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Spassky Reported Ill after Stroke

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In Moscow hospital in intensive care. He's 73.

K-M Olympiad, r3: Gashimov's Revenge

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Vietnam beating Azerbaijan is the news of the day. Smooth ride for most of the other favorites.

K-M Olympiad, r2: Warm-ups Continue

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Some intriguing matchups in the second round, including Azerbaijan-Vietnam and Argentina-Hungary.
Olympiad underway, with the usual web and game nightmare. Any surprises this year?

Kirsan Slogan Contest!

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Kirsan's new slogan is KIRSAN + ♥ = FIDE. Really. We can do better and be rewarded for the accomplishment. Win a book and global fame!
Major Fashion Week event in NYC starring Magnus Carlsen for the fashion company G-Star. Kasparov, Nakamura, Judit Polgar also involved in game of Carlsen vs the World.

Ho Lee Heck

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Music video with a chess theme and a well-known actor playing an even better known chessplayer.

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