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Sponsorship Opportunity

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Direct from the little DUB Pie Shop around the corner, which makes savory little pies described as New Zealand/Australian style, comes the Moro Bar. This one was made in New Zealand. (Ominously, that Wikipedia page says they aren't made there anymore.) Apparently they exist elsewhere in the Commonwealth but I'd never seen one. It's like a Mars Bar, or a Milky Way, not really my thing since I don't care for caramel or its scary cousin, nougat. Contents notwithstanding, it's an obvious sponsorship opportunity for a certain famously gutsy Russian chessplayer.

Following in the tradition of the Baby Ruth (supposedly actually named for President Grover Cleveland's daughter and not the baseball legend) and the Reggie! bar, we definitely need Morozevich posing with one of these as soon as possible.


That thing's been around here (Ireland) for years, Mig. It's pronounced Moar-o in these parts, which would scotch your idea. Who knows what the Aussies say.

That's expletive hilarious! Thanks for sharing that, Mig.

Any reason why Moro (the chess player) is so out of favor with tournament organizers these days?

Elo might play a role, but actually I am not that sure he's out of favor: He rather declined several invitations or withdrew at short notice - for sure Ambber this year and the Olympiad (board 1 for Russia 2). He seems to be in a crisis and/or suffers from lack of motivation - the one invitational event where he played this year (Pamplona in July) also didn't go well with 4/9 against 2600ish opposition.

Morozevich is certainly in need of an energy bar. Or 10.

wow that's so funny, how old are you again?

Embarrasing pathetic childish - whats wrong with mig is he drunk when he writes this stuff.?? His blogs - infrequent erratic seem quite unstable these days. A moro bar .. I get the feeling he has grown to despise his blog and returns to it with a very weary pen and very large scotch

Good to have you back Mig.

I agree, Andy. Mig's blog has become horrific, a travesty of all that's good and noble. It's simply shocking, his failure to provide you with top-quality premium content, free of charge.

Also, you're right--the erratic nature of his posts is probably indicative of serious mental illness (or maybe he just has better things to do with his spare time).

(Drinks a very large Scotch, faceplants on the desk and stabs himself in the nose with his weary pen.)

On sponsors: Tata Steel Chess Tournament is the new name for Corus. Players: http://www.coruschess.com/article.php?s=n203 (dutch). The B tournament looks impressive.

There's a surprising amount of rating overlap between the A and B groups. It's more like Group A and Group A-1/2. :-)

Really looking forward to Nepomniachtchi's entry into this class; predicting he'll be a future world champ. I expect him to upset a few notables in this tourney. We'll see...

:) nothings free. He should stop - his comments are increasingly ignored poeple post on their own topics

...clutches rolled up place card from a simul sniffs feebly at adulterated powder lined up in spine of old New in Chess mag slumps to floor muttering Ronen Yermo chess fm bastards 3 jobs,,,,

It's really sad to see Navara in B while players like l'Ami and Smeets are in A. He outrates l'Ami by nearly 100 points and Smeets by over 50 points. Fressinet and Wojtaszek should also probably be in the A group.

Corus is so good. So much better compared to Linares.

And look at that group B...

Speaking of sponsorship opportunities, I'm seeing Magnus in a 911:

Beats those emrbroidered shirts!

Is Aronian #1 in the world now? Could it be?!

I'm missing Ivanchuk, Short, Adams and Van Wely!

Maybe Moro lost his mojo when he ran out of unorthodox opening to surprise his opponents with.. if I recall correctly he was already playing normal openings in his last few major tournament appearances.

No. 2 right now. Carlsen drew Anand while Aronian drew Laznicka so tomorrow when the list is updated he will probably drop a little.

Overall it is unlikely that both Carlsen and Anand gain many rating points in this tournament while Levon seems to be in his best shape, so he has all the chances to stay No.2 - close to No. 1 or actually become No. 1.

When does the new official list come out?

11/1 is the list but the tournaments running now may or may not be included. With FIDE, you never know.

Nanjing finishes just October 30th, which should be too late for the Nov 1 list. The European Club Cup finishes earlier and, as an official FIDE event, is exempt from rating deadlines (?). Hence Aronian might become official #1 even if he never does so on the live rating list ... .

BTW, Grischuk (4/4 so far against somewhat weaker opposition) is also doing fine at the European Club Cup and could possibly enter the top5 - but only if Topalov does badly in Nanjing and then (if the above is correct) only on the live rating list.

There has been precedent for tournaments theoretically not countable that were counted due to political pressure (see April 2007 list where Linares was included b/c it made Anand #1 for the first time).

what kind of demented ...? Who doesn't like caramel for Pete's sake! (or nougat for that matter)

Thats quite the revisionist history you've got there pioneer.

Nothing revisionist about it...Linares usually ends too late to be included for the April list -- like it was this year. The sources for my claim can easily be found on Anand's wiki page.

I'm surprised no Karjakin at Corus (or Tata) this year.

Anand and Carlsen share the 1. place on the Live rating list today with 2808,3 - Is this the first time two players share the 1. place on this list?

You state that there were political pressure because it would make Anand no. 1.

The case was that they always counted it, and suddenly decided to not do this without previous warning, in fact changing practice.

Theres quite a difference between what happened, and what you wrote.

No it isn't. The fact is they wouldn't have counted it if it hadn't changed who became world #1...just as they haven't counted Linares since. What I wrote was completely accurate...as usual.

Yasser and Benjamin were great on ICC today covering the tournament. It took awhile for Yasser to settle in, but towards the end of the Carlsen/Gashimo Anand/bacrot games, yasser relaxed a bit. I didn't expect it to be so entertaining. Great show.

"No it isn't."

Thats a very good argument, I'll grant you that much...

They did count Lineares all the years before. Fact.
They decided to change practice when Anand was about to be number one. Fact.
Noone was informed of FIDEs decicison to change this until after the... Fact.

Here's the link, smart aleck.


As usual, what I have stated is completely accurate. Next time, get your facts straight before you try to challenge me.

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