide the cards.
Chess is so difficult that you can show everything, all the time.

Chess will never go mainstream - or become "tv-watchable" for anyone but the chess addicts. And anyone believing that blitz will somehow make chess more accessible really needs to figure out what words mean ...


I had 2 kings last nihgt and lost when some one go runner runner flush on me. I should have gone all in to make him fold but I made mistake and lose. Lot of money go poof. But I am still much ahead.

It takes a lot of brainpower to be Stoopid.

Chess Auditor - Readers will also note your "Appeal to Ignorance", i.e., absense of evidence is not evidence of absense.

"[Readers will note Norseman's ad hominem tactics and that he has done nothing to disprove my above statement, which was that children of seven, eight, or ten, do not work six hours a day at chess on their own volition. Nice try, Norse.]"

LOL - You crack us up Chess Auditor. Even your name implies an inferiority complex.

P.S. - For those who need a guide to debunk Chess Auditor's drivel - http://www.xenu.net/archive/baloney_detection.html

Well I really do not have power brain. I have trouble with spelling and some people have help me spell better but I am not power brain.

Castigation of ignorance followed by double misspelling of "absence" (i.e. not a typo).

Stoopid you are clearly some kind of spore-based life-form. After a period of incubation you have erupted all over the blog again.

Hello you cat. What you think. Bye bye. Oh I come back. I do not know. Any way I like chess. You like chess to I see from you name. Cats always like chess. Alekhine had a cat name chess and he played game with cat and cat play e4 so mabe that prove Fischer is correct. Or mabe was correct becuase he is awful dead now like Petrosan and Spaksy. Whad do you say about all peoples give away money and all poker peoples loving every thing. Time for my nap and then tea and then some thing.

I had nap but change tea to coffee. Now I watch chess or play. Do not need more money. Mabe watch world cup. I don nkow what to do.

Oh bravo, give yourself a cookie...

Congalation to esp for win. Also ned for loss.

Congrats to Spain and welcome to soccer history !
3rd final lost 4 Nederland , what a cruel sport soccer can be ...
I´ll grab an octopus and go hit some casinos tonight.

Congrats to Spain! The Dutch cheats deserved to lose. Punk asses were more intent on killing the player than going for the ball. The dirtiest team in the world...go home and cry!

Now that I've spent almost two hours watching a final of a World Cup, I've changed my mind and now believe chess can become a wildly popular TV event. :-)

Indeed Artist... looking for where to buy me an Octopus as well!

Perhaps that octopus could be trained to play chess. Biggest problem would be getting it to understand the "touch rule".

Chess will never become a popular game, because it requires a certain understanding of the game to enjoy it. And it's bound to get much worse: the proliferation of computer games and game consoles provide a lot of entertainment for young people at a fraction of the effort that chess requires.

The good news is that now that chess has been exposed by computers as nothing but a nice game of calculation, we can all stop pretending that proficiency in chess is some sort of intellectual achievement; we can go back to enjoying chess as a beautiful little game; we can stop the insane and suicidal tendency to seek "the truth" in chess. Computers are showing us "the truth" and it is not a pretty sight.

An observation: Ovidiu, a literate poster with considered and sometimes brash opinions, disappears from this blog, and viola! IM Stoopid, a less literate poster with considered and sometimes brash opinions, returns.


What the hell should be interesting about hanging around with Liv Tyler? Wasn't that the chic making several scenes of the LOTR movies looking like shampoo ads? It's often disappointing to meet actors/actresses and to discover the emptyness under the nice surface anyway, but this risk should be even higher for models with weak acting skills...

Yes, it is curious how certain posters appear and disappear. Especially how some handles with strong and detailed opinions which often mirror other posters often exist for mere days. Stoopid/Luke is quite literate, it takes skill to construct those posts, that's without judging their effect.

>>>The good news is that now that chess has been exposed by computers as nothing but a nice game of calculation, we can all stop pretending that proficiency in chess is some sort of intellectual achievement; >>>

really ???
I have yet to find a good chess player who is good because he /she "calculates" well.

generally, only very poor players try to "calculate" every move.

I both agree and disagree with your points regarding computers and the popularity of chess.

I believe live computer analyzed and web transmitted chess games are what it takes to make chess more popular.

Sure, the perfect variations shown by computers will make the super GMs appear like stupid patzers to some of the "ordinary" spectators (take a look at chessdom.com), but that is not any different from what any professional athlete must live with. Remember how many "idiots" who where playing the recent World Cup? Not to mention the most of the referees and managers.

Welcome the new hooligan fans because they bring their money to chess.

We might "all stop pretending that proficiency in chess is some sort of intellectual achievement", as you say, and our beloved GMs might be looked upon as simple gladiators in the circus, but hey, if that what it takes to makes lots of money, so be it.

Carlsen may serve as an example of the new type of GM: for him the game seem to primarily be a battle, and he cares little about the computer "correctness" of a move if it can make his opponent feel uncomfortable. Typical his games are often judged negative by computers right out of the opening and far into the game, but his opponents tend to burn a lot of time trying to navigate through the complications and *usually* fails.

Very practical chess - it may not always be pretty but it is damn effective, as Carlsen superiority as a tournament player lately clearly indicate.

The game is still the same and little of the magic has disappeared for those who really appreciate the game.

I will hide away now for 3 days and then come back and appear again. So now I disapear until July 15 at 1 pm.

And my handle has been immediately parodied. I do NOT use an ellipsis after my handle.


We are threading water here. Even Stoopid is running out of words. Time for a new topic!

I've never threaded water.

But I have learned how to thread beer (in case I ever want to pour it back into the vortex bottle).

As Yeats said, tread softly cos you tread on my threads.

Came across this old quote by Mig today; made me laugh!


"His draw ratio in classical games made Tigran Petrosian look like Attila the Hun." – Mig Greengard (on Leko)

Yes, I believe the chess professionals of the future will be fighters and that chess will be looked upon as a battle between two human beings. The age of Lasker is alive and well, and Carlsen is Lasker's true heir.

So, why must we wait for your reappearance until July 15th at 1:00pm? What amazing things will you be doing in the meantime?

Is our friend having a long holiday? Live update has not been updated for several weeks :(

Great site, mishanp, at the small cost of your identity being revealed :)

Thanks and yep, my cover's blown :) I wanted to be mishanp at Chessvibes as well, but Peter Doggers, reasonably enough, said they'd prefer not to have anonymous authors...

It's funny how this internet thing works - the Ilyumzhinov interview I translated at the weekend ended up all over the place: e.g.
NYTimes: http://gambit.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/07/11/curious-interview-with-the-head-of-the-chess-federation/

Susan Polgar's blog: http://susanpolgar.blogspot.com/2010/07/fischer-for-first-time-in-my-life-i.html

Kevin Spraggett's blog (in glorious technicolor): http://kevinspraggett.blogspot.com/2010_07_01_archive.html#8386234477099481776

Though perhaps the most nuanced response was :) http://closetgrandmaster.blogspot.com/2010/07/octopus-is-from-planet-kirsan.html

It was also very nice of Dennis Monokroussos to leave up a link for a couple of days at http://www.thechessmind.net (if slightly embarrassing that I seem to have misnamed the page linked to...)

On the subject of links - totally and utterly unrelated to chess, but this site is the funniest thing I've read in ages: e.g. http://www.27bslash6.com/missy.html (but see all the other articles on the left of the screen as well)

I second chesshire cat's comment. And indeed you have to blame Chessvibes rather than your own webpage for blewing your cover - all you did was confirming the public secret that mishanp and CMG are one and the same person ,:) .

For what it's worth .... : I guess those who happen to know you in person already spotted you based on bits and pieces you revealed here - there aren't that many Englishmen living in Poland, fluent in Russian and +- other Slavic languages, interested in chess as well as Russian literature (origin of your handle), fans of Liverpool and having travelled to Sofia for the WCh match!!? And for anyone else, me included, your real name doesn't ring a bell anyway.

BTW, my translation of the German language Kramnik interview during the WCh match was only picked up by Dennis Monokroussos, and only because I sent him an email. And he still has the link to your page, it´s just no longer the top item.

Yep, I guess with the interviews it really does make a difference if they appear "permanent" on a website rather than being among comments on someone else's blog! I can always include that Kramnik interview if you like (obviously under Thomas & not mishanp) - if I ever find the time I still want to put all the stuff from Sofia there...

I was a bit unclear about Monokroussos' blog. I meant that he didn't post anything else for a couple of days - though I'm sure it was just because it was a quiet news weekend chesswise. Dortmund should liven things up!

Feel free to include the Kramnik interview (that particular one) if you like, it's all up to you - also fine with me if you limit your site to own translations from Russian! ,:)

BTW, there is never or hardly ever a completely quiet chess news weekend. Currently the Canadian Open Championship is going on - only mentioned at TWIC - but it's comparatively weak (top seed Harikrishna, arguably most famous GM Luke McShane). Last year's edition had Shirov and Adams, earlier ones also had Ivanchuk. So for Dennis Monokroussos (as well as Mig Greengard or anyone else) it's a question of which events he chooses to cover, and how much time he has for his blog at any given moment?

True about the chess - from a British point of view it's great to see Luke McShane playing again, and David Howell about to play both Biel and the Rising Stars v. Experience tournament next month: http://www.chess.co.uk/twic/chessnews/events/nh-chess-tournament-2010 Which might all come in handy before they meet Anand, Kramnik & Carlsen at the London tournament!

Hello to every one. It is 1 PM.

Please give us updates about your toilet visits as well.

Luke McShane just pulled a pretty trick on Alexander Shabalov in tonite's Canadian Open game. Worth a look over at Monroi. Black Rf4,Pe5,Bd4 make mate after WK captures on e4 with White Rd3 and Pd5 blocking.

Wow, 113 comments in an item with Liv Tyler, and the words "Lord" and "Rings" do not appear on the page! OK, as a scientist it occurred to me to check "LOTR" too, and one commenter mentioned that. But still no association to the fact that per Anand's own words, he got fired up watching the trilogy during his 40-hour trek to Sofia. With an Anand-Carlsen battle a looming possibility, think of the publicity angles...

Angry looking for G-Star-Raw is the first step. The next step is Hollywood and a vampire movie with Carlsen and Liv Tyler. Carlsen worked with Kasparov. They could have a secret plan. Carlsen could be the Schwarzenegger of chess. First chess-player and world-champion then Movie-Star then Governor.

Don't hate the player......Great pub for Chess and Magnus...anyone criticizing him would do it in a second if they were so gifted and you know it :)

This article written by a good flat, ah, anyway I like, I hope bloggers could write better articles later, Oh, my top about it! Tim points popular!


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