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Catch 64

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The latest Fischer fun is that he might not be able to marry the Japanese woman he hopes will save him from deportation unless he has a valid passport, which he doesn't, which is why he was detained in the first place! His intended bride to be, Miyoko Watai, said she wouldn't mind even if this only a desperate gambit by Fischer. Continuing the plague of chess analogies, she is quoted as follows by the NY Times:

"I could be a sacrifice pawn," Ms. Watai, the 59-year-old acting president of the Japan Chess Association, said in remarks to reporters intended to explain a faxed statement on Tuesday that she and Mr. Fischer are in love and want to marry.

"But in chess there is such a thing as pawn promotion, where a pawn can become a queen," said Ms. Watai, four times the women's chess champion in Japan. Breaking into a smile, the soft-spoken chess strategist vowed: "Bobby-san is my king, and I will become his queen. We want to win the game by joining hands."

Then comes this report, in which Watai denies the rumors that Fischer has a wife and child in the Philippines. Maybe it would help if Fischer buddy and exploiter GM Eugenio Torre would stop petitioning the Philippine government to grant Fischer asylum based on his having a wife and child there...


Speaking as a weak club player, I have to say that it is sad to see Fischer end up in such a mess. After his hissy fit on camera in 1992, I assumed that he had had enough sense to change his citizenship to Serbia or some other second- or third-world country. Apparently Fischer felt that he would always be free to travel on a passport issued by a country that he professes to hate. Remarkable arrogance, or childishness, or what? At least Paul Morphy faded into obscurity...

From the Mainichi Daily News Article:
"She scoffed at reports Fischer has a daughter called Jinky Ong in the Philippines, saying they were 'a lie.'
Watai said reports had the girl being born in August 2000, which would have made it impossible for Bobby to be the father as he was with her in Tokyo in February of that year."

That's 7 months at the most. Am I missing something here?

The Japanese are known for their rationalization abilitites, so perhaps they have re-tooled pregnancy. Impressive ;)


I think Mig hit on the most important element of this whole fiasco -- the invidious spread of awful chess analogies. Ms. Watai's remarks are the most painful thing I have read in a long time. Forget Bobby's descent into madness (if there's ever been a celebrity who's outlived his public usefulness, it's Bobby (or Paris Hilton)) -- bad chess analogies are something truly worth getting worked up over.

Not only are they atrocious they don't even really make sense.

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