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World Cup 2011 r4: Lady's First

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The last time Judit Polgar made a deep run in a FIDE World Cup / FIDE KO Championship we were still in the 20th century. She cruised to the fifth round in Las Vegas, where she lost to eventual winner Alexander Khalifman's amazing run of form. Other than that trip, she has usually underperformed these events, losing early to underdogs Almasi and Milov. The 2004 and 2007 events corresponded with the arrival of her two children and in 2009, at the last World Cup, she lost to another eventual winner, Gelfand, in the third round. Now she's into the sweet 16 once more and clearly in good form, though it will take more time to see if she can fulfill a 2007 interview statement that she could work her way back into the top 10.

We know what Sergey Karjakin would say about it. In their first game, the top seed had his Berlin Wall torn up by Polgar faster than you could sing "Winds of Change" in a German accent. The Berlin is generally popular these days, but it is also trotted out as a sort of antidote to aggressive attackers like Polgar (and, famously, Kasparov). That may just be a myth since her performance rating against the stodgy queenless position is higher than her actual rating and she beat Topalov's Berlin last year. Karjakin must have been encouraged by the 15-move non-game she played against his Berlin at the Olympiad last year, but he wasn't so lucky this time. I don't know enough about Berlin theory to comment on Karjakin's nominal novelty 12..Bb7. All these positions look the same to me and they all make me want to kill myself. The minute shuffling of the minor pieces, the mincing steps of the queenside pawns, it's a horrific business.

Maybe it's as simple as Kasparov's jest in the latest New In Chess regarding Karjakin's (!) recent win over Kramnik's Berlin in the Russian Ch: wait until e6 is covered three times and then play e6! Polgar did play this now-typical sac, pioneered by Kasparov against Kramnik at Astana, 2001. But this time it was for clear purposes, or clearance purposes, allowing her bishop to get behind the lines on the queenside. This all seemed far too simple, but Polgar took her extra pawn and marched it down the board as easy as you please, undeterred by the opposite-colored bishops Karjakin may have been relying on to save his bacon. Their second game was another Ruy Lopez, no Berlin from Polgar, a long theoretical line that was seen in, wait for it, Polgar-Carlsen, Biel 2007. 26.Qe1 was probably White's last best chance at an advantage. After that passed, Black held steadily and the top seed of the World Cup was out. Polgar will face Dominguez for a trip to the quarters. If she beats the Cuban there's no way she can make it to St. Louis in time for the "Kings vs Queens" event she is scheduled to headline with Nakamura and Karpov.

Second-seeded Ivanchuk also lost in the first game of the round, with white to Sutovsky. This set up some drama for the return game, especially when Sutovsky decided that the best defense was a maniacally sacrificial opening against Ivanchuk's Pirc. The old "the best way to play for a draw is to play for a win" was taken a bit too far in this case, methinks. The Israeli GM did have his chances, but he faltered in the complications and Ivanchuk did not. Chucky duly won both rapid games to escape elimination. The strangest match may have been the highlight duel between Morozevich and Grischuk. Grischuk beat Moro's French in the first game and in the second, after 12 uninspired theoretical moves, Morozevich tested his opponent's hearing by offering a draw. Incredible. Sure the position is dull, but queens are on the board, why not play some chess when the alternative is heading home? Are the delights of Khanty-Mansiysk so tempting? Grischuk now faces another countryman, Potkin, who eliminated another strong Russian, Vitiugov. Ivanchuk meets Bu Xiangzhi.

David Navara made news in his match with Moiseenko with a touch-move kerfuffle in their second game that has made news only because of Navara's decision to offer his opponent a draw in a winning position as compensation. This exchange has been hailed as the greatest act of sportsmanship since Lance Armstrong agreed to ride the Tour de France with one testicle. From the reported details, and without seeing a video of the touch-move, this seems more than a little overblown. It sounds like Navara clearly accidentally touched the king next to the bishop he wanted to move, an obvious case of j'adoube. For Moiseenko to make a serious case over such a touch would be bizarre. Navara went on to outplay his opponent over a long game and, only then, with the win at hand in Q v R, did he offer a draw since he was wracked with guilt over the touch-move incident. Having done nothing wrong, Navara punished himself by giving up a well-earned half-point that would have put him through to the next round. Anyone who has met Navara, or even read his commentary, knows that the Czech lad is a tender soul, reserved and humble to a degree that makes you wonder if he will replicate Akiba Rubinstein's habit of moving and then sitting in the corner so as not to disturb his opponent. (As with so much about the players of yore, Donaldson and Minev's words should be taken to heart. "Most stories concerning Rubinstein are at best half truths, which have become so embellished over time that they bear little resemblance to what actually transpired.") I'm not going to completely rain on the sportsmanship parade, but Navara would have done nothing wrong to take the point and every player I've spoken with so far agrees. Anyway, tempest, teapot, and Navara went through after four tiebreaks to meet Zherebukh.

Most of the first tiebreak games were won by black, paving an easy road for Ivanchuk, Kamsky, Ponomariov, Nielsen, Bruzon and Potkin. Svidler won with first with white against Caruana, holding on to a pawn with superlative accuracy. Kamsky played an inspired exchange sac in the first tiebreaker against Nepomniachtchi. It ended up in a drawn rook endgame that, like so many drawn rook endgames in these KO cauldrons, was lost with a beginner mistake. Defend from the side until you can't, only then switch to behind the pawn. Of course Nepo knows that, but as we've seen many times, these events melt the brain. Dominguez went all the way to the armageddon game after a set of curiously short draws in the blitz. With white the Cuban demolished Lysyj to move into a match with Polgar. Our tournament dark horse was officially anointed this round, 18-year-old Ukrainian Yaroslav Zherebukh. He eliminated Mamedyarov in tiebreaks, first winning a Najdorf Sicilian with white in good style and then holding the return game. Zherebukh's 4th-round match with Navara is a slight step up from his recent events, which include failing to move on in the Ukrainian championship semifinal and a Lvov scholastic blitz tournament.

To recap, here's the sweet 16: Polgar-Dominguez, Svidler-Kamsky, Ponomariov-Bruzon, Gashimov-Nielsen, Bu-Ivanchuk, Radjabov-Jakovenko, Zherebukh-Navara, Grischuk-Potkin. Kamsky-Svidler would make for a worthy final match, a shame one of them will go out so early.


Please correct

"I don't know enough about Berlin theory to comment on [...]"


"I don't know enough about chess to comment on [...]"

Find another blog then, Danedude, if your opinion of this one is so low.

Karjakin is one of the biggest experts on Berlin, he has played it with black since he was 13 or something! And Berlin is so anti-Judith style-wise. Great achievement by Judith.

"All these positions look the same to me and they all make me want to kill myself."

;) Haven't seen but I believe they indeed are the same in that none of these positions offer any more advantage than the other?? Except for the surprise element and precise move order requirement??

Navara and Moiseenko are my new favorite players. It's not just the incident over the board either, my deep admiration was extended to their press conference.
I think you can have a "tender soul" as Mig puts it and still play at the highest level. I'll be rooting for Navara to make it.
Peace and good will.

The coverage of the event simply is sensational. In particular I like like the computer analysis page with all those little boards popping up when the mouse hovers over the notation.

Truly, one usually finds it hard to use the adjectives chessplayer and gentleman to describe the same person. I have'nt seen much of Moissenko but every press conference of Navara has me admiring him.

David ben Navara, may your tribe increase!

There's great potential for fine play in Svidler-Kamsky.

i would definitely like to see Judit Polgar make it to the Finals this year - hopefully she can come back tomorrow after losing game 1 today against Dominguez. It will definitely be tough since Dominguez just finished a 9 game round 3 battle against GM Lysyj and is no doubt more determined than ever to continue advancing. Pretty wild stuff about Navara, although it's definitely understandable that he felt bad and did not want to win on a bad note.

I haven't looked at the pairings but I would like to see Radjabov Vs Grischuk (might be unlikely as Grischuk lost today against Potkin - although if Potkin can beat Grischuk he deserves it).

NM Will Stewart - http://www.onlinechesslessons.net

Dennis Monokroussos (http://www.thechessmind.net) has the pairings in bracket order at the end of his Round 3 Tiebreaks report. Grischuk and Radjabov would meet in the semifinal - if they survive this round and the next one (most likely Grischuk-Navara and Radjabov-Ivanchuk).

Best place to look at the brackets is on Wiki


Simple and easy to follow.

Would be interesting to see a Radjabov-Bu quarterfinal...rematch of their early "future champions" matches back in 2000 when they were teenagers.

Yep, but "Results round 5-7" was added only recently and they didn't put placeholders for the players. These would be "Winner Section 1" vs. "Winner Section 2", "Winner Section 3" vs. "Winner Section 4" etc. .
If someone who edits the Wiki page reads this - you're welcome :) .

Yeah I love that page too. I'm constantly amazed that usually Houdini "thinks" that (at least) 3 options are reasonable. Many times I'd have glanced at a position and thought there was only one move only to see it's evalation giving 3 moves a close enough rank!

Great coverage - especially when video feed working

[White "Kamsky, Gata"]
[Black "Svidler, Peter"]
[Result "0-1"]
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O b5 6. Bb3 Bc5 7. a4 Rb8 8. axb5
axb5 9. c3 d6 10. d4 Bb6 11. Be3 O-O 12. Nbd2 h6 13. h3 Re8 14. Qc2 exd4 15.
cxd4 Na5 16. Ba2 Bb7 17. e5 Nd5 18. Bb1 g6 19. Bxh6 Nc6 20. exd6 Qxd6 21. Ne4
Qb4 22. Ba2 Nxd4 23. Nf6+ Kh8 24. Nxd4 Nxf6 25. Nc6 Qh4 26. Nxb8 Re2 27. Qc3
Rxf2 28. Nc6 Rxf1+ 0-1

Pity Kamsky went down, but wow what a game. Look at the pretty tactics at the end!

Shouldn't your title be "Ladies First"?

Seconding Aditya K and others:
Navara really is a remarkable chess player and human being. He´s emerging as one of my favourites, in both senses.

In terms of chess, I am especially impressed with his endgame skills. Most of you have probably watched this already, but for those who haven't, I highly recommend it:


No because Mig is only talking about one lady the great Judit

The same great Judit has just won on demand with black in 112 moves to stay in the tournament. Brilliant!

Domínguez had a draw by threefold repetition in that game but failed to claim it. Talk about FAIL.

hey hey hey, look who is back. you were on vacation last week when Botvinik was on, right?

What does the touch-move rule actually say? Suppose you brush the king by accident on your way to moving the bishop, and you never had any thought of picking up the king - can your opponent then oblige you to move the king? I don't understand Mig's reference to "j'adoube" - surely "j'adoube" is when you touch a piece deliberately, but only in order to adjust it and not to move it.

The links look broken on that page, but the "Rook endings masterclass" of Navara can be seen here:


Ok, thanks for the update! :)

Svidler kills me. If you watch the video, he's pretty much walking around the tournament hall at a brisk pace for what it seems like half the length of the game. Too fast for much contemplation. And yet he's mowing people down. Beating Kamsky twice is ridiculous.

I always understood the rule to require moving a piece only if you touched it "with the intent to move," but that may be a leftover USCF nugget in my brain. That may also be why Mig sees it the same way.

Of course, I haven't played or directed a tournament for decades ...


Svidler's Re2!! was such a charm. It's one of those moves, where after it has been played, one would say "Oh! This makes so much sense, why did'nt I think of it before". Someone of Kamsky's caliber also thought the same.


So many decisive games in round 4 (classical + tiebreaks). Polgar and Dominguez played 8 games in total and 7 were decisive. Gashimov and Nielsen even better 6 out of 6.

Svidler is in superb form. Judit will have a tough time. But she's playing well also.

Think she must be drained from not only the emotional roller coaster today but yesterdays 112 move nerve jangling marathon as well.

Every pairing from here on out will be tough for Judit. 6 of the Top 9 seeds remain, which is quite unusual for this stage (Round #5--Quarterfinals) of a K.O. Tournament.

All of the match-ups look compelling--it's a pity that they are still piddling around with the two game matches.

I predict that Judit will win against Svidler

Ivanchuk--> Radjabov
Navara--> Grischuk

You're on, chief. Svidler looks like a champ right now.
As I noted above, the guy makes his first few moves, after which he only sits again at the board just to make each subsequent move - fairly quickly, before getting up to look at the other games or get his exercise for the day.
In this way he dispatched Nguyen, Caruana, and Kamsky. I think the only person who can stop him would be Ivanchuk or Radjabov, not Judit.
Who still there has had tougher competition?

Of course Polgar already had tough opponents: Karjakin was at least nominally tough, and Dominguez was definitely tough if you look at their tense match. But obviously the farther you advance, the tougher the opposition gets - those remaining aren't just nominally strong, but have proven it in the given event. @ ken h.: Maybe Svidler had the toughest opposition, but Radjabov may have shown the most impressive performance - he's the only one who didn't need a single tiebreak (relatively unnoticed because he isn't that popular among chess fans?).

"6 of the Top 9 seeds remain, which is quite unusual for this stage"
Indeed it's a little bit unusual, but not that much if you look at the history of knockout events:
- 2009 had five from the top 9, plus #12 Karjakin, #13 Mamedyarov and Malakhov as the only real surprise
- 2007 was a bit unusual: just two from the top9, five ranked 10th to 17th (but these - Carlsen, Jakovenko, Kamsky, Ponomariov and Karjakin - weren't exactly weak players) plus surprise Cheparinov
- 2004 was quite unusual
- 2002 had again five from the top 9 (plus Svidler, rising star and eventual winner Ponomariov and Lautier)
- 2000 had five from the top 9
- 1999 was unusual

Overall KO events have the _reputation_ to produce "random" results, but fact is: even if some favorites are eliminated at an early stage (after all, one bad day can be enough), others prevail.

Certainly applause is due Polgar for her performance so far, but Karjakin's exit fits the description this year for "random result";
that is unless it may be that Judit is stronger than her infrequent recent results show.

Anyway, Teimour was not in this past candidates for nothing. You would expect him to be one of the three finalists.

Heart says Svidler, Ivanchuk and Grischuk

Head says Pono, Radjabov and Grischuk...

I don't like the format, but at least it has never decided the top prize...

Hah. Here's my own:

Heart says Svidler, Polgar, and Ivanchuk
Head says Svidler, Radjabov, and Grischuk.

I imagine that Peter Svidler is approaching Smyslov's famous ability to 'let the fingers make the moves.'

Your heart has to be a bit wrong because Svidler and Polgar face each other in the quarterfinal. Even if you love two women, you can marry only one (unless you move from California to Utah? ,:) ).

Addition to my previous post: Of course Navara also _could have_ avoided tiebreaks. Ponomariov is the other extreme: three consecutive tiebreaks. And he did, or had to make the difference at all time controls: classical only against outsider Gwaze, semi-blitz against Ni Hua, rapid against Efimenko, blitz against Bruzon. Says something about his nerves and reputation as a knockout specialist. Will his next match against Gashimov go to Armaggedon, to make his collection complete?

Well, since we are making the predictions

Svidler, Ivanchuk, Gashimov and Navara.

That's all heart, I can't make head based predictions after this point (Except Navara --> Grishchuk is a real wild bet). Interestingly, the above combination also has four different nations in the semifinal.

Oops. Yea right. Cerebrally, I'll wager Peter over Judit.

Very prescient heading!
However, Peter must be the favourite in their match. Of course, far stranger things have happened...

Thanks for doing the research on the Quarterfinalists from previous editions of the FIDE K.O.

Apparently, while having 6 seeds remain from the Top 9 is unprecedented, such a result only qualifies as being merely a "little bit unusual" In this tournament, 5 of the *Top 7* seeded players still remain--also something that we have not seen before.

""6 of the Top 9 seeds remain, which is quite unusual for this stage"
Indeed it's a little bit unusual, but not that much if you look at the history of knockout events"

Of course, when the Semi-Finals roll around, it will be the case that just 2 out of the Top 4 will (at most) be contending. And we can be sure that the #1 seed will not prevail.

The results are not necessarily random, but the *winners* of the event often seem to be. How often has the #1 seed ended up winning? (Anand, of course)

In 2002, Ponomariov was just a talented teen "on the radar". In the Decade since, he's never quite lived up to his potential, nor did he ever "ratify" his World Champion mantle. He never seemed the same after his match with Kasparov fell through

Not assaulting you but just curious, "He [Ponomariov] never seemed the same after his match with Kasparov fell through"
This phrase gets through around alot in regards to Pono... but what evidence is there really to back up such a phrase?

Of course Ponomariov is a strong player, but some of us can't forget how Carlsen turns him inside out everytime they face each other.

"How often has the #1 seed ended up winning?"
As far as the World Cup is concerned, whenever his name wasn't Ivanchuk ,:) - will he manage this time as second seed? 2009 winner Gelfand was top seed. 2007 top seed was Ivanchuk, surprise winner was Kamsky (seeded 11th). 2005 top seed was Ivanchuk, winner was Aronian (seeded 3rd 1 point behind Bacrot). 2002 and 2000 the winner was Anand, probably top seed (but I cannot verify this as Wikipedia doesn't have detailed articles).

The KO world championships often had surprise winners, but the #1 seeds still went quite far: quarterfinal in 1999 (Kramnik lost against Adams), winner in 2000 (Anand), semifinal in 2002 (Anand lost against Ivanchuk), semifinal in 2004 (Topalov lost against Kasimdzhanov).

Carlsen won two classical games against Ponomariov (Tal Memorial 2009 and Bazna 2010), that's it neglecting faster time controls.

DOug referred to Ponomariov's results throughout this millennium - which weren't always great but not that bad either: he always remained a top20 player (well, he was #21 on one rating list). Maybe his potential was/is more than that, and he finally realizes it (gaining roughly 40 Elo points over the last three years to re-enter the top10).

Yes, only two games, but would you put good money on Pono over Carlsen in any setting?

Literally laughed out loud at this from Dennis Monokroussos blog (the Chess Mind):

The bloodbath continued today, with only three draws in the 20 games played, for a total of eight draws in 36 games for the round overall. (Soon the little-known GMs Vonahzdmisak and Vopihs will propose some radical measures to lower the excessive quantity of decisive games. Since a properly-played chess game should almost certainly be drawn, the high level of wins suggests a certain lack of competence in top-level play. Accordingly, if a game is won - especially if it is won too quickly - one suggestion is that the players replay their game with colors reversed with the previous time limit doubled. But I digress...)

I wouldn't put good money on anyone against anyone ... . Of course Carlsen is (now) stronger than Ponomariov, but I wouldn't be all surprised if Pono manages to beat him every now and then (provided they meet more frequently). After all, Pono "crushed" Kramnik in Dortmund last year [I don't like the term 'crushed', so I use it sparingly with scare quotes - but in that case it made sense].

More relevant than (predicted) results against a single player: If Ponomariov had qualified for the candidates event, he would have been a force to reckon with like all other participants. He could have qualified by winning the previous World Cup (the final against Gelfand was VERY close), or maybe as (FIDE president Karpov's) wildcard: in return for Ukrainian election support, Karpov proposed to move the event to Kiev.

Fair question! I think that the negotiations and politics surrounding the Championship cycle and the putative match with Kasparov ended up effectively putting Pono's career in stasis for a couple of years. He may have been ill-served by his agent, who was demanding "World Champion" caliber appearance fees, terms, and conditions--which the organizers did not enthusiastically rush to meet. Pono played only sporadically for a couple of years. Perhaps he lost some motivation to train with the same intensity or focus.

Pono was already a heralded teen phenom for several years, having attained the GM title at what even now is deemed young. He had a dynamic, fighting spirit to his play, and had just started taking elite scalps (Topalov,et al).

Pono's success in the 2002 World Championship was a surprise, but many of the pundits were predicting that Pono could make a serious run during the *next* cycle.

A career of a chess prodigy proceeds on several possible curves: based on his rating, style of play, maturity, and accomplishments 'til then, a reasonable prediction would have been that Pono would attain a Top 3-5 ranking. On the upside, he could plausibly become the #1 ranked, player--perhaps even dominate. On the downside, his growth curve would flatten, and the 2002 Championship title would be seen as a fluke. This scenario has come to pass. It seems a tale of unmet potential.

Of course, we can only speculate about the reason for this. He may have been demoralized and jaundiced by the prolonged drama of the match negotiations, and disappointed by the ultimate collapse. Perhaps he never wanted to play Kasparov (his results against Garry were quite poor. Alternatively, one can argue that Pono was spoiled by success: a cheap title that came too early, and too easily, and maybe placed undue burdens and expectations upon him

I would like to see Pono challenge the WCC in 2013.

Much of what you write makes perfect sense (BTW, his manager was a certain Silvio Danailov).
- winning a strong knockout event is never easy (even if early elimination as a favorite is "easy"). Pono's last opponents on the way to the title were Morozevich, Bareev (world top back then), Svidler and Ivanchuk.
- the fact that he played sporadically for a few years may also have been due to lack of invitations (which, in turn, could have been related to excessive financial demands).

Most importantly: How much can we expect from a prodigy, when less means 'failure' or unmet potential? Bacrot (born in 1983 like Ponomariov) and Bu Xiangzhi did worse than Pono ... .

Yeah, I suppose that Bu has underperformed, but there was smething about his early career, particularly around the time that he obtained his norms, that seemed a bit....ersatz. Even though he was the youngest GM for a while, there was nothing about the quality of his games that prefigured a serious prospect that he would become World Champion.

I had the sense that Bacrot's progress always lagged behind Pono's, and so it has been.

In either case, neither Bacrot nor Bu won a World Championship (or any elite tournament that would be a comparable achievement), and so expectations were always a bit higher.

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