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Chess for Blood (Sugar)

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The Scotsman newspaper, home of the well-known chess column by John Henderson, has an interesting if typically hyperbolic article on new UK champ Jonathan Rowson. His battles at the board are accompanied by a life-long battle against diabetes. Perhaps a sponsorship from Snickers is on the way? I've been watching the Olympics while in California for my sister's wedding reception. Gold medal winning American swimmer Gary Hall also has diabetes.


I have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), which is the opposite of diabetes (my pancreas produces too much insulin), and it definitely affects me during long tournament games. Once I sugar-crashed amidst a blitz ending of a 5+ hour game and checked my opponent with my king!

I met Rowson when he was a speaker at a chess festival a year or two ago. Very nice gentleman. I played him in a simul and was shocked at how competitive he was over a bunch of what I thought of as fun exhibition games. I guess that's why he's a grandmaster and I'm a hack. Anyway, I was glad to see such a nice guy coming out on top.

To me, this helps explain his alternately brilliant and confusing book: "The Seven Deadly Chess Sins" Which despite sometimes being baffling (and I ascribe this to my failings) is a wonderful book!

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