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Bilbao is Super

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Just. No. Time. This new book project is going kill me where the Karpov campaign failed. Argh. Anand, Carlsen, Kramnik, Shirov. Should be playing a proper four laps but in this downsized era we have to settle for just six rounds. Official site. ChessBase preview. I don't think Anand has won a classical tournament since Linares/Morelia 2008, but he's won two world championship matches since then so he's not doing all that badly. Carlsen was in horrible form at the Olympiad losing thrice, and where Kramnik beat Shirov in the final round.


Mig, what's the new book project?

I'm going to try translating the commentary by Sergey Shipov (probably the best chess commentator in the world ©) live: http://www.chessintranslation.com/live-game/

I'm not 100% sure he's chosen Kramnik - Carlsen, but I'd be pretty amazed if he hasn't :) Starts 16:30 CET, or in about 2.5 hours.

That thing that Magnus is wearing on his neck, is it a bib?


"Pearls of Wisdom From My Daily Dirt Bloggers."

(A very short book.)

Thanks, looking forward to it! The only bad news might be that Shipov will never comment on Shirov's game, because the other one always has an (even) higher Elo average?

What is happening in Bilbao? I don't see any feeds of the games yet.

@Mig - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...(just some words of encouragement)

Jim, still 80 minutes to go until the start of the round ...

I believe Mig is working on a new book by Kasparov.

Such details are hardly relevant, Thomas.

You mean Jim would like to stare at the starting position for more than an hour, pondering options for both sides?

It's a complicated position, after all : )

In my day, games used to start 1.e5.

I'm calling 1) Anand 2) Kramnik 3) Carlsen 4) Shirov
But I would love it if Shirov won.

In MY day, it was 1. P-K4, ...


In my day 1. P-K3. That new-fangled double-move rule wasn't in yet.

Carlsen might open with 1. e3.

But one covered in home analysis - it would be understandable if Chess 960 was played.

Apparently Bronstein used to often ponder many minutes on his opening move.

This is the kind of position which Kramnik likes.
Queenless, closed, black bishop is weak, b6 pawn is weak. Wll be interesting to see if White can break through.

Kramnik could walk the King to h5 and plant a knight on g4.

Interesting game. I would consider the pawn structure dangerous for Black, with the weaknesses on b6 and d6, and White's potential to eventually create an outside passed pawn. Shipov (thanks Mishanp) seems to think the structure has been only a minor disadvantage, but Carlsen has made some sloppy moves, which Kramnik can and will exploit.

I would agree that white has a slight, seemingly stable advantage. But which moves from Carlsen do you consider "sloppy"? According to Shipov's live commentary he avoided lines leading to complete and dry equality, but his alternative choices weren't necessarily bad ones.

And just how could white create a passed pawn on the a-file?

I don't understand 28... gxf4. Seems to me white's rook would have more chance to take advantage of the opened g file than black

To me it sounds as if Shipov doesn't like Carlsen's striving for activity, the g5 advance, and the knight maneuver -d7-b8-d7. I think Carlsen's pawn structure is problematic enough to justify risky decisions. Shipov would have liked him to focus on the center.

double up the rook on g file. Go for the kill, Kramnik !! :-)

Super end game technique by Anand!!

One more round like this and we'll have NO 2800 players left!

41 Rdg1, 41 Ne5. The mating net is cast.

So now we can discuss -- what the hell is wrong with Carlsen lately? Too many distraction (modelling, chess, in-love)?

Maybe he's just still got a few things to learn from his illustrious fellow heavyweights. Even the sun has its acne.

OK but then "sloppy" may not be the right word. Carlsen seemed overly ambitious, a bit "in the style of his Olympiad losses". And if he gets punished by Jobava, Adams and Sjugirov, it's no surprise that Kramnik is also up to the task.

Todays Carlsen loss was perhaps different to the other recent losses. But maybe Magoose always playing for a win mentality needs to chnage - it got him to no 1 but now more draws and a more solid game may be the order of the day

From the press conference (Carlsen and Kramnik spoke in English, I won't be able to follow Shirov and Anand who are fluent in Spanish):

Carlsen criticized (in hindsight!) his moves 15.-g5 [I think fairly common in such positions, but bad in this exact situation?] and 28.-gf4: (+1 for roamingwind!). He refused to talk about a crisis and said something like "I lost one game, it's not the end of the world" - well, what else could he say?

Kramnik agreed with Carlsen and pointed out 35.-Ra5 (35.-Rb4!) as decisive mistake. He made his usual remark: "I haven't checked yet with a computer, for the time being I think that I played well". On the final position he said "visually I liked it a lot, Magnus may not agree with me".
His mood changed a bit when Leontxo Garcia asked questions about the Olympiad, particularly the last-round match Russia-Spain. He said that second place wasn't a bad result but .... "before the end of my career I want to win gold at the Olympiad. Now I'll have to wait two more years, oh well I will wait." IMO good news for the chess world that he won't retire yet!?

Many, many thanks!

Nice game. Small disatvanges are dangerous against those (as Kramnik) who have little ambition but earn their living precisely by scraping after such things.

Kirsan beats Kasparov, Kramnik beats Carlsen. What's new under the sky?

Akiba Rubinstein also used to think for several minutes before making his first moves.

Where did you watch the press conference? I can't find it and may try to translate the spanish part.

Like last year, it was in the live video and apparently isn't available later on. A bit earlier Anand and Shirov were (as far as I understood) discussing their game, but presumably didn't have much to say.

What's new under the sky?

Migasparov is writing another new book.

"Small disatvanges are dangerous against those (as Kramnik) who have little ambition but earn their living precisely by scraping after such things."

Shame on Kramnik for "scraping" after dangerous and ultimately winning advantages.

The 3-1-0 scoring system is already obsolete. The improved, Neptunian system awards only a "2" for games won via the accumulation of small advantages.

And why is Anand playing the Berlin, anyway? Wants to quietly shake off the rust at the beginning, maybe? I likes champs to be champs, so let's see the Tiger eating some man-cubs soon.

Personally, I find games which are won by accumulating small advantages and grinding instructive. All out tactical, king hunting games are, of course, exciting; but one would, at least generally know the method of play. In dry, small advantage grinding game, I would always wonder "how the heck can one win from this?", and seeing how it is done is always instructive.

Fred Lucas (see TWIC site) took an awesome photo of Kramnik taking off his jacket(putting on his jacket?) before his game with Carlsen. Kramnik looks like Clark Kent taking off his suit and transforming into Superman! Ought to be a Best Chess Photo prize for that pic.


I strongly second that, roamingwind.

Or "Pearls Before Swine", Greg -- a very long book for Mig.

Hey Mig! You said you might dump some very interesting emails into the public domain (via WikiLeaks?) if the Kirsan campaign managed to perform its usual machinations. Now would be a great time to give us the goods! Or perhaps there really is no proof of the allegations about Kirsan...

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