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Cheating Cœurs

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Some evidence finally came out in the French Federation cheating scandal. The texts were declared inadmissible in court, but the Federation had them and, if they say what they say they say, the gun isn't smoking, it has burst into flames. Guy with computer offsite sends moves by sms to accomplice. Accomplice signals move to player by standing behind different boards in sequence. Clever and pretty efficient without having to train with a set of hand signals or eyebrow maneuvers. Why cell phones were allowed in the hall is the real issue for the future, though with enough accomplices I suppose there could be a handoff outside the hall and the same method could work. So what's next, the players compete in a Thunderdome environment like the glass case in Bilbao so nobody enters or exits?

The punishments meted out were stiff enough, I think, at least since there isn't really much that can be done. The player in question, 20-year-old GM Sebastian Feller, "was sentenced to three years followed by two years of community service with the French Chess Federation or other association chosen by him (if he refuses he will receive an additional two-year suspension)." I guess this means a suspension from officially representing France, since there is no way I know of for his federation to prevent him from playing as much as he wants in other events. Even FIDE, which has blacklisted players before, would have trouble with that one, though they can take you off the rating list. What effect would that have on someone wanting to play at Aeroflot or the World Open? It would be useful as a deterrent if someone could be banned from pushing a pawn professionally for something like this, but the chess world is far to decentralized for that, which generally isn't a bad thing. But in this case, since it was all handled inside the French Fed, it probably means it's best from his professional standpoint for Feller to simply deny everything and hope he can keep his various pro team positions, if they will have him.

None of the involved have openly admitted guilt, from what I can tell. Hauchard, the team coach who was the alleged accomplice at the Olympiad, reportedly admitted to others there was cheating there, whatever that means. Certainly the French Federation, which hasn't handled this too cleverly PR-wise, has no motivation to make up an intricate cheating plot by one of their top young players and the coach of the national team. I wouldn't expect them to release the damning texts to the public even if they could, but I'm glad they finally explained how they could be so certain. Text messages to the coach that follow the moves of the game is about as certain as you can get without a full confession. (The ChessBase article adds the distracting "they analyzed the games with an engine" graf, which is annoying. Statistical move matching can be dangerously arbitrary even when properly controlled.)

Will FIDE weigh in on this at all? Will Bartel Mateusz get Feller's board five gold medal from Khanty-Mansiysk? (And the extra 2000 euros?) Would that also mean striking all of Feller's points and changing the team results of the Olympiad? Feller's wins provided the margin of victory in three consecutive rounds, 7-9, against Spain, Russia 2, and Georgia, as well as drawing the match with England. I'm sure FIDE will do everything it can to keep the lid on that can of worms.

In sum, it's a bombshell piece of news, proof that cheating has occurred at the top level. Should we just hope that nobody tries it again? Or assume that the would-be cheaters of the future won't be dumb enough to let a federation official have access to their SMS transcripts? Seriously, they were caught only thanks to dumbness and dumb luck. Kudos to the French Federation for not sweeping this under the carpet. Sadly, I doubt many other federations would have been so scrupulous.


It's Mateusz Bartel, not Bartel Mateusz :) It'll be poetic justice if he does win the board prize as he could have guaranteed the prize by not playing in the last round. The Polish team captain, Mikhail Krasenkow, wrote an open letter to FIDE before the Olympiad pointing out that it was a recipe for trouble to offer large individual prizes for a team event: e.g. http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=6392

After it he said: http://crestbook.com/en/node/1342

"We'd already decided in advance that everyone would play for the team, forgetting about individual medals and prizes. Though what went on inside the head of Joanna Dworakowska, who, by playing in the last round and losing the game, instead of first prize on her board received nothing, and Mateusz Bartel, who made a draw (with Black against a strong opponent) and instead of first prize got second, only they could tell you."

p.s. I can't help thinking the earlier report at ChessVibes should get a mention: http://www.chessvibes.com/reports/french-cheating-disciplinary-committee-says-guilty/ Especially as ChessBase borrows bits and pieces verbatim, as is their wont ;) That said, ChessBase could hardly leave out the comparison with the chess engine lines, as it was raised at the hearing.

I would hope that the suspension means exclusion from all FIDE events? Or am I naive?


i think the cheating was using a clever method. I will try it in our low Germann BMM once with 2 friends. Because we play with a team of 8 player, it is even easier to transmite the moves, 1-8 and A-H without mixing up compared to a team with only 4 players. GREAT! I assume nobody will find out. I was looking for such an idea for long, in soccer they got doping and we poor ches players had to play without cheat all the years.

Feller already lost his contracts with German and Belgian clubs. This is from a (tabloid-style) article in a regional French newspaper (from the part of the country where he grew up) supporting him; I merely noticed that he didn't play for Werder Bremen in the German Bundesliga since January. The decision by the French federation may also cost him invitations to round robins, and maybe he won't be welcome at Swiss opens either?

But ironically, if he appeals to the decision (as his lawyer already said), he can play at the European Championship in Aix-les-Bains, France(!) that starts tomorrow. BTW that's a World Cup qualifier and a pretty strong event, just naming the 2700ers:
1 GM Svidler Peter RUS 2730
2 GM Nepomniachtchi Ian RUS 2729
3 GM Navara David CZE 2722
4 GM Vitiugov Nikita RUS 2720
5 GM Jakovenko Dmitry RUS 2718
6 GM Caruana Fabiano ITA 2716
7 GM Wojtaszek Radoslaw POL 2711
8 GM Jobava Baadur GEO 2707
9 GM Vallejo Pons Francisco ESP 2707
http://www.fide.com/component/content/article/4-tournaments/5129-12th-european-individual-chess-championship.html has the rest of the 20 top seeds and a link to the official website.

The real mastermind seemed to be Marzolo. Young Feller made an error of judgement to go along with the scheme. Does anybody feel that the punishment for Feller is too harsh?

So sad...the more we advance as a species the more our morals follow our DNA ):

I think an example has to be set. In my opinion, the easier it is to cheat, the harsher the punishment should be.

who remembers D.P Singh ? :)

Actually the most extensive report is (in French) at http://www.europe-echecs.com/actualites/compte-rendu-de-la-commission-de-discipline-2583.html . This might explain similarities between the coverage at Chessbase and Chessvibes, apparently Europe Echecs provided an English translation to both - Chessvibes (Peter Doggers) had put an "Update 2: Gérard Demuydt of Europe-Echecs sent us some more information."

I had translated parts of the French coverage in the comments at Chessvibes, including how exactly the players reportedly cheated (half an hour before that Update 2). Relevant to mishanp's/Krasenkow's comment, I put some more here from Romain Edouard's testimony:
"He then comments on the final round. ... The team composition, which had to be submitted on the morning of the rest day, was, as habitually, determined after consulting players and team captain. Romain Edouard was supposed to play on board 3 with the white pieces. He goes out in the evening with Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and returns late. He notices that Arnaud Hauchard tried to reach him. The next day (rest day), he notes with surprise that, according to the official site, he plays board 4 with black. He then goes to see Arnaud Hauchard to receive an explanation. Hauchard sends him to Jean-Claude Moingt and explains that Sébastien Feller was sick. Romain wonders if Feller isn't simulating, in order to secure his gold medal on board 5."
The story was that French federation president Jean-Claude Moingt insisted on Feller's absence during the last round, but didn't want to reveal the actual reason to Feller's teammates.

Yep, the sources are all French (as was the extra info). I should make the disclaimer that I'd seen the ChessVibes text prior to publication and made a few suggestions - it's interesting, for example, how many different ways there are of translating: "coupables d'atteinte à l'éthique sportive" :) So I was alert to some things in the ChessBase piece, though it's understandable to use existing English translations/articles when reporting on a highly complex story - of course if the French federation provided English translations relating to such an international issue it would be helpful, though again, it's understandable that they don't. Your versions are very useful!

On an entirely unrelated note, here's the inside story on why Kramnik's doing so badly at this year's Amber :) http://www.chessintranslation.com/2011/03/i-dont-consider-chess-a-game-its-theatre/

Or joking aside, Kseniya Simonova, the sand artist from the Amber opening ceremony, talks about what chess means to her.

The French federation may be lazy, or their English is poor - but I think the main reason why THEY don't provide English translations is that they didn't actively seek international media attention. A while ago (in one of several related threads on Chessvibes) I asked Peter Doggers if the FFE sent an 'unsolicited' press release, they didn't.

Another "timeline" may be interesting:
22 Dec 2010 - the FFE starts disciplinary action against Feller, Hauchard and Marzolo
5 Jan 2011 (before Tata) - they inform Vachier-Lagrave, who then decides, after consulting his sponsor, that his long-term coach Hauchard shouldn't travel to Wijk aan Zee with him. As it turns out now, Hauchard had half-confessed to him that very day ("there was cheating in Khanty-Mansiysk, but I wasn't actively involved, just closed my eyes").
21 Jan 2011 - statement (in French) on the FFE homepage
22 Jan 2011 - Jan Gustafsson mentions this and links on his blog, that's where I saw it first [He was Smeets' second in Wijk and may have heard about it from one of the French players? I don't think he checks the French federation homepage daily, and - as he wrote just today - his highschool French is quite rusty]
Then gradually English-language sites pick up the story. Chessvibes was the last one, presumably because they were waiting for Feller's reply. It's, hmmm, unusual that a rather new German language site was the first one to spread the news outside of France ... .

(particularly) @kenh in another thread: It might be 'relatively normal' that Vachier-Lagrave still did well in Wijk aan Zee - a professional player can leave such things behind and focus on his own play?! In hindsight, I find the Europe Echecs video interview with VL, Fressinet and Tkachiev during Tata even more remarkable: Basically Maxime said that he was as surprised as anyone else, and wanted to help the federation to find out the truth. This was well after Hauchard's confession. So he already knew that Feller and colleagues were in deep trouble, but (at least to me) neither his words nor his body language gave any hint - he kept things secret as the investigation was ongoing.

Was the first phrase of your post really necessary? You know as well as anyone that neither ambition nor language skills was a factor.

It's things like that which grate against others on this site, and endear you to them. It isn't necessary, Thomas, it just isn't necessary.

"The French federation may be lazy, or their English is poor - but I think the main reason why THEY don't provide English translations is that they didn't actively seek international media attention"

Does the FFE *ever* translate its Press Releases to English? If it usually does, but failed to do so only in this instance, then your surmise makes some sense. If it never provides English translations for the items that it posts, then it is likely to be motivated by a broader principle: "It is unnecessary, since the text is already available in the best language in the world"? ;-)

The Chess World needs to hit Feller hard, and shun him from Round Robin Invitations, as well as any official FIDE and FFE events, Chess leagues, etc.

Even after 3 years, organizers ought to make clear that they will continue to ban him until he issues a full confession, and voluntarily releases all of the SMS texts.

The cheating is bad enough, but the attempt to deny it using Eurolawyers and lame appeals to human rights is a pathetic way to avoid the bitter consequences.

You guys are such crybabies. Big deal. So the guy cheated. Or maybe not. As far as I can tell he hasn't been proven guilty as of this time. But even if he is guilty, who cares? He has been punished, so why say that he needs to be punished more? Have none of you ever made mistakes, especially when young? Have you confessed ALL your sins and trespasses to the public? If not, shut up and give the guy some grace....

Why didn't he just use the LAN connection in the bathroom like everyone else?

My first phrase was meant to be humorous, it might have been too well hidden. Background was mishanp's request for "English translations relating to such an international issue" and the fact that I lived in France myself, so I am a bit familiar with French mentality and consider myself a critical friend of the French. Yes, they are very proud of their language and at least the older generation often isn't exactly fluent in English. I can't and won't make similar statements about Russian people, language and culture - but mishanp could do so.

I can confirm to Doug that the FFE never translates their press releases - at least there doesn't seem to be a single English word on the current frontpage, and clicking on the English flag merely changes "il y a 545 utilisateurs" to "there are 545 users"!? In most cases, it doesn't matter because the issues aren't international.

One issue could be that anything related to the Feller case is legally relevant, hence an official or officially endorsed translation would have to be very accurate. Mine are those of an anonymous amateur, even if I made every reasonable effort to be correct and, just as important, not to leave out relevant context. I had started translating at Chessvibes because one fellow blogger (a persistent and verbose defender of Feller) quoted out of context, stating that a court had forced the federation to pay 2500 Euros to Feller as compensation for damage to his reputation. The original source stated "partial(!) compensation for his legal expenses".

Hi Robert,
Whilst you defend the rights of the alleged culprits you seem oblivious to the possible harm done to the alleged victims, "who cares?"

Mig's piece said amongst other things:
"Will FIDE weigh in on this at all? Will Bartel Mateusz get Feller's board five gold medal from Khanty-Mansiysk? (And the extra 2000 euros?) Would that also mean striking all of Feller's points and changing the team results of the Olympiad? Feller's wins provided the margin of victory in three consecutive rounds, 7-9, against Spain, Russia 2, and Georgia, as well as drawing the match with England."

So the "who cares?" could potentially involve a player cheated out of a gold medal, a player cheated out of serious $$, teams cheated out of points, players cheated out of rating points.

Who cares? ... Meh!!

The actual act of cheating is quite important, for the reasons that dysgraphia lists.

The erroneous denial of the cheating charges is also important, since Feller and his accomplices are thereby wrongly tying up resources that might be used for more profitable endeavors. Based on the evidence, Feller is not only a cheat, but a liar too. The only "winners" from these relentless appeals are the attorneys involved in the case.

Much better to have "closure" on the whole matter, than to "bitter end" in the hopes of some last minute salvation by some technicality. Such self-centered defiance simply further adds to the insult to the integrity of the game.


Thanks for your rational response. You are right, wrongs need to be righted. However, though I pretty much agree with your logic, I was responding to a different guy who wrote:

"The Chess World needs to hit Feller hard, and shun him from Round Robin Invitations, as well as any official FIDE and FFE events, Chess leagues, etc.

Even after 3 years, organizers ought to make clear that they will continue to ban him until he issues a full confession, and voluntarily releases all of the SMS texts.

The cheating is bad enough, but the attempt to deny it using Eurolawyers and lame appeals to human rights is a pathetic way to avoid the bitter consequences."
---end quote---

Here's my thing: if someone got cheated out of a gold medal, than yes, Feller's needs to be taken and given to the right person. Same with the $2K. However, this ends here. He has been punished, and wrongs have been righted. However, what the above quote states, about just continuing to punish Feller for the sake of punishment is pure rubbish and doesn't accomplish anything other than pure retribution.

French federation was stupid to do that ...

Most federations in the world discreetly boycott those who are suspected of cheating , but never make a big scandal like that ... Look at what FIDE said to the French Federation during the Olympiad when the FFE head asked FIDE to help them punish the cheats : FIDE said "deal with it discreetly and internally "

Now the only thing the French federation gained , is that BBC news frontpage talks about it : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-12853229
(even Monaco Amber and Carlsen didn't manage to make the BBC news .. )

And now , French chess appears like a bunch of cheats , and other countries and federations appear like they are clean simply because they choose to shut up when a cheat is suspected whereas the French chess federation was stupid enough to make a big fuss about that ...

French federation lost everything here : they obtained no proof , no justice condemnation , French ches reputation has been seriously undermined , probably will lose their Olympiad medals ...

This shows it' much better to shut up next time when cheats are discovered ... French federation should have done like all other feds , instead they wanted to show they are more virtous and righteous than others and now here 's what they got : nothing but bad rep and bad PR ...

"they obtained no proof"

Out of pure curiosity: what would constitute proof of cheating in this case?

Hi Robert,
Now that you have drawn my attention to the wider context in which your comments were made I can see your point. Making Feller, the youngest of the trio and still considered a minor in some countries, suffer most and in perpetuity is harsh.
If the allegations are true then in which swamp was the French "team captain" living?

OpenChess had a English translation of EuropeEchecs too.

I think the guy mixed up who visited whom with Pomian and Marzolo, and a few other minor points.

The French are famous for being Francophone. :)

As Feller's lawyer says, the punishment acts like he hasn't become a 2600+ player by working 8 hours a day. The guys who defend Rybka say the same thing now that his copying of Fruit and previously Crafty code is public, but thats more of a civil case of author's moral rights than cheating.

---Does anyone think the punishment is too harsh.---

In France, the mechanism for this is known as "appeals", so maybe the first court of instance almost has to be as harsh as possible, knowing the sentences are typically reduced or mitigated. As Mig said there's no way to enforce much unless FIDE issues a ban and deletes his rating. Open tournaments outside France can turn him away at their own risk, and noone is likely to invite him anywhere for at least a year or two. Just the fact that he's been caught twice now (ChessBase online before) with the recent Paris champ under heavy suspicion now means he's likely to face tough scrutiny even if they let him play. Danailov should probably become his manager before it's too late.

I hope your post is (partly) ironic - if not, let me point out some facts:
1) The cheating scandal involves three players (#4, 15 and 48 on the current French rating list); all other players (including Feller's teammates) are innocent.
2) FIDE (or rather one FIDE representative, president of the ethics committee Roberto Rivello) advised the FFE to deal with the affair internally, but "discreetly" seems your invention. My interpretation: FFE was in a better position to investigate, and FIDE/Rivello just didn't want to let a bomb explode during the final round of the Olympiad.
As I wrote before: What would people say if the French federation knew about the affair, didn't take any action, and at some stage someone else (e.g. an investigative journalist) found out about it?
BTW, how would it be possible to "discreetly boycot" Feller or anyone else suspected or convicted of cheating? They could expel him from the national team, maybe quoting "team chemistry" to explain why the country's #4 isn't selected. It's already harder to exclude him from French individual or team championships without giving the reason in public. And he played in the German Bundesliga (until January this year) - should or could the FFE 'discreetly' contact his club Werder Bremen, asking to discontinue his contract while keeping the actual reason strictly confidential?

Fide should change the rules make it very expensive for cheaters stiffer penalties and stripping the titles of those caught would send the right message to everyone of the seriousness of the dishonour.

I have to say that i find the evidence shown in the case less than satisfactory: they are punished because someone (Hauchard) told the other players they were cheating, but there isn't nothing else (so far). A regular judge won't condemn anyone with so little proof. Of course, if it goes into penal court then the sms aren't protected anymore and we may find the truth finally. I still find it hard to believe they sent so many sms and nobody noticed anything, i mean, if Hauchard was really pointing every move to Feller, nobody realized at least something wrong was happening? I find it shameful if they really cheated, but somehow can't still believe they did it in such a stupid way and only got caught because a women told them about it...

"I still find it hard to believe they sent so many sms and nobody noticed anything,"

The chess olympiad is a huge event with tons of people milling about, making it easier to go unnoticed. But if you recall, Feller did manage to arouse suspicion at another, smaller tournament (Biel, I think).

"I have to say that i find the evidence shown in the case less than satisfactory:"

What better proof could possibly be obtained? Seriously? Unless you're dealing with hopelessly naîve methods such as in the DP Singh case, you simply will not find a more clearcut case than this one. (Note that it's not necessary to rely on SMS. It would be much safer to transmit the moves via an encrypted web service of some sort.)

Thanks for this updated information on French Federation cheating scandal

To be perfectly honest it sounds as though the penalties were too light. The only way to stamp out this kind cheating is lifetime bans for everyone involved.

An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write a lot more on this subject..Thank You


Feller is still playing in Belgian clubs.

Please, don't give informations that are not true!

Albert Frank, International Arbiter

I had mentioned that I cannot verify my source, a regional French newspaper. The tone of the article was decidedly pro-Feller - "poor guy, he already lost some sources of income". Nor can I find back the link, but I assure you that it is or was on the Internet.

As you reply nearly six months after I posted: Does he now play for the same Belgian club (who accepts his "legal tricks") or for a different one (who might hire him because he is relatively cheap, given that he needs money)?

For sure Feller lost his spot in the German Bundesliga. His former club Werder Bremen wrote rather laconically "after just a very short period, we didn't continue our collaboration" - and hired another young Frenchman, Romain Edouard.

We should take an action now "The concentration chess readers put into looking at a diagram makes them particularly susceptible to subliminal impression."

I need to change his attitude "Your concepts were simple to understand that I wondered why I in no way looked at it prior to. Glad to know that there’s a blogger out there that certainly understands what he’s discussing."

The cheating is bad enough, but the attempt to deny it using Eurolawyers and lame appeals to human rights is a pathetic way to avoid the bitter consequences.

This is very informative "The punishments meted out were stiff enough, I think, at least since there isn't really much that can be done. The player in question, 20-year-old GM Sebastian Feller, "was sentenced to three years followed by two years of community service with the French Chess Federation or other association chosen by him (if he refuses he will receive an additional two-year suspension)" thanks for sharing....

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it appears to have put the program into the strength category of Rybka, at least in head-to-head play.

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Fruit and Toga did it a few years ago before Rybka came in and shoved everything else out of the limelight.

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