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2005 US Championship Photos

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I finally posted a large photo gallery at the 2005 US Championship website. It's not exhaustive, so if you want to see a pic of your favorite player, let me know. I tried to cover some of players who didn't appear in the daily reviews. I hate sites with puny little pics, so these are quite large and not over-compressed. One of my other peeves about tournament sites are photos without captions, so all of these are labeled. All of the pics are by me and John Henderson.


I've played chess with a woman (here in Kew Gardens NY) who talked about a young chess-playing nephew (not sure of the relationship) from the Ukraine - now in California - named Zilberstein. I never knew what he looked like--till now! Thanks for the photo gallery.

There's a better picture of him in the blog. Scroll down or ctrl+f for Zilberstein:


I can't seem to find the link to the ranking of US Championship players by Chicken rating.

Woj,Kamsky and Gulko would be my top 3

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