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Hello there. If you know my name it's probably from my Mig on Chess articles that started in 1997 and currently appear at, or from the years I spent in charge of I've spent the past few years traveling the world for chess and working with Garry Kasparov. My writing has appeared in 10 languages (at least they told me it was my writing).

In June, 2001, I created and produced e-mail newsletters for KasparovChess for nearly a year. They have long since stopped producing them, but they were popular and I believe there is still a demand for instructive and entertaining chess content by e-mail.

ChessNinja is much more than newsletters. I've been on the front line of online and offline chess for years and if I've learned anything (other than that playing 1.e4 against Garry is not smart), it's that the public is full of good ideas. The readers will be part of a chess community and your feedback and participation will raise the quality of the product and, I hope, be a lot of fun.

In the Daily Dirt I'll be posting all sorts of news, photos, gossip, and other stuff that a respectable site like ChessBase doesn't have room for. For the real insomniacs out there I'll be archiving six years worth of my chess writing and photography here.

Our moderated Message Boards are a central part of this. Members can go there to ask and answer questions, offer suggestions, and talk about the news of the day. Moderated means there won't be any spam and that the arguments will be about chess and not about who knows more profanity. Our various contributors will drop in regularly. You can also send me your comments on the site and newsletters by e-mail. We will also have contests, surveys, and trivia competitions, not to mention nifty prizes like autographed books and games against super GMs.

Our partnership with ChessBase is another big benefit. They publish the top chess software programs Fritz, Junior, and, of course, ChessBase. Along with the top chess website, they have built a great place to play chess online, the server. It has the best graphics and many great features, and they are committed to making it better all the time. Until now you had to buy one of their playing programs to access

Now ChessBase offers a simple program that anyone can download and install. Then you can play as a guest or open an account. You can play thousands of opponents from around the world, play in tournaments, watch GM games, chat with friends, and participate in instructional lectures and contests. The trial period (after which you have to pay for registration) is usually 20 days. But ChessNinja members will get SIX MONTHS of free membership! We'll send you the link to download the software after you sign up for a newsletter. Even if you cancel your newsletter subscription during the free trial period you get your free six months at!

Readers will get content from a wide range of contributors from around the world. Annotated games from Grandmasters, tips and lessons from professional trainers, and interviews with the world's best players. The more subscribers we have, the more great material we can bring you. I want to keep prices very low. Since I don't have to pay for paper or postage, your money will be going to my Grandmaster contributors and to site improvements. If there is enough left over for me to buy a six-pack (of apple juice, naturally), that won't be so bad either.

The first few newsletters are going out free of charge, and during this promotional time you can subscribe for six months or one year at a discount over the usual monthly rate. (Don't worry, your subscription period won't start until the free period is over.) Your free six months at will begin as soon as you open your account with ChessBase.

Welcome to all, and thank you for your patience while we get this Ninja baby rolling.

Saludos, Mig



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